Top 10 Brands to Buy Best Bathroom Fittings in India

Top 10 Brands to Buy Best Bathroom Fittings in India

To begin with, bathroom fittings are items that are installed in the notable parts of your bathroom. Bathroom fittings usually include things like faucets, shower systems, glass shelves and so on and so forth. 

Aside from that, there are also bathroom accessories that one can choose from. These types of bath fittings and toilet accessories are designed to serve certain purposes in the bathroom. That may include towel racks, soap dishes and toothbrush holders etc.

However, selecting the finest bathroom fittings for your bathroom is not as easy as it may seem. There are many local and international bathroom fittings brands available in India that you may easily get overwhelmed with while choosing. You need to consider certain factors unfailingly to zero in on the best bathroom fittings company to get your bathroom equipped only with the top-quality components and accessories ever.

So, as you continue reading today’s post, you will know what bathroom fittings actually are, what factors you should consider before buying them and what are the top 10 bathroom fitting brands in India right now.

Let’s dive in!

Top 10 bathroom fitting brands in India

So, are you all set and ready to install the top-quality bathroom fittings in your bathroom? However, you cannot trust any or every bathroom fittings brand that comes in your way. In this context, it’s better to get familiar with the best bathroom fitting brands in India (not in any order) from where you can shop for the bathroom fittings and accesories of your choice.

Here you go!


TOTO India has successfully incorporated Japanese technology into the various Indian bathrooms out there. It primarily focuses on creating hygienic, sustainable and easy-to-use bathroom fittings and accessories.  This brand is chiefly known for selling premium Washlets that ensure a great deal of comfort for their users. Some of the other worth-buying products that TOTO offers to their customers include NEOREST and Eco Washer etc.

RAK Ceramics

Aside from India, RAK Ceramics is also considered one of the largest brands producing quality floor tiles, tiles and ceramic sanitaryware all across the world. Having more than eight thousand designs and shades, it has until recently gleaned the accolade of  ‘trendsetter’ that has got the brand an edge over its competitors. Currently, they are offering a plethora of bathroom fitting products not only in India, but also in the entire world. Consider this checklist for the popular range.

  • Illusion
  • Des
  • Cloud
  • Europa
  • Squared and many more

Depending on your unique needs and requirements, you can buy any of these bathroom fitting solutions. Just the way the lost glamour of your bathroom will come back, the overall impression of your bathroom will change noticeably as well.


GROHE is an eminent bathroom fitting company, primarily located in Germany but now has its branch in India too. Its chief headquarter is in Dusseldorf and it is registered somewhere like Hemer.

Since 2014, the brand has become an imperative part of the Japanese Lixil Group, consequently making it the largest producer of sanitary solutions in Europe. In fact, its German market alone garners 15% revenue of their overall sales-margin.

Coming to its wing in India, GROHE aims at manufacturing products that are technology-driven, of a great quality, have got amazing designs and are sustainable at the same time. Besides, the Blue and Red Water systems and Sense water security systems that GROHE offers allows a person to feel the true bliss of water.

Their products are efficient enough to outsmart the other high-end bathroom fitting solutions available in the market. Some of the choicest products offered by GROHE include Atrio, Grandera, Allure Brilliant, Veris so on and so forth. 


This is yet another reputable German bathroom fittings company that came into operation in 1901 in Schiltach, Germany. Known for manufacturing the best quality showers, hand showers and taps, Hansgrohe is no way less better than GROHE or that of Kohler.

Presently, Hansgrohe has factories in the United States, Germany, China as well as France. Having at least thirty-four subsidiaries and twenty-one sales offices, the brand currently exports its bathroom fitting solutions and products to one-forty nations or may be even more. Some of the products that they sell almost like hot cakes are:

  • Novus
  • Focus
  • Metrix
  • Logis
  • Talis and
  • Pura Vida etc. 

Their product range is as diverse as their zeal to manufacture more innovative and advanced bathroom fitting solutions than ever. You can certainly take a look at that and buy bathroom accessories and fittings that fit your budget and tailored needs.

Roca (Parryware)

Roca is a compelling name in the bathroom fitting industry. The brand is supremely proud of the fact that they are operating in one-seventy countries while selling their mind-boggling product-range.

Aside from that, it also has seventy-eight production plants spread in five individual nations globally. Roca Group collaborated in 2007, subsequently becoming the biggest sanitary ware brand in India with the sobriquet Parryware.

Later on, it got merged with the Roca group’s subsidiary and became more popular as Roca rather than the latter. At present, the company has a massive employee-base of 22, 000 individuals across the globe.

Besides, the game-changing R&D technology that Roca offers along with Parryware’s incredible customer support has led to the cumulative growth and development of this bathroom fitting brand.

