2BHK House Renovation and Interior Design in Kolkata [Site Update]

2BHK House Renovation and Interior Design in Kolkata [Site Update]

Home renovation and interior design can be overwhelming, especially when you are renovating a 20 year old independent house. But, today I am happy to announce that we have taken up a new project of home renovation and interior design in Kolkata. It’s a 2 BHK, ground floor property in a two storey building. This is an old building that was kind of modern at its time. The owners are residing on the top floor, and the ground floor that we are renovating and re-designing has been ideal for many years. The property is located at South Kolkata, and we are very excited to share every update related to this home renovation and interior design project.

We have started this new series called site update. The idea is to share the project updates and our journey. It will help you understand what goes behind the scene in renovating and designing beautiful homes, and what it takes to execute a project successfully. If you are planning to renovate and redesign your house, and you are looking for some inspiration then continue reading. Also, don’t forget to check this space to learn and experience everything you need to know to renovate and redesign any old residential property.

So are you ready?

Well, I hear you saying yes.

So let’s dive in.

Project Overview – 2BHK Home Renovation and Interior Design in Kolkata

As I said, this is an over twenty year old two storey house. The carpet area of the ground floor is approx 650 sq ft. The owners are staying on the first floor. They want to completely renovate both the floors and make it look modern, efficient and of course beautiful. We have started the renovation at the ground floor which has the following spaces.

  • A decent size bedroom with two windows
  • Second bedroom with small balcony
  • One standard size kitchen room
  • Only one common bathroom
  • A separate dining area
  • Living and drawing space

Here’s the existing floor layout or the floor blue print of the house.

existing floor layout

Key Objectives of This Home Renovation Project

We had several meetings with the home owners to gather and understand the requirements. We discussed the space they need and how they plan to use that space. After several brainstorming sessions, we concluded and understood that they want a functional, efficient, open and spacious house.

These are the major changes they wanted to make:

  • Change the entrance of both the bedrooms for efficiency and better layout
  • Create a new attached bath for second room
  • Increase the size of the main bathroom by moving the front and back walls
  • Renovate the existing bathroom completely including all the fittings and accessories
  • Change the position of entrance in both the bedrooms to make it more efficient
  • Convert the kitchen room to an open kitchen concept
  • Replace all the doors and windows to make it look good and modern

After subsequent discussions, we concluded that we have to make many changes in the existing floor layout to make it open and efficient.

Modified floor layout

Here’s the new floor layout that we finalized after trying various layout ideas.

new floor plan

We decided to make following major changes in the existing floor layout.

Master bedroom layout changes:

  • We decided to move the entrance towards the left for privacy reasons, and to create the space for the TV unit.
  • There were two big size windows and we decided to leave the windows towards the main road, and close the other window.
  • By closing one of the windows, we were able to create the space for the wardrobe.
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

Second bedroom layout changes

  • We again changed the position of the entrance and moved it to the other side to create space for the L-shaped sofa and sit out area.
  • Moved the smaller door towards the right to create space for a new bathroom, as well as kept a small balcony that can be used as a utility area.
Second Bedroom
Second Bedroom

Kitchen layout changes

  • The client wanted to try the open kitchen layout, so we had to demolish the wall and make it open.
  • By making the kitchen open, we also created space to keep the fridge inside the kitchen for ease of use.

Other layout changes

  • Removed the curved structure that was separating the living and dining area to make the space look open.
  • Moved the front and back wall of the common bathroom to create more space.
  • Adjusted the height of the windows.
  • Refurbished the existing iron grill on all the windows.
  • Level up the floor and main doors across the house.
  • Other demolition, brick work and plastering here and there.
Living and dining area
Living and dining area

Scope of work for the civil job

Since the project required a lot of civil work, we decided to make the structural changes and complete the civil, plumbing and electrical work first.

