Top 10 Cement Companies in India

Top 10 Cement Companies in India

There are many cement manufacturers and brands in India that produces the best quality cement such as UltraTech Cement, Birla Cement, JK Lakshmi Cement, Ambuja Cement, Dalmia, Shree Cement and ACC Cement etc.

These cement manufacturing companies have earned the reputation of being the best cement brands in India over a period of time with consistent innovation.

However, when it comes to buying good-quality cement for construction projects, we often tend to get a bit confused since the market is already loaded with a plethora of cement enterprises, each of them claiming their product to be the best.

List of top cement companies in India

To make things easier, outlined below are the top 10 cement companies in India along with their individual descriptions, so that you can pick a brand that meets your tailored needs in the best possible way.

Let’s begin!

Ramco Cement

Ramco Cements Limited is the primary offshoot of the Ramco’s Group, a company that chiefly sells Portland Cement to their customers, trying to cater to each of their varying needs with flying colours.

Interestingly, the products that they offer are manufactured in adherence to eight avant-garde technologies that include both Grinding Units and Integrated Cement Plants as well. All this and many more have what made Ramco Cement, the 5th largest Cement Producer in India and it’s a sure thing.

Some of the cement solutions that set them apart from others are dry mortar cement and mixed concrete cement. And you know the most astonishing part about this company? They also have a ramification from where a plethora of wind farms are deployed across the country every single day, adding to the versatility of this cement enterprise even more.

Dalmia Bharat Cement

Mr Jaidayal Dalmia founded Dalmia Bharat in all its glory in the year 1939. It is often considered one of the first native cement in India to operate from the country.

Coming to its headquarters, it is situated in New Delhi at the moment, teamed up with around thirteen grinding units and cement plants, spread along nine individual states with an estimated capacity of 33 million tonnes per year.

And, when it comes to the eminent flagship ramifications of this company, Konark Cement, Dalmia DSP and Dalmia Cement comprise the checklist. Slag Cement is their area of specialisation and customers often consider Dalmia Cement the biggest manufacturer of this cement variant as a result of that.

Currently, the brand is contributing striking in quite a few construction projects pertaining to airstrips, railway sleepers and of oil wells.

Shree Cement

Having a comprehensive cement capacity of 47.4 million tonnes, Shree Cement came into operation all the way in 1979. In addition to that, the company also possesses a power generation potential of 742 megawatts teamed up with a massive foreign capacity as well.

Coming to their chief manufacturing hubs, they are four in number, each of them evenly dispersed in India as well as in certain parts of the United Arab Emirates and it’s no wonder. Aside from that the nine grinding that Shree Cement has access to is truly an added advantage for their cement manufacturers.

Also, it is one of the first cement companies in the country to optimise alternative fuels in their manufacturing techniques aside also being regarded as the world’s second-biggest unit of waste heat recycling plant after China.

Now let’s get straight to the point, their top-notch cement range, can be used in specialised applications and conditions as well as in customary construction works too. And the way they are producing autoclaved aerated concrete (ACC) blocks in Uttar Pradesh, a precast building component, light in weight with amazing insulating properties has what got this cement brand an edge over the rest of their competitors.

On top of everything, Shree Cement showcases green electricity and a captive capacity of as much as 442 MW teamed up with a commercial power potential of 300 MW and in no way it’s a surprise.

Rock Strong, Bangur Cement, Shree Jung Rodhak, Bangur Power and Roofon are some of the leading gamers to which SCL are currently selling their unique cement assortment, that too at competitive price options.

ACC Cement

Positioned amongst the finest cement manufacturers in India, ACC embarked on its cement-selling journey as long as eighty years ago. In fact, the company holds a prominent presence across the whole of India teamed up with a brilliant marketing infrastructure, something that sets this cement brand apart from the other enterprises out there.

At present, ACC cement has ninety ready-mix concrete plants and 17 cement manufacturing units wherein more than 50,000+ retailers and dealers are operating teamed up with around 6,600 skilled workers and a broad-based sales network.

Well, that’s indeed an achievement!

Ambuja Cement

As a subsidiary of Holcim, Ambuja Cement is currently regarded as the top cement manufacturing company in India, subsequently attaining a globally acclaimed position both in creative as well as sustainable construction practices.

Since their team primarily uses man-made and ecological resources, implement each one of the recyclable project with flying colours the brand aims at achieving. Aside from that, Ambuja cement also focuses on a plethora of plant-efficiency and water-saving programs too, as a result of which they have been tagged as ‘’water positive’’ as many as eight times.

Also, their ability to burn 7,5000 tonnes of plastic rubbish in all their major kilns has what got the Ambuja Cement the sobriquet of ‘’ plastic negative’’ as well, a venture equalling to 2.5 times the entire amount of plastic optimized.

