Interior Designing Services in Durgapur

Interior Designing Services in Durgapur, Asansol

We offer end to end residential and commercial interior designing and decorating services in Durgapur.

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Interior Designer Durgapur: Home and Office Interior Designing

Houseyog interior studio is one of the leading interior designers in Durgapur that offers highest quality home interior design, commercial office interior designing and complete architectural services, at extremely affordable cost.

Whether you are looking for a turnkey interior designing solution provider or you are looking for a Durgapur based interior designer consultant, you can talk to us. We offer end to end interior designing services for home, office, shops, restaurants, boutique and all for other residential and commercial spaces with the highest level of transparency and accountability. Our process is transparent and prices are extremely competitive and therefore you can expect nothing but the best interior designing experience from our experienced team of architects, interior designers and 3D interior design experts.

Designing and decorating a home can be overwhelming, especially because there is so much information available out there. As a homeowner, you can easily get confused with tons of kitchen designs, wardrobe styles and TV cabinet layouts. But, we firmly believe that interior designing is not about cherry picking design and ideas from here and there. It's about creating the synergy between all the elements to make the space functional, efficient and aesthetically magical.

Managing an interior designing project can also be tiresome because you have to coordinate with a number of subcontractors and suppliers to procure materials. Moreover, you may end up buying more or run out of stock for some materials, and then keep juggling because the items you bought have suddenly gone out of stock. It’s not an easy task to manage, especially when you don’t have expert technicians available, and you are sourcing materials from different vendors and suppliers.

Thankfully, you can hire a professional interior designer in Durgapur to manage and execute the full interior designing project for your home, office or any other commercial space effortlessly. Interior designers have all the resources, expertise and experience to design and decorate all types of spaces i.e. home interior designing, interior decoration for office and many other commercial spaces like shops, restaurants, office, institutes etc.

Interior designing and decoration becomes much easier and fun when you have a professional Durgapur interior designer team on board. The houseyog interior designers have years of experience in designing beautiful homes, offices and commercial spaces in budget. We have designed and executed hundreds of interior designing projects in Kolkata, Siliguri, Patna, Muzaffarpur, Bhubaneswar and other cities.

If you are planning to design your home and you are looking for a leading Durgapur interior designer firm that can help design your space in your budget, then talk to us at 75960 58808. We’ll be happy to discuss your interior designing requirements and suggest the best interior design ideas for your home and office that can be executed as per your budget.

Turnkey interior designing service at best rates in Durgapur

Houseyog turnkey interior designing solution helps design your home beautifully without worrying about materials and contractors. Our team of expert interior designers and project managers will take care of everything from creating beautiful interior designs and ideas for your space to executing your interior decoration project.

Here’s how it works.

  • You contact us with your interior designing requirements.
  • Our design team will hear you out and discuss all your design requirements, budget etc.
  • After understanding your requirements, we will suggest several design ideas and tentative costs.
  • On confirmation of your order, our design team will schedule a site a visit.
  • Our design team will work on space arrangement and design layout and ensure the space is used wisely and smartly and offers best functionality.
  • You can review and suggest changes in the layout and we’ll work it out.
  • Then we will create several 3D interior designs to help you visualize your space.
  • You can review and suggest changes in the designs if required and we’ll rework that.
  • Once the design is approved, we will prepare a bill of quantity and final budget for the project.
  • On your approval and confirmation, we will initiate the execution.
  • Our sourcing team will source the best materials as per the specification.
  • Our technicians and contractors will start executing the project.
  • We’ll supervise the execution and keep you updated on the progress of the work.
  • Once the site is complete, we will do a quality check and hand it over to you.

The turnkey interior designing solution in Durgapur is especially suitable for property owners, who want to design and decorate their home and office without any hassles. Your single point of contact for anything related to your home or office interior designing project will be the Houseyog project manager. Moreover, you don’t have to coordinate with different subcontractors, technicians, vendors and suppliers as the houseyog execution team will be looking after all of these.

Using turnkey interior design service sets you free from all the hassles, while we execute your project and hand it over to you on time.

And for costs of turnkey interior designing services in Durgapur, you can be rest assured of getting the best price offers from Houseyog. We’ll share the detailed price estimates with full material specification and brands for your home or office interior designing project at Durgapur.

While this is the easiest and hassle free way to get your interior design project completed in your budget, it also offers the flexibility to choose the quality and standard of materials you want to use in your interior decorating project.

If you are looking for the easiest and cost-effective turnkey interior decoration service in Durgapur, Asansol and nearby towns in West Bengal, then talk to us on 75960 58808 and learn how we can help design and decorate your space at extremely affordable rates.

Interior design consultancy in Durgapur and Asansol

While turnkey interior designing solutions offer the best of both the world i.e. total control over the project without getting involved into micro management; our interior design consultancy service in Durgapur and Asansol helps get the best interior design ideas and contactor ready technical drawings that can be executed on your own, with your own contractors and technicians.

If you are looking for just the interior design consultancy service and not the execution, then we have got you covered. Our home and office interior design consultancy service is similar to our turnkey interior designing solution, except that you can execute the project on your own as per your convenience.

We’ll provide you with the interior designs and working drawings that any contractor like carpenter, false ceiling technician etc can use to complete the project as per design and drawing. Once you have the design and technical drawings, you have to hire local contractors and get the interior decorating work done.

