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House and Building Construction Contractor Kolkata

Build your dream home with Houseyog – a leading house construction contractor in Kolkata committed to help build your dream home without escalation of budget and time.

Build With Leading House Construction Contractor in Kolkata

Build your dream home with Houseyog – a leading house Construction Contractor in Kolkata committed to help build your dream home without escalation of budget and time. Our team of experienced architects and civil contractors are ready to work closely with you at every step i.e. from house plan, architectural designing and construction until move-in day.

As a leading house Construction Contractor in Kolkata (West Bengal) we offer end-to-end house design and building construction service that’ll perfectly fit your space requirements, lifestyle and construction budget. Our house design and construction service runs from single storey house to luxurious duplex bungalow and villa as well as multi storey building with rooms and spaces for everything you ever wanted in your dream home.

Houseyog home design and construction services are designed to ensure that every space in your dream home is well connected with one another to create a modern, comfortable and safe abode for your family. Houseyog house design and build team is fully committed to design and build a home of your dream where everyone in your family will find ultimate comfort, safety, and happiness.

Best Budget Luxury House Builders Kolkata

Whether you are planning to demolish and rebuild or you want to build a custom luxury villa or a duplex bungalow on your plot, your search for the best budget house builders in Kolkata ends here. We have the best experienced team and resource to design and build your dream home fast and affordably. Our team of expert architects, trusted professionals and skilled civil & building contractors are fully committed to bringing your dream house to life.

With our efficient project management skills, transparent pricing and flexible payment terms, you are guaranteed to get plenty of flexibility and versatility during the construction.

As a trustworthy and professional house builder in Kolkata, we are fully committed to build super efficient, comfortable and luxurious homes to match your lifestyle and construction budget.

With Houseyog house design and construction service, you get:

  • Space optimized, well lit and ventilated building plans
  • Best quality materials, construction and finishes
  • Transparent and flexible pricing to meet your budget
  • Super efficient project management team
  • Access to expert team, resource and tools
  • Weekly progress update during the construction
  • Timely completion and move-in experience
House Plan Customization Service
building and construction service

The Houseyog building and construction service advantage

  • Hassle-free house design and construction experience
  • Turnkey construction solutions – from conceptualizing the space layout to construction and project management.
  • Best quality materials sourced from reputed vendors and suppliers
  • Transparent pricing, flexible payment terms linked with multiple stages of construction
  • No surprise price escalation for agreed scope of work
  • 5 years warranty on super and sub structure
  • Best experienced contractors with proven craftsmanship and skills
  • Efficient and project management and quality checks by our project managers

Build With The Best Civil Contractors in Kolkata

Work with the best efficient house builders in Kolkata to build a home of your dream – fast, affordably and without cost escalation.

Building a home of your dreams can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It requires a lot of planning from space layout, plan approvals to finding independent contractors, sourcing good quality materials as well and coordinating and scheduling the construction work with different sets of contractors and stakeholders. With Houseyog turnkey home construction services, you can build a home of your dream within the predefined budget and timeframe.

Houseyog home construction services can be used to build individual simplex and duplex houses, super luxurious villas and bungalows on your plot. Our team of experts will work closely at every step through planning and construction. Besides, our transparent pricing and flexible payment terms, gives you total control over cost during the course of construction.

The home construction process starts with project layout and design, goes through pre-construction planning, on site construction, demo and handover.

Finding an expert and resourceful house builder in Kolkata can be overwhelming and confusing. There are so many options out there that one can easily get confused on where to start. Houseyog home builders Kolkata understand the importance of choosing a well placed construction partner to build your home.

Our team of experts is committed to work with you at every step, from finalizing architectural layouts to designing the exterior elevation, interior furniture layout, construction, supervision and completion of your project. You will truly enjoy working with our house design and build team at every step of construction, including space planning, designing the exterior looks and interior layouts until completion of construction.

The houseyog turnkey construction and interior design services start with designing your dream home to completing it perfectly within a predefined budget and timeframe, without escalation of cost and time.

Even if you are not yet ready to start the construction, you may like to talk to us and understand how our home design and construction service works and can help realize the dream of building a home on your own plot without any hassles.

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How is Houseyog home construction cheaper?

The Houseyog home construction services are aimed to be the most competent and affordable solution for future homeowners. We have a huge network of building material suppliers and labor contractors who work with us on several projects. This scale helps us get better deals on materials, labour, machinery and equipment. Besides, our project management expertise and tools helps us make optimum use of every resource and minimize any wastage. This in turn helps us stay on course and complete the project much efficiently and within the predefined budget.

How do you ensure the project gets completed on time?

We have a team of highly experienced project managers with years of experience in managing upscale building construction projects. We are able to estimate the time and resources required to complete a task and plan our resources accordingly. We strive to schedule and complete multiple tasks parallel with pre-planning of tools, machineries and materials to ensure the project does not get delayed due to lack of resource e.g. materials or labour.

Is the boundary wall included in the package?

Every house does not require a boundary wall. Some houses may need boundary walls on just two sides and therefore it’s not included in the package. This is to ensure that only when a boundary wall is needed, the client pays for it.

Do you offer any warranty on construction service?

Houseyog offers 5 years warranty on structure and 1 year free service on any issues after handover. Besides, all branded product guarantees/warranty remain applicable as per the product label. In case of any issues, all you need to do is to call our customer support team to get the issue resolved instantly.

How does Houseyog execute projects?

Designing, building and delivering your project on budget and on time is the sole responsibility of the Houseyog. We will start brainstorming different floor plans and layout ideas, followed by exterior elevation and architectural drawings. The next step is to fine tune the estimates (if needed based on exterior elevation design) and allocate resources and finalize the work schedule. Our team will start the construction and keep you updated on the progress being made every week.

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