Interior Designing Services in Patna

Interior Designing Services in Patna

Best interior designer in Patna, Bihar for highest quality home decor, office interior designing at extremely reasonable rates.

Interior Designing Service in Patna, Bihar for Home and Office

Whether it's a 3 bedroom apartment, bungalow, villa or an office, with proper interior designing and decorating you can transform the space and make it look aesthetically beautiful, functional and efficient. If you are looking for the best budget interior designing services in Patna for home or ofice interior designing then we can help you. Houseyog interior studio offers end to end home, office, commercial interior designing, decorating and architectural services in Patna, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Purnia, Bhagalpur and other cities in Bihar.

We have a team of highly experienced interior designers and architects who can design beautiful homes, offices and commercial spaces in budget. Whether you need help with interior designing and decorating of your apartment or you are looking for a commercial interior designing service to decorate and furnish your office, you can count on the expertise of our professional interior designer team in Patna. They have experience managing projects of different size, scale and budget and therefore you can truly rely on our Patna interior designer team and our expertise in executing the project successfully in your budget and on time.

We strongly believe that we all deserve to live in well decorated space, and work in a well designed office space. But, sometimes we don't feel like managing the interior designing project on our own, and at other times we remain in a hurry to move into the space. And that's why designing and decorating the space becomes a low priority task for many of us.

Thankfully, we as a Patna professional interior designer can help design, decorate and execute the full residential or commercial interior designing project for you in Patna and across other cities in Bihar including Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Purnia, Bhagalpur and Gaya.

We specialize in transforming both residential and commercial interior spaces. Our customized and personalized home and office interior designing services are guaranteed to meet your design expectation, functional requirements and budgetary obligations. Moreover, we do the complete project planning and execution within your budget with accountability and transparency.

If you are looking for a leading interior designer firm operating in Patna, Bihar who can help with best quality craftsmanship and cost-effective interior designing services then call us on 75960 58808 and talk to an expert Patna interior designer now.

Best interior designing and architecture services in Patna

Houseyog helps design beautiful homes and space in your budget.

Our interior designer service can be used for interior design and decorating related projects. For instance, if your property is already constructed, and you want to do the interior designing and decorating work to make it look good and functional.

But, if you are still planning to build a house then you need a professional architect who can help design the house floor plan, 3D building elevation designs and all other architectural services.

Turnkey interior designer and contractor in Patna

Best in class interior designing requires a lot of creative thinking and design skills and perfect execution. Choosing a design theme, working on the space arrangement, creating functional layout and making it all work together is not easy.

Moreover, managing and executing the entire interior designing project has its own challenges. It requires a lot of planning, tracking and coordination. For instance, you have to keep track of multiple contractors for different tasks like electrical work, false ceiling, carpenter, plumber, painters and so on. Similarly, you have to find the best suppliers to procure all the raw materials at the right price.

And that's where a Patna based turnkey interior designer and contractor can help. As a turnkey interior designer and contractor in Patna, we take all the pain out of the interior designing process. Our team of experts will take care of everything and get your interior decorating project completed on time.

One of the best advantages of working with a turnkey interior designer and contractor is that you don't have to worry about anything. You don't have to deal with multiple subcontractors, sourcing of materials, site supervision and execution.

Our turnkey interior designing solution is tailor made to suit your needs, and you can hold us accountable for everything. Here're the key benefits of using our turnkey interior designing solution in Patna.

  • We'll do the entire space planning
  • Create 2D space layout to show you what'll be placed where
  • We'll create 3D interior designs to help you visualize the designs
  • We'll prepare bill of quantity and budget for the projection
  • Our sourcing team will procure all the raw materials
  • We'll execute and supervise the project with best and experienced technicians/craftsman

And that's not all.

We'll share a fully transparent pricing according to the measurement of the space. The prices will only change, when the measurement changes which means, if you change the mood and feel you need a smaller TV unit, the cost will automatically decrease.

With us, you also get the flexibility to source and provide the materials as per your choice. In such a case, we'll take care of supervision and execution and while you provide all/some of the materials as per your preference. However, you can always rely on our sourcing team as they have the great negotiation skill to ensure you get the best supplies at the most competitive rates in the market.

If you are planning to start an interior designing project for your home or office, and you are looking for Patna's best turnkey interior designer and contractor then you must check us. Call our helpline number 75960 58808 to experience the new way of designing a home or an office in Patna Bihar.

Personalized interior design consultancy services in Patna, Bihar

Apart from turnkey interior designing solutions, we also offer end to end interior design consultancy for all type and size of interior decorating projects. Whether you plan to decorate your bedroom, living room, small office or a showroom, we can offer the best interior design consultancy services and help design and decorate your space easily.

As an interior design consultant in Patna, we'll help design your residential or commercial space according to your space requirements and budget. Backed by a team of highly experienced interior designers, our design consultancy service is totally flexible and offers you the opportunity to design just one room, an entire flat or any other space of small or big size.

We'll create the 2D layout of the space to ensure you get the best space arrangement. Followed by 2D layouts, we'll create high definition 3D interior designs and concepts that you can review. And then once you are happy with the interior designs, we'll provide contractor ready working drawings to execute the project.