Also, our interior design consultancy services are not limited to just Durgapur and Asansol. Our 3D Interior design consultancy services can be used from anywhere in West Bengal or across India for that matter.

All that you have to do is:

  • To share the floor plan or hand drawn plan of the space
  • A few photographs of the space
  • Your space requirements and a tentative budget you have for the project

Based on these details, we will create the space layout and design ideas that you can review and suggest changes. Once the design is approved, we'll send you all the deliverables digitally that can be printed and used by your contractors.

Best architecture services in Durgapur and Asansol, West Bengal

If you’re planning to construct a new house and are looking for the best Architecture services in Durgapur or Asansol then we can help you with all your architecture service requirements. Houseyog offers complete architectural services for all types of residential and commercial buildings at cost effective rates across West Bengal.

We have a team of experienced architects and structural engineers that can make smart building plans, beautiful house elevation designs, robust structural and working drawings that can be easily understood by you and your contractors. We have been designing beautiful homes for our customers across West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and across all other states in India.

In order to get the best Architect service in Durgapur, all that you have to do is to:

We can help you with complete architectural and construction services, which include:

  • House plan design (building blueprint/naksha)
  • 3D front and side elevation designs
  • Structural and working drawings
  • Electrical and plumbing drawing
  • Bill of quantity for construction and budgeting

Online architecture services are the need of the hour, and houseyog offers the same level of architectural services at a fraction of the cost that a local architect or architecture firm in Durgapur may charge.

And that’s not the only reason to use houseyog Architecture services. We offer multiple revisions to ensure you get the best house plan drawing as per your needs and requirements. And our support team will be available all through the project execution to help you as and when required.

Our online architecture services can be used for:

  • New home construction plan
  • Bungalow floor plan and elevation
  • Duplex house plan with 3D elevation designs
  • Multi storey residential and commercial building plans

While creating house plans and building elevation designs, we pay special attention to the home Vastu guidelines, ease of maintenance and longevity of the structure.

Delivering the best architectural services in Durgapur, West Bengal

It takes years of planning and saving to construct a dream home. If you are planning to build a house, then you already know what it takes. And we clearly understand that and therefore we strive to help design a beautiful home that you’ll be proud to show off. After all, we only build a dream home, once in our lifetime and therefore it deserves to be the best house.

Here’s how you can use our architectural services to build your dream home in Durgapur, Asansol and other cities across West Bengal.

  • It all starts with a simple call to our helpline number 75960 58808 or sharing your requirements by submitting the free quote request form.
  • On receiving your request, our experts will call you to discuss and understand your construction requirements.
  • We’ll also ask you to share a few details about your plot layout, number of floors you want to construct, your overall space requirements, purpose of building (residential, commercial, rental etc).
  • After understanding your requirements, we’ll send you the prices, which is quite transparent and starts from Rs 4499 only (excluding GST) for up to 1000 sq ft, single floor house.
  • The next step is to confirm your order by making a token payment. Once the order is confirmed, our architects will start creating house plans for your dream home.
  • We’ll send you the plan for the ground floor so that you can review and suggest changes.
  • We offer a number of revisions for you to suggest changes in the house floor plan.
  • Once the ground floor house plan is approved, we’ll create the floor plans for the subsequent floors as needed.
  • Once the house plan and floor plans for individual floors are finalized, we’ll create the front elevation design.
  • You can again review the elevation design and suggest cosmetic changes as needed.

When the house plan and front elevation designs are finally approved, we can work on the other architectural drawings like structural and working drawing, electrical and plumbing drawing, bill of quantity etc.

You will get all the deliverables in PDF format that can be printed and shared with the contractor you decide to work with. And by the way, we also offer construction service, so if you wish to work with a construction contractor, then you can check our construction service quotes as well.

If you are planning to build a new house in Durgapur, a duplex bungalow in Asansol, or you are looking for architects in Durgapur for any other residential or commercial projects, then feel free to talk to us on: 75960 58808 to get free consultation and advice from an architect.


What are the benefits of using interior designing service?

A well designed home or workspace not just looks aesthetically appealing, but it becomes much more functional, efficient and a happy space. Interior designing and decorating does not require you to spend a lot of money. A fun and happy home or office can be designed with simple creative ideas and for less.

How much does it cost to hire interior designers in Durgapur?

Cost to hire an interior designer in Durgapur depends on which interior designer you are hiring and how you want to engage them in your home interior designing project. Hiring an interior designer in Durgapur can cost you anywhere between Rs. 25 to 55 per sq ft for interior design consultancy services.

How much does it cost to design and decorate a 3 BHK house?

Cost to decorate a 3 bedroom, hall and kitchen may depend on the actual scope of work and bill of quantity. Therefore, it’s best to talk to a professional interior designer available near you in Durgapur, discuss your requirements and then get a detailed estimate. Moreover, an interior designer can design your space in your budget. However, if you are looking for a ballpark cost idea, then it may cost around 6-10 Lakh depending how luxurious you want it to make.

Can I use interior designer service to design only one room?

Mostly, interior designers don’t take up smaller jobs like designing and decorating one single room for obvious reasons. It becomes more resource intensive for them to design and decorate a single room. However, there are many interior studios that offer such service and Houseyog is one of them. We believe every space deserves to get decorated and therefore we can design even smaller space or rooms as per your needs.

How long does it take to complete an interior designing project?

Depending on the size of the project and scope of work, it can take anywhere between 5 to 15 weeks to complete an interior designing project.

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