Best Online Interior Design Services for Home and Office Interior

Houseyog offers the best online interior design services to design your home or office - fast, easy and affordably.

Best Online Interior Design Services for Home and Office Interior

Houseyog offers the best online interior design services to design your home or office, fast, easy and affordably.

Whether you want the interior designing for one room, or you need full home interior designing services, our expert interior designers can design your home or office interior according to your requirements, style, preferences, and budget.

Houseyog offers the most personalized and customized online interior design services in India. No interior design project is too small for us, and therefore we offer the interior design services for one room as well as the entire home, apartment, flat, bungalow, villa and office interior designing services.

With houseyog online interior designing services, you get the same level of personalized attention and customized interior designing experience that you would expect from a famous interior designer near you.

And the cherry on the cake is our super responsive design experts and customer support team who are always available, willing to hear you and help you through the process of designing and furnishing your home or office space.

Our online interior design services have been used by thousands of homeowners from all over India, and you can use it too.

Best budget interior designing service in India

You want to transform your rooms, and we specialize in producing stunning home interior designs that you'll love. We have produced thousands of stunning interior designs for our customers, and we can design your space too.

Our interior designing process is focused on producing the best interior designs concepts. So, we want to hear you out, understand your functional requirements, your lifestyle and the way you intend to use the space. Understanding your requirements well helps us optimize the space, create perfect floor plans, elevation and stunning visual 3D designs that easily meet your expectations.

Here are the key highlights of houseyog interior design services:

  • Understanding your requirements
  • Space layout and measurement
  • Space optimization
  • Brainstorming different floor plans
  • 3D Interior design concepts
  • Colour scheme finalization
  • Materials and finish
  • High definition 3D designs
  • Working drawing for wood work
  • Bill of materials

How it works

Best affordable interior design service to design your home and office

Create a project or enquiry
Create a project or enquiry

Get started by creating a project or calling our helpline number +918831329628. And if you want to know more about the online interior design process, you can write to us. We usually respond quickly.

Discuss your requirements
Discuss your requirements

Once you are ready to use our online interior design services, we will call you to discuss the design requirements, your vision and ideas, budget and anything else you want us to know.

Brainstorming design ideas
Brainstorming design ideas

After understanding your requirements, our interior designers will brainstorm several interior design ideas to best optimize the space. We’ll discuss those ideas with you before proceeding with designing.

Work on interior designs
Work on interior designs

On approval of floor layout and elevation, we'll start creating interior designs for your rooms. As we create designs, we will send it to you for review. We want to engage you and hear your feedback.

Unlimited revisions
Unlimited revisions

We want to create the best and most stunning interior designs for your rooms, no matter what it takes. And therefore, we offer unlimited revisions and edits during the design phase.

Delivery and support
Delivery and support

We'll send all the drawings and visuals digitally to you. And support is just a call/mail away. Our online support team is always ready to help clear any doubts or confusion your contractor may have.

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FAQ – Online Interior Design Service

How do I get started and place an order?

Using houseyog is pretty easy and straightforward. You can get started by clicking here or call us on +918831329628 if you have any other question about our interior design services or the interior design process.

Why do you charge room wise instead of charging for per square feet?

Transparency is very important, and therefore we have kept it simple and transparent for you.

No matter whether the space is big or small, 99% of the functional requirements are always the same. Our efforts in designing the space will be nearly the same. Then why complicate pricing with square feet of the carpet or super build area?

We offer simple and affordable pricing that gives you more freedom to use Houseyog.

If you want to design just one room, then we will charge you for that room only, irrespective of the size.

Can I use Houseyog to design my house, even if it's still under construction?

Yes you can!

We can design your space using a floor plan or even a hand sketch of layout with proper measurement, using advanced designing tools and technologies.

In fact the best time to think of home interior designing is while the brick work is still underway. It'll help you save time and the designs will be ready by the time your house is constructed and handed over to you. If you have the design ready, you can start execution without waiting for designs and drawings to get ready.

Which rooms can I design with Houseyog?

Houseyog home interior designing services can be used to design or redesign any room e.g. living room, dining room, bedrooms (kid’s room, master bedroom, or guest room), kitchen, home office, shop, salon, boutique or any other residential and commercial space.

Can I use Houseyog to design just one room?

Yes. Whether you want to design only the kitchen, living room or the bedroom, you can use our online interior designing services to design any room or an area or corner of a room of your choice.