Coming to its branch in India, Roca right now has got five avant-garde plants in the district of Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. Sounds interesting, right?


Embarked on its bathroom fitting journey in 2022, Cera is situated in Gujarat and is chiefly known as Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. To say the least, it is the youngest bathroom fitting company in India right now.

Some of their sought-after products include ceramic sinks, washbasins, pedestals, bath bidets, water closets, pans, flushing cisterns, urinals and state-of-the-art bathroom accessories etc.

Mr. Vikram Somany is the person who took the initiative to start off this venture and attained a wide customer-base within a really short time. Currently, they are thinking of opening CERA style galleries in every length and breadth of India, so that the brand becomes a popular face in the country as soon as possible.

When it comes to their bathroom fittings and accessories, they’re an amazing blend of smart design and latest styles. Perla, Gayle, Victor, Valentina and Crayon are some of the finest products that the brand is selling right now.  


As a bathroom fitting company, Hindware comprises a major part of the HSIL group, the latter being a renowned brand selling good-quality faucets and sanitaryware consistently for quite some time now.

In fact, Hindware is known to manufacture products that are way ahead of time in terms of efficacy, design as well as appearance. Bringing innovation and expertise together on one single table is what they aim to do.

Coming to HSIL, they too have two individual bathroom fitting wings including Benelave and Queo. Needless to say, they sell some of the most deluxe and first-rate bathroom fittings and accessories to their customers as compared to other brands in the country.

In fact, the bathroom fitting items that they sell blend quite well with their pertinent bathroom themes. They primarily include Grace, Panache, Pristine and Exquisite etc. Go grab your bathroom fittings today by getting in touch with them as fast as possible.


Duravit is also one of the finest bathroom fitting brands in India right now. Commencing their incredible journey with the tagline ”your future bathroom”, as a company, Duravit has continued evolving and developing in leaps and bounds.

With time, they have triggered their furnishing unit aside concentrating on getting their bathroom fitting elements and products more innovative than ever. Their aim is to devise trendy and technology-driven bathroom fittings and accessories that meet the different needs of our modern-day bathrooms.

A few of the mind-boggling products that have set the brand apart from others include Viu, Xviu, Happy D.2 Plus, Starck T, Xbase, DuraSquare and DralingNew etc.


Say which is the most revered bathroom fittings brands in India at the moment? Yes, you’ve guessed it right, it’s none other than Kohler. Due to its consistent approach in innovating premium and advanced products, the company has taken selling bathroom fitting items a notch higher.

Plus, it keeps the aspects of convenience and safety in mind while manufacturing each of their bathroom accessories and fittings. Coming to the various builders, architects and designers in India and in the world,  they consider Kohler as their one-stop solution.

In particular, the faucets they sell are of an outstanding quality and that’s where they stand out. Dream in Kohler and Colors in Kohler being some of the finest products comprising their exclusive bathroom-fitting range.


Needless to say, Jaquar has become the much-needed name in the many households of India at the moment. Ever since its inception, this bathroom fittings brand has grown at a rapid pace and is striving hard to diversify their product-range as much as possible.

Right now, one can trust this company as their ultimate partner when it comes to getting a comprehensive range of lighting and bathroom fitting solutions. Starting its journey all the way in 1960, Jaquar managed to glean a turnover of INR 3588 crores back-to-back in 2018 and 2019.

Aside from having a market of more than 60%, Jaquar has now become a leading brand in bathroom fittings and illumination. As of now, they are selling a one-of-its-kind bathroom fitting range in collaboration with many other brands including:

  • Esso devised for their value section
  • Jaquar meant for their premium section and
  • Artize designed for their luxury section

Take a peek into their mesmerizing collection of Saunas, Sanitaryware, Showerpanels, Steam Bath Solutions, Water Heaters and Showers and you’ll totally be lost for words. Likewise, their lighting range is equally diverse including things like Smart Lighting, Consumer Lighting, Architectural Façade and Decorative Lighting etc.

You can certainly shop for your favorite bathroom fittings or lighting solutions from there as per your needs and convenience.

Types of Bathroom Fittings and Toilet Accessories

Proper bathroom fittings play a crucial role in changing the appearance of any sort of bathroom drastically. Whether your bathroom is small or spacious, getting the right bathroom fittings for this room of your abode is imperative.

In fact, modern-day technology has made bathroom accessories and fittings way more sustainable, efficient and functional than before. So, one must purchase their bathroom fittings from a reputable brand to ensure that their bathroom looks utterly glamorous as well as elegant.

So, are you also looking for eye-catchy bathroom fittings for your compact or massive bathroom? Then, here are some of the must-have bathroom accessories and fittings that you need to get for your bathroom indispensably.

