Customized House Design

Use Houseyog customized house designing services to design your dream home your way – fast, easy and affordably.

Customized House Design Service

Houseyog customized house design service helps make your dream home uniquely yours.

Use our house design customization service to design your dream home according to your lifestyle, preferences, budget and plot size, at extremely reasonable rates, and without any hassles.

Every individual has a unique lifestyle, design preference and vision to build a dream home. Home owners like you may already know a lot about what you want in your house design. You may already have tons of ideas and inspiration to design your dream home. And, all that you need is a professional team of architect who can help realize your ideas into an actual house plan and elevation design.

We want to hear it out, discuss, brainstorm and then design your house with all the features and amenities that are important to you.

Whether you need customized house plan to construct a one storey small family house or you want to construct a duplex or bungalow, our expert architects can help design your dream home fast, and in your budget.

If that sounds like you, then our customized house plan design service is especially for you.

House Plan Customization Service

If you have already selected a plan that nearly meets your requirements, and with a little bit of customization, you will be good to go, then you should try our house plan customization services.

If you already have a plan that require customization to meet your needs, then our house plan customization experts can help you get it right fast and easily. House plan customization service helps you get any of the pre-built, ready to use house plans customized to fit your lifestyle, budget and plot area.

Our expert architects will discuss your plan customization requirements and then customize the plan according to your plot layout and size efficiently and with ease.

All it takes is sharing your requirements, the plan that you already like and our architects will do the rest for you.

House Plan Customization Service

How it Works

Make your home uniquely yours – fast, easy and affordably.

Getting a fully customized and personalized house design is easier than you can think of on houseyog.

Tell us what you need
Tell us your requirements

Share your requirements for a dream home by submitting the enquiry form or calling our help line number: 75960 58808. We’re always available and happy to hear you out.

Discuss several ideas
Discuss several ideas

Our experts will evaluate your house design requirements, and share several input and ideas with you. Think of it as a brainstorming session to finalize your design requirements.

Drawing and designing
Drawing and designing

Based on the ideas we discuss together, our experts will start working on your house design project. Within a few days, we will send you the concept drawings for reviews.

Revisions and modifications
Revisions and modifications

We want to give you the design that you fully like and that may require some revisions and modifications in what we create. You can request revisions and changes.

Approval and delivery
Approval and delivery

Once you are fully satisfied with the design created by our expert architects and 3D house designers, we’ll deliver the designs digitally so that you can start building.

Online support

Online support

Our relationship does not end with delivery. We’ll be around and you can write or call us anytime even during the execution if needed.

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Why use houseyog for custom house plan designing?

The houseyog advantage and benefits:

Customized to perfection
Customized to perfection

Customized house plan service offers fully personalized and customized house plans and designs

Personalized approach
Personalized approach

We hear you out, understand your vision, brainstorm with you and create house plan that you’ll love.

Best use of space
Best use of space

Irrespective of the plot size, our experts are going to do the best space optimization to benefit you.

Expert team
Expert team

We are backed by a team of expert architects, and structural engineers, designers and support team.

Complete solution
Complete solution

We offer complete architectural and interior designing solution including Vastu consultancy.

Responsive support
Responsive support

We have a super responsive support team available over the phone and email to help you through.

How to design your own dream home the right way?

Designing and building your dream home can be an overwhelming process, right from choosing the building style to deciding on the size of the house, number of floors you want to build, you have to think through everything minutely. But, the feeling of owning a house that you are proud to live and showoff is unparalleled.

And if you are up for this amazing and exciting journey of building your own house, and you are wondering about how to design your own dream home the right way, then here’s all you need to get it right.

Here's a quick three step guide to design your own dream home the right way

Set the objective and expectation right

Anyone planning to build a house on their own has certain expectation. And the very first thing that you should do when designing your own dream home is to set the objective and expectation right.

You may be interested in building a house for living with your family after retirement, or you may simply want to build a house, and then sell it to earn some profit. Different people may have different objective and reasons to build a house.

But, whatever is the reason, knowing the main objective will help you through the process of designing your dream home.

Once you have figured out the main objective of constructing your own dream home, the next step is to note down the expectations.