We have transparent and affordable pricing packages that give you the freedom to choose what you want to design, and pay accordingly.

However, our multi room interior design packages may have additional discount and cost advantages.

What is included in the interior design service package?

Houseyog customized interior design service includes proper space planning, floor planning with furniture layout, 3D design, wall paints, wallpapers, stone cladding, lighting, working drawings and detailed bill of quantity to help you manage, track and stay in budget.

What if my contractor is unable to understand the drawing?

Our technical and working drawings are detailed with notes that can be understood by anyone.

But, if there is any confusion or doubt, you can always reach out to our support team through phone / video call and we’ll get it resolved.

Can I keep some of the existing furniture while designing my rooms?

Yes! If you want, you can use your existing furniture and we can create designs and views that’ll help you to visualize how your new room is going to look, with one of your existing furniture.

Can I use houseyog to decorate a part of my room?

Yes. We can help you design a part of your space like a specific wall, area or corner of the room. Our small budget makeover package is especially designed to address such small remodeling projects.

Do I get the estimated cost along with the design you create?

Yes. We'll provide you with a bill of quantity, which has a detailed and itemized list of items with associated costs. You can use this document for budgeting and shopping for your project.

How long does it take to deliver the design?

The standard design delivery time ranges from 1-2 weeks. Once you create a project, our design team will share the exact design delivery schedule with you. But, if you are in a hurry, we can arrange for priority delivery.

How long does it take to complete the online interior designing project?

Usually, the project gets completed within 2 weeks, when you respond promptly. But time to completion may vary depending on the number of rooms, features and your promptness to respond to our questions and while reviewing designs.

Who'll design my house?

All of our architects and interior designers are hand selected to ensure that you’re always working with the best of the best when designing your dream space on houseyog.

A team of highly experienced and super responsive architects and interior designers are going to work on your project to help you bring your dream home to life.

Can Houseyog show me new paint colors /wallpapers in my designs?

Yes. If you have opted for using wallpapers or wall paint, your design will have those elements. Our designers will ask you if you want wall paneling, wall tiles, wallpaper etc and accordingly, we'll accommodate all these in design.

Do you show false ceilings and lightings as well in the design?

Yes. Your design will have the false ceiling (unless you decide not to have) and lighting because these are the integral components of interior designing.

How many revisions can I request before finalizing a design?

You can request as many revisions as needed.

With us, you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want.

We are committed to deliver a design that you and your loved ones are going to love, and therefore we do not restrict you with the number of revisions and change requests.

Do you provide multiple design options?

The goal is to design your space according to your functional needs, space layout and budget. Offering multiple design concepts can easily confuse you, and therefore we’re going to present a totally personalized design concept to you, and further refine that as per your liking.

And to ensure you get nothing but the best design for your homes and offices, we offer unlimited revisions. Which means, you can request as many changes and revisions as required to bring your interior design project to life.

How do you deliver the final designs and drawings?

Once you have reviewed all the drawings and designs, and you are happy and satisfied, we will send all the deliverables digitally, either through emails or via a download link.

Can I request for printed copies of designs and drawings?

We deliver all designs and drawings digitally, and it works well for our users.

But, if you want the printed copies of deliverables, you can request for the same buy paying nominal fees for printing and postage.

What if I do not like the design?

Our goal is to bring your dream home to life.

We have a very detailed process where you get to specify all your functional needs, likes, dislikes etc. And our design team will call you to know you and your requirements better.

And then, our experts start working on layout and designs.

We also offer unlimited revisions for modification in the layout and designs.

So, you can be rest assured that you will end up with a design that you will love to show off.

How much would it cost to design a house?

The cost of end to end interior designing for a house or any other space depends on your functional requirements and brand & quality of materials you want to use. There is no one fit all pricing, but you can use our interior design cost calculator to get a ballpark idea of the cost of designing a house.

Do you provide turnkey interior services including execution of designs?

No. We specialize in online architectural and interior designing services.

But, if you need help finding contractors then we can connect you to specialist interior contractors available near you who can turn yours design to reality.

What is your refund policy?

We are committed to work and collaborate with you and help you design your home the way you want.

Our customized design services come with unlimited revisions, which means you will get what you want. Project can be cancelled before the work has been scheduled. Once our designers initiate the design, we won’t be able to entertain refund requests.

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