Mirrors having Glass Slab Holders

A bathroom is not complete without a mirror no matter if it is small or large. Since, you will get mirrors in a hell lot of sizes and shapes, select the one that best fits your needs.

Bathroom Rugs and Mats

Bathroom Rugs and Mats are what is used in a bathroom the most. They can be made of organic cotton as well as synthetic materials. So, try and get only the finest ones for your bathroom this time. In return, you can expect little to no slipping or falling inside your bathroom.

Soap Dispenser

Picking a good-quality soap dispenser can get you rid of the sogginess of soaps to be precise. Both automated and manual options are available and you can choose any of them as per your tastes and preferences.


Showers are available in quite a few models and designs in the market. The fancy shapes and layouts that they come in are enough to transform the look and feel of any bathroom out there.  Team it up with modern lighting and you can’t stop gazing at your bathroom for hours to come.

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are used to serve a number of purposes at a go. Holding shower gel or shampoo and cosmetics etc being a couple of them. Simply choose the one that you like the most and fix it on the walls of your bathroom and there you are!

Toothbrush Holder

When your toothbrushes are kept inside the bathroom, it gives your ordinary bathroom a bit of unconventional look and feel. Most importantly, getting a reach to your toothbrushes gets easier than ever.

Faucets and Sink

If giving your bathroom that beguiling appearance is what you are up to, then, installing premium faucets and sink would be the choicest decision to make. Depending on their mode of installation and designs, there are loads of faucets and sinks that are available in the market these days. Prominent variants of these bathroom fittings include vessel sink faucets, center set faucets, wall mounted faucets, widespread faucets and single hole faucets etc. So, zero in on the one that best compliments your sink and the entire look of your bathroom as well.

So, which of these bathroom fittings and accessories did you like the most? Buy only those items that you consider imperative for your bathroom as of now and install them in the proper and expected way, if need be, in assistance of savvy professionals. Rest assured that in return not only your bathroom will attain a striking appearance, but it will also become way more functional than before.

Factors worth considering when choosing bathroom fittings

Installing the correct bathroom fittings for your bathroom has become more important than ever. Not only does it enhances the charm and beauty of your bathroom, but your ordinary bathroom gets quite utilitarian too.

However, with so many options available in the market, it can at times get utterly confusing for you to choose the right bathroom fittings for your bathroom. Having said that, below are some of the factors worth considering when selecting bathroom accessories and fittings for your bathroom.


Budget is an important factor to consider when buying bathroom fittings. So, first of all, decide on the amount you want to shell out on these bathroom fittings. However, don’t let your budget be the sole determiner while shopping for your favorite bathroom fittings. In this context, purchasing high-end bathroom fittings would be the best choice to make since they prove to be quite cost-efficient in the long run. In a word, striking that balance between buying quality bathroom accessories and fittings that too with your budget’s constraint is immensely important.

Easy to Clean Bathroom Fittings

Are your bathroom fittings easy to clean? Consider this factor imperatively before getting these bath fittings for your bathroom. If you cannot clean them effortlessly, chances are there that dirt and soap will build up around these components over time. So, make sure that you buy bathroom fittings that are corrosion, stain as well as water-proof. They hardly get dirty and cleaning them with just a moisture and soapy solution would suffice.

Designs of the Bathroom Fittings

As these bathroom fittings are available in various shapes and designs, you can buy them as per your individual needs and requirements. Nonetheless, make sure that the colors, designs as well as the shapes of your bathroom fittings harmonize with each other really well. Suppose, you are going to buy a faucet. In that case, take the overall dimension and design of your washbasin seriously into consideration. In tandem with that, buy a faucet that can be used easily.

Consider the Functionality

In terms of functionality, bathroom fittings vary a lot now from each other than they would do before. And, as far as the efficacy of these bathroom essentials are concerned, you must prioritize your personal tastes and preferences the most while making a choice.

This is because what kind of utility you want from your bathroom fittings is something you know the best. So, nothing can be better than relying upon your tailored needs and wants in this matter.

Durability of your Bathroom Fittings

When buying bathroom fittings such as faucets, showers, hand showers or taps, consider their durability for sure. Remember, these components will be touched every now and again and will also get wet in due course.

So, opt for materials that are rust-free and moisture-proof at the same time. If possible, try and buy stuff with a chrome-plating finish in them as they prevent the metal lying underneath from any sort of rusting. As a result, your bathroom fittings will get sturdy and durable enough in the long run.

Final Words!

Purchasing the top-quality bathroom fittings in India is now easy and simple when you are equipped with all the relevant information. Hopefully, a quick walk-through of the post above would help you do that.

Subsequently, you will get familiar with the ten best bathroom fittings brands in India and the kinds of products they provide. Get a clear notion about each of the bath fittings brands and zero in on the one that best fits your budget and unique bathroom fitting requirements.