What are your aspirations and expectation in terms of the final and finished house that you’re planning to design and construct?

And, you can figure it out by asking some of these questions to yourself:

  • Why you are self building this house?
  • What's the size and layout of the plot where you want to build your dream home?
  • Do you want more open space or more rooms, garage or lift?
  • Do you want to build a duplex or a single storey house?
  • What kind of architectural building style do you want e.g. modern, contemporary, Victorian, classic or any other style?
  • How many floors do you want to construct now or in future?
  • Do you need open terrace and a roof top garden?
  • What kind of construction budget do you have?

Knowing the about the tentative cost of constructing your dream home can be crucial, because rest of the construction process depends on the budget.

The idea is to question and think of every why.

Why self build a house when one can easily buy a ready to move property?

The more you ask the better.

By asking these questions, you will have a clear specification of what you want, how many rooms do you need, what kind of open space will be required and most importantly, this detailed specification will help you get much better result in designing and much accurate estimates for constructing your dream house.

Brainstorm your vision with expert architect

Now that you have a clear objective, a vision and a brief of exactly how you want your dream home design to come out, it’s the good time to talk to an architect now.

Share your objective, expectation and a detailed home design brief that you prepared in the first step along with other crucial information like plot size, layout, facing, tentative construction budget etc with the house design team.

And this is where the custom house design service from houseyog can be used. Our expert team of architect is always willing to hear you out, discuss and understand your requirements and then start designing your house that you will be proud to own.

After discussing and understanding your requirements and main objective of designing your own house, they will be able to design the complete house blue print, which may include:

  • Initial floor plan sketches
  • 2D floor plan drawing
  • 3D Building elevation design

Once the most crucial drawings and designs of your dream house is finalized, the architects can design the rest of the drawings that are required by the building contractor for constructing the house.

You can work closely with our friendly and professional architect, share your feedback and request revisions and finalize your dream home design.

You will be happy to know that our customized house plan and elevation design service includes multiple revisions to ensure your dream home is getting designed exactly the way you wanted it to be.

Onboard professional building contractor

Once you have the completely customized house blue print and design available, you are good to take it to the professional building contractor.

Share your dream house blue print, elevation design, structural and working drawings with the building contractor and request for construction estimates. There is no problem in taking quotations from a couple of experienced, reliable and professional building contractor near you.

Evaluate their credentials, quotations and time line to complete constructing your dream house as per the final design you have created.

FAQs – House Plan Customization

What is customized house design service?

Customized house designing service is a personalized house designing (floor plan, house plan, building elevation etc) process. The design may be created from scratch as per your requirements, plot, lifestyle and budget. You can also use house design customization service to get pre-selected house plan modified and customized to meet your construction requirements.

How do I get the best customized house design on houseyog?

Simply reach out to us and share your requirements, input, ideas and vision for your dream and home. Our experts will brainstorm on multiple ideas and build a fully personalized and custom house plan and design that you can take to the contactor.

You can also browse through our ready to use house designs collection, and request house plan customization service to get it reworked to your needs.

What exactly do you need to build a custom house plan?

In order to deliver the best personalized house plan and building elevation design for your dream home, we need to understand requirements correctly e.g. the size and plot layout, facing, number of rooms, floors, design style you like and tentative construction budget etc.

Do I get to review and request changes in designs and drawings?

Yes. Our custom house plan design services allow you to share feedback and request as many changes as needed. The idea is to deliver the best house designing experience, and therefore we will request feedbacks, and allow you to make changes till you are fully satisfied with the design.

Do you visit the site before designing?

We do not need to visit the site to design your house. We have a process in place that helps us gather all the crucial information like plot size, layout etc and based on that we design the best house plan using the latest of technologies available today.

How long does it take to complete the project?

It may depend on the actual scope of work, and size of the building/house we are designing. In most cases the standard time to deliver personalized and customized house plan and elevation design is less than two weeks.

All House Design Services Include

Follow-up assistance
Multiple design revisions
Skilled phone and email support
Free consultation with experts
100% satisfaction guarantee
100% satisfaction guarantee
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