Currently, the company holds a cement manufacturing potential of 29.65 million tonnes all over India aside from optimizing 7.1 renewable out of their total energy consumption.

Ultratech Cement

Enlisted amongst the Fortune 500 Companies, Ultratech Cement is considered a major offshoot of the Aditya Birla Group. Apart from China, the company is also regarded as the third largest cement producer with an estimated grey cement capacity of 116.75 mtpa.

At present, some of the most sought-after cement variants that they are selling include white cement, ready-mix concrete (RMC) and grey cement etc. and the unit that they have outside China possesses a cement-manufacturing capacity of 100+ mtpa when remaining within one particular country.

Currently, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and of course, Indi are some of the nations from where Ultratech Cement is operating at the moment. Take a peek into these features and you will understand how speedily Ultratech Cement is progressing in the cement manufacturing industry.

A prospective capacity expansion plan costing around Rs.6,527 crore, a venture expected to be completed by 2023.

Increasing demand for cement in rural areas with an equal rising in construction work for the various residential and commercial projects out there.

At present, Ultratech is enjoying an ROE of 15%, though they are targeting to intensify this by 25% that too by the end of 2025.

Within the next couple of years, the company longs to attain a spectacular demand for its cement solutions.

So, after evaluating each of these points thoroughly, you must have understood that be it financially, ergonomically or in term of profitability, Ultratech displays a positive outcome for each, getting customers the hope to look forward to even cement variants down the road.

JK Cement

A reputable cement brand in India, JK Cement has certainly got an edge over the other cement companies, primarily for selling products such as valuation goods, white and grey cement etc.

Aside from that, the brand has also earned a good deal of fame for being a top-notch wall putty manufacturer, rendering their outstanding service in every nook and cranny of the nation. With an annual capacity of 2.54 million tonnes for white cement and 14.67 million tonnes for grey cement teamed up with a remunerative captive power plant of 144-MW.

Isn’t that wonderful? Furthermore, JK Cement has proclaimed yet another profit-making development program amounting to as much as 4 mtpa followed by an extension of 4.2 mtpa in Northern India, a venture that is almost on the verge of operating.

At present, the company is offering their mind-boggling cement solutions in certain parts of Central, Northern as well as Southern India, a factor that seems to contribute significantly to their overall sales margin, getting them an enormous customer base as well.

JK Lakshmi Cement

Came into operation all the way in 1982, as a leading cement company, JK LakshmiCement is situated in Sirohi, Rajasthan. In this context, it is pertinent to mention that the brand is a part of the JK group that renders various other solutions to their customers, the most notable of them being dairy products, sealing services, power transmission, paper, cement tyres and so on.

As a result, they have successfully a massive clientele not only in India but in several other parts of the world as well. Interestingly, JK Lakshmi Cement holds the ability to expand brownfield up to 20 meters, that too within a short span of time.

Birla Cement

As a flagship enterprise of the MP Birla Group, Birla Corporation came into being in the year 1919 and since then continued to grow and expand with each passing day, subsequently becoming the biggest cement producer all over India.

Initially, it was named Birla Jute Manufacturing Company while getting the other sobriquet later on. Coming to its cement manufacturing sector, it is spread across seven individual locations in the country, though the company holds a striking position for producing top-quality jute as well, hence, customers have an innate fondness for both these product lines.

 Over the course of time, the company has also purchased Reliance Cement Company, at an astronomical price of Rs.4,800 crore, the latter being the subsidiary of Reliance Infrastructure (RIL). As a result, Reliance Cement has now become a fully owned subsidiary of the Birla Corporation Group and it’s no wonder.

Coming to their cement products, Birla Corporation is chiefly known for selling premium quality blended cement that accounts for almost 90% of the company’s gross cement sales, the key driving factor for taking this cement enterprise to new heights of success.

Also, Birla Cement is aiming to expand its capacity by 25% which will further allow them to intensify its annual volume growth year over year.


Cement is an imperative construction material (binding agent) responsible for holding all the other elements included in a construction project.

Coming to the origin of cement, it dates back to two hundred years almost, when in 1824, Joseph Aspdin, an eminent English manufacturer officially patented cement for the very first time.

Consequently, this particular cement variant became more popular as Portland cement, mainly due to the resemblance between the natural stone used in Portland and the sturdy cement paste.

And, it is because of the great deal of affinity in cement that gives any sort of construction a rock-solid binding, subsequently, making a more convenient choice both amongst clay and lime.

So, what are you waiting for? Skim through the bucket list of the ten best cement companies and brands in India while taking each of their merits into consideration. At last, go for the one that meets your construction needs. Good Luck!

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