Top 5 Cement Brands for House Construction in India

Top 5 Cement Brands for House Construction in India

Selecting cement of a first-rate quality plays a crucial role in the construction of any sort of house. In fact, cement is one such component that protects a building from all kinds of external disturbances out there.

So, what do you think is the best cement for house construction in India? Before you procrastinate and continue pondering over this fact, it’s better to take a look at today’s post.

As you continue reading you will get to know about the five best cement brands for house construction in India. And the reasons they’re considered the best cement brands.

So ready? Let’s dive in!

Five best cement brands in India

There are several cement brands in India right now. However, not all of them are considered equally sought-after amongst going-to-be homeowners. To get you a clear notion about it, here are the top five cement brands in India. Also, this list is not in any specific order. So, choose as per the specification, cost and availability.

Birla Cement

Birla Cement is chiefly headed by the Birla Group of Companies that was founded in the initial phase of 1890, one of its headquarters being in Kolkata. Subsequently, the brand started selling cement since 1918 and the rest is history. 

Apart from just selling cement, the company also renders quality services pertaining to education, steel, jute and healthcare etc. At present, they’ve close to ten cement manufacturing factories all over India. You can certainly get in touch with any of them and be ready to purchase the top-quality cement so far. Some of the variants of  cement that they sell to their customers include:

  • Portland Slag Cement
  • Low Alkali Cement and
  • Fly Ash Cement

In the case of pre-fabricated constructions, mass concrete and concrete that needs to be exclusively water-proof and resistant to sulfated soil reactions and alkali, Birla Samrat Cement can be the best brand to opt for.

Ambuja Cement 

Formerly called Gujarat Ambuja Cement, Ambuja Cement came into being almost 40 years back. Since it is up there with Birla Cement, it is also regarded as one of the finest cement brands in India.

Presently, Ambuja Cement has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Having said that, it’s good to know that its administrative management unit was taken over by Holcim, a globally acclaimed cement brand in 2006.

Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC) and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) are the two most popular cement variants that Ambuja Cement renders to their customers. In fact, both OPC and PPC are considered extremely durable and high in quality, mainly due to their active hydraulic binders.

It is for this reason for which you can use them for all kinds of constructions. To one’s utter amazement, Ambuja Cement currently holds a capacity to produce 29.65 million tons of cement year by year.

ACC Cement

ACC Cement is basically the acronym of Associate Cement Companies Limited. It is one of the leading cement brands in the country that was founded in the year 1936. Aside from selling cement, the company also actively participates in the Indian Building Materials Business.

Not only that, but ACC Cement has a substantial PAN-India-enabled marketing presence in India right now. In fact, it was the first Indian cement brand to have shown a significant amount of concern towards the environment through its initiative to go green with its products.

Currently, the company runs twelve cement manufacturing and seventeen cement-producing segments all over India. It is the fruition of this incessant hard work and effort that they are able to sell the choicest cement in the country so far.

And you know the best part? They use high-end technologies while fabricating their one-of-its-kind cement variants.

Dalmia Cement

Having been headquartered in New Delhi, Dalmia Cement operates as Dalmia Cement Bharat (Ltd) owned by a comprehensive subsidiary of Dalmia Bharat Ltd. The company has fourteen cement factories at the moment and can produce 35.9 MnT of cement annually.

Apart, it also has several cement-grinding facilities spread across ten different states of the country. Right now, the brand is enjoying a substantial presence in as many as twenty-two states that are mostly located in the north-eastern, south-eastern as well as eastern parts of India.

In fact, Dalmia Cement is the first Cement brand in India, having a separate branch in the four prominent states of the nation including Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. Composite Cement, PSC (Portland Slag Cement), and PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement) are the main cement categories that Dalmia Cement is selling to its customers at the moment.

J.K Cement

J.K Cement, alternatively known as J.K Cement Limited, is one of the best cement companies, predominantly in Northern India. With a substantial grey cement manufacturing capacity of 10.5 MnTPA, it is currently considered one of the largest cement brands in the country.

At present, the company manufactures both PPC (Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) as well as OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement), the latter being sold in grades 33, 43 and 53 respectively. J.K Cement primarily sells these products under the grey and white cement category with a production capacity of 600,000 tons every year.

It is also for this reason that the brand has got the sobriquet of ”the second largest white cement producer in India”.  In case, you are fond of this cement-manufacturing corporation, do try out the J.K Water resistant, yet another product invented by them.

Since it is solely made for application on the walls, floors and other special areas of your house, one cannot use it just like any other cement variant.

Know more about the cement

As already said, no house construction is possible nowadays without the use of cement. In fact, it is one of the sturdiest materials so far that allows any residential and commercial structure to stand imperiously on its foundation.

The reason is as soon as it sets and solidifies, it eventually turns into a rock-hard material. Hence, whether it’s the tiles, bricks or stones of your house, they will remain clung to each other quite well unless your property gets dilapidated over time.

So, as a layperson, you may ask what cement is. Well, cement is a key building material that holds all the other ingredients like bricks, concrete etc tight comprising every nook and cranny of it.

Coming to its ingredients, cement is made of clay or sand (silicon), limestone (calcium), iron ore and bauxite (aluminium) etc. Take a look at it and you will see that it’s a finely crushed powdered material used in the construction of a residence of any size.

Besides, slates, shells, shale, marl, clay and blast furnace slag are some of the other ingredients that cement usually has in it. At the time of manufacturing, these elements are heated and subsequently converted into an exceptionally solid formation.

After this super-hard component is crushed and powdered, it is then sold as cement in the market. As soon as it is combined with water, a particular chemical reaction takes place.

Gradually, this results in the setting and solidification of cement, allowing the rest of the components to stay well-bound to each other. Ultimately, this entire process leads to the creation of an exclusively sturdy and long-lasting property.

Time to zero in on your favourite cement brand!

So, what are you waiting for? Read the post above from start to finish and select any of the cement manufacturing companies in India that you think are the best. Rest assured that in return you can build a house that is adequately durable and would last for years to come.

Just finished constructing or renovating your home? Share your experiences about the cement brand you have used by commenting below.

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