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Best office interior designer in Kolkata for turnkey office interior designing and decoration at extremely reasonable rates

Best Office Interior Designing Services in Kolkata

Are you looking for the best office interior designers in Kolkata to design and decorate your office within a specified timeframe and budget? Your search for Kolkata's best office interior designer and decorator ends here. Houseyog offers best budget office interior designing solutions that'll well meet your interior design budget, and easily beat your office design expectations.

According to a study on 'relationship between the employee's performance and physical office design' it's concluded that office design has a substantial impact on employees' performance. This study which was conducted in Egypt in the year 2011 has concluded that employers can't really afford to not provide an aesthetically pleasing work environment to their employees.

Better workplace produces better results, and there should not be any doubt about that. Moreover, a well designed and decorated office space not just boosts the productivity of the people working in the office, but it also helps invite and impress your clients and associates.

Our office interior designing services are tailor made to meet your office design and decorating requirements and budget. Whether you want to design a small office or you want to decorate a mid size office space, if you are looking for the most transparent and efficient office interior designing solutions then we can help you get it right.

Office interior designing and decorating process

Your office interior designed your way – fast, easy and at extremely reasonable rates

We know that your office is unique, and it has to be designed uniquely to meet your space requirements within a specified timeline and budget.

Share requirements
Share requirements

Tell us your office interior design requirements by submitting the quote request form. One of our expert office interior designers will call you to discuss your requirements.

Site measurement
Site measurement

We need accurate layout and measurement of the office space that has to be designed. You can either send the floor plan or we'll measure the space and create the space layout.

Detailed quotations
Detailed quotations

Now that we have the space layout and floor plan, and we know your requirements, we will be able to send a detailed quotation with labour and materials charges for you to review.

Order confirmation
Order confirmation

You confirm the order by making a token payment and we'll start creating best office design concepts and ideas that'll meet your space requirements, aesthetic needs and budget.

Design elevation
Design elevation

Before creating 3D design concepts, we'll create 2D layouts to help you visualize the layout and size of spaces e.g. reception, director's cabin, work desks, conference room, pantry etc.

3D visualization

3D visualization

We'll create high definition 3D visuals that'll help you visualize how your office space will look after completion of work. You get to review and suggest multiple edits in design concepts.

Material sourcing
Material sourcing

Our expert sourcing teams will source and procure materials from the best vendors and suppliers in town. They help stay in budget and get the best materials at the right price for the project.

Timely execution
Timely execution

Our execution team will schedule the work and ensure that the full interior works get completed with best craftsmanship and build quality. They'll also ensure timely completion of the project.

Review and handover

Review and handover

Even though we review the progress every day, we'll share progress reviews every fortnight with you. Once the work is over, we'll do a quality check and the project is handed over to you.

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Why houseyog for office space interior designing?

Home and office interior designing can be overwhelming for most of us. There are tons of things that can make or break the entire home or office interior designing project. Moreover, as an office owner, you may have multiple concerns related to cost of interior designing, rates of interior designers, quality of material and so on.

We'll help you get through all of these much transparently.

Here's why houseyog office interior designing services make more sense.


We truly believe that flexibility is the key to stability. And therefore we offer you the flexibility to choose how you want us to engage in your project- on a turnkey basis, design only solution or design plus supervision.


We believe that credibility can only be built with transparency and accountability. Our process and pricing is fully transparent and we give you the option to suggest vendors or procure materials as per your choice.


Quality is never an accident; it is the outcome of sincere efforts, smart thinking and skillful execution. We only employ the most experienced and skilled technicians to ensure you get the best possible quality and finish.

Leading office interior designer in Kolkata for office designing in budget

Office interior designing requires a different approach all together. They need to think differently to create amazing design concepts that can meet the space requirements and budget of the client. Whether it's a small office interior design project, home office design project or a mid or large size office interior project, they think through the priorities of the client and create amazing office layouts.

At Houseyog, we follow the concept of creating space layout first before getting into 3D visuals. We create and brainstorm on several office interior design layouts. This helps visualize different concepts and how the space will look if we proceed with this layout or design concept. Creating an office layout plan in 2D also helps avoid any confusion with the layout of your office. We never suggest creation of 3D visuals or starting execution randomly. It's important to visualize the office interior design layout in 2D, because if there's anything that you didn't like you can get that changed easily. But once the execution is started, it's going to be costly to rollback or work on a different layout or office design concept.

Once the office layout is finalized, we move on to the 3D visualization step, where we create stunning 3D visuals of the entire office interior space. At the 3D interior design stage, you get to visualize everything e.g. office wall design, office cabin design, office counter design, main office room design, reception counter design, conference room design, pop or false ceiling design for your office, office light design etc.

Whether we are working on a small office interior design project or a mid or big size office decoration project, we follow the same approach as it's efficient and it helps us design and decorate your office exactly the way you would like it to be.

The office interior designer and decorator in our teams are very friendly, and they are willing to hear you out, understand your objective and help you create the best and modern office designs that'll be loved by all stakeholders.

We have experience in delivering the best office designs including:

  • Conference room design
  • Office partition designs
  • Dental clinic interior design
  • Creative small office interior design
  • Reception desk design
  • Front office design
  • Office cabin interior design
  • Office reception design
  • Corporate office interior design
  • Office cubicles and workstation design
  • Office back wall design

If you are looking for the best budget office interior designers in Kolkata for office interior designing services in West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand and Bihar, then feel free to get in touch with us. We'll be happy to discuss your office interior designing requirements and offer best possible office designing solutions that will meet your expectations and budget.

Office interior designing FAQs

We interact with hundreds of business owners and executives from Kolkata and across India who are looking for the best office interior designing services. They all have different types of questions and concerns about the office interior designing process, prices etc. Check the most frequently asked questions and answers below.

How can I design my office?

The best way to design an office is to figure out what's important for you? Do you want an open office or you want to create cubicles for different teams? Check out the size of the office space and then figure out your space requirements like number of workstations, cubicles, conference room, director's cabin, pantry etc. Now contact a professional office interior designer who can help you create office layout and stunning interior design as per your needs and budget.

How much does it cost to design an office?

Office interior designing costs are usually not fixed. Based on the size of the office space and features and amenities you want, overall office design cost could easily vary. Office interior designers in India usually charge anywhere between Rs. 1600 to Rs. 1800 per sq ft using standard quality materials, and it includes labour and material charges.

How long does it take to design an office interior?

It may take anywhere from 45 days to 60 days or even more in some cases to complete an office interior designing project on a turnkey basis. That includes layout and design planning, flooring, ceiling, carpentry, painting and total execution.

Do I need to use a false ceiling in the office interior?

False ceiling has its own pros and cons, and therefore it is an optional feature and depending on the kind of space and floor to ceiling height you may like to go for a full false ceiling. If the height allows and you have a budget, you can go for a false ceiling as it helps conceal all the wires and improves overall lighting. If you are on a budget, you can even go for a tray ceiling that helps you install lights and costs way less than full ceiling.

What color should I use to paint my office?

For office, light colors like warm white are considered to be the best color as it eliminates distraction and helps boost focus and productivity. Similarly earthy colors like light the shades of light grey, light blue or green helps evoke the feeling of calmness.

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