Our interior design consultancy service is designed to offer more control to you. You'll get the designs and working drawings and then you can choose the contractor you want to work with, and the kind of materials you want to use in your interior design project.

The process starts with a discussion about your space requirements and the way you want it to look. Based on your requirements and budget, we create the 2D space layout and drawings to illustrate what will be placed where in your home or office.

Once the layout is finalized, we will create 3D interior designs for each of the rooms that'll help you visualize your space exactly the way it will look after completion of the work. Once you are happy and satisfied with the 3D designs, we'll create a working drawing which has design specifications and detailed measurements of each of the design elements.

Now, you have the 2D layout, high definition 3D design concepts and working drawings that you can directly take to your contractors and get your interior work done.

Ideally, the turnkey interior solutions suit the majority of our customers. But the design consultancy will suit you if you are a ‘Do It Yourself person', who likes to take control and execute things on their own. Moreover, you get to choose the material, decide which contractors to work with and have more control through the process.

Architectural design services in Patna for house plan and design

Architectural design services are required for residential and commercial building planning and construction. If you are planning to build a house, bungalow or any other types of residential or commercial building and you need help with customized house designing services then we have got you covered.

At houseyog, we offer complete architecture design services in Patna and rest of Bihar e.g. Muzaffarpur, Hajipur, Darbhanga, Gaya, Arrah, Purnia, Bhagalpur, Samastipur and other cities and towns in Bihar. Our architectural design service covers everything that you may need to plan and build a beautiful home in your budget.

Our house design team and architects can help you with:

  • Complete house plan design
  • Floor plan for individual floors with furniture layout
  • 3D front elevation designs that help visualize the look of the house
  • Structural and working drawing for each of the floors
  • Plumbing and electrical drawing of the building
  • Bill of quantity for budgeting purpose and to estimate the cost of construction

Ideally, you need all these drawings to avoid any type of construction error. But, house floor plan and building elevation designs are the two absolutely important architecture services that you must use. While the house plan by an architect helps you make the best use of space, and build the structure that's super functional and strong, the building elevation design helps you visualize the exterior looks of your house.

Home construction is once in a lifetime event for most of us. We don't usually build multiple homes in our lifetimes. Moreover, the cost of construction and land prices are increasing rapidly across the world. Needless to say, when you are building a house, you should try and avoid any sort of construction error and mistakes.

While some of the home construction mistakes can still be corrected by demolition and re-work, some mistakes are not irreversible, and that could actually turnout to be the biggest and costliest mistakes. Thankfully, you can use the professional services of an Architect in Patna, Bihar and avoid such construction errors and mistakes.

Using our home architecture design service in Patna, you can get expertly designed Vastu house plan drawing, front elevation designs to visualize the looks and other architectural drawings that the building contractors can use while constructing your dream home.

And that's not all.

If you need help with home construction, then we can easily help you build your dream home on a budget. We offer home construction services in Patna and across a few other major cities and towns in Bihar like Samastipur, Hajipur and Darbhanga.

If you are planning to construct a house, bungalow, villa, duplex house, residential apartment or a commercial building and you are looking for the best Architects in Patna who offer cost-effective architecture services then talk to us on: 75960 58808 now.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about interior design and architecture design services in Patna, Bihar.

What are the rates of interior designers in Patna?

The rates of interior designers in Patna depend on how you want to engage an interior designer and what's the scope of work. Often, an experienced interior designer will charge anywhere between Rs. 25/sq ft to Rs. 55/ sq ft for interior design consultancy work. Rates of interior designers often vary based on their experience, quality of work and deliverables.

What may be the cost for a 3 BHK interior design in Patna?

Interior designing involves plenty of tasks from carpentry work to false ceiling, painting, decorating and furnishing. The interior designers can help with all these tasks according to your requirements. They prepare a bill of quantity based on the finalized scope of work to estimate the cost of interior designing and decorating a space. Naturally, the interior design cost for a 3 BHK flat can't be estimated without fixing the scope of work and preparing the BOQ. But, to give you an idea, a 3 BHK flat can well be designed and decorated with good quality materials in fewer than 10 lakh rupees in Patna, Bihar.

What's the difference between turnkey contract and design consultancy?

In case of turnkey interior designing, the interior designer and contractor offers complete interior designing, material sourcing, supervision and execution. However, design consultancy is limited to interior designing only and supervision in some cases.

Can houseyog help with interior designing of a single room in Patna?

Yes. We believe that every space deserves to be designed and decorated right and therefore our online interior designing service in Patna can be used to decorate any space, big or small. For interior designing of single rooms, we charge Rs. 5000 per room for space arrangement layout, 3D layout and contractor ready working drawing as per the finalized design.

How do I find the best interior designer near me in Patna?

The easiest and the best way to find interior designers in Patna may be to check with your family, friends or colleagues for any referrals they might have. If that does not work, you can use Google search and even check with us. But, before signing the work contract with an interior designer and contractor, just see to it that they are capable, credible and transparent with their pricing.

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