The major civil and renovation work involved can be summed up as under:

  • Leveling up the floor of the entire house to the existing level of dining and kitchen.
  • Moving existing door (closing) and opening new door in both the bedrooms
  • Closing one of the existing window in the main bedroom to create space for cupboards
  • Creating a new attached bathroom in second bedroom (to be used as a guest bedroom)
  • Removing the existing mosaic and installing new floor tiles across the house
  • Replacing the wall tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Installation of new granite kitchen countertop
  • Replacing kitchen sink, wash basin and related accessories
  • Plumbing work in both the washrooms
  • Dismantling, brick work and plastering at several places.
  • Complete electrical rewiring and moving switch boxes as per new layout.
  • Minor adjustment to existing window grills
  • Installing aluminum windows and slider to access balcony area
  • Installing new door frame with granite paneling and wooden door
  • Brick work, plaster, primer and putty on all walls and ceiling
  • Anti termite treatment

Budget for the 2 BHK home renovation project

When we met with the home owners for the first time, they had pretty basic requirements for this home renovation and interior design project in Kolkata, South. They were planning to replace the floor tiles, and wall tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. They also wanted to create a modular kitchen, and replace all the door frames and doors. Also, they wanted to get rid of the old mosaic floor and level the floor up.

The initial allocated budget for the civil work was around Rs. 500000.00. But, as we started brainstorming ideas we kept fine tuning the scope and started preparing the block estimates. However, after considering all the requirements and specifications, we had to tweak the budget. The total project cost for the vicil related changes came at around Rs. 542532.00 for this 650 sq ft, 2 Bedroom home renovation project in Kolkata. That comes at around Rs. 834.66 per sq ft based on carpet area.

This covered almost all the civil alterations and changes such as new bath fittings, kitchen countertops, wash basin, complete flooring, bathroom fittings and accessories including water line. Besides, we also had to make a new bathroom, and that was included in the block estimates.

Although we did many sessions and finalize the initial requirements, there were some additional job requests like

  • Water proofing on the entire floor and all internal walls up to 30” from floor levels
  • Rewiring the entire house as per new layout.
  • Wiring for AC

And therefore we had to rework the expenses and project budget.

However, I am happy to say that the project is going well so far.

We have nearly completed the civil work. And ready to start the interior work which includes carpentry, false ceiling, some electrical work and furnishing.

Material specifications for civil work

Choice of materials can be vital for any project. Luckily, the client for this 2 BHK home renovation and interior design project in Kolkata is open to suggestions. Considering the budget we had to complete the civil work for this renovation and interior design project, we finalized following material specifications.

  • Tiles: Kajaria tiles / Asian Granite Ltd
  • Floor tiles: 2×4, wall tiles : 2×2
  • Cement: Ultratech / Ramco
  • Sanitary and bath fittings:  CERA / Hindware / Jaquar
  • Plumbing pipes: Prayag / Aashirward
  • Electrical wires and cables: Havells / Finolex
  • Waterproofing: Dr. Fix it
  • Putty and Primer: Asian / Berger

Although we had to complete the civil related renovation work within 5 lacs, we had to stretch the budget a bit. But, we are happy that we chose the best of the brands for this 2 BHK home renovation and interior design project in Kolkata. As you can see, we have not compromised with the quality of any of the materials. We are using the brands that are leading in their category and serve the purpose well. 

Current status of the project – as on 20th Jan, 2022

We have almost completed all the renovation work which includes

  • All the structural changes i.e. demolition, brick work, plaster to finish the wall
  • Complete the floor leveling by laying hard core fill with stone and sand under the roofing, paving with stones of approx 150-200 mm size along with smaller chips to fill any gap. This followed by dry sand filling and PCC (plain cement concrete) to finish the floor.
  • Waterproofing the floor and all the interior walls from floor level to up to 30” by scratching the plaster, treating the wall and re-plastering work.
  • Complete the floor and wall tiling job
  • Fixed the kitchen counter as per specification and counter design
  • Finished all the plumbing related work including the installation of kitchen and bath accessories e.g. sink, tap, wash basin, commode, shower unit etc.
  • Installation of aluminum windows
  • Putty and primer work is going on and hopefully it will be completed within a day or two.
  • Termite treatment to be done tomorrow.

Next up, we are starting the interior design work for this project. Interior work includes false ceiling work, followed by carpentry, painting, lighting and soft furnishing.

We are already working on 2D Elevation and 3D interior designs and views for all of the spaces in this project. We have also calculated the cost of the interior work, but thats in block estiate format. Once the design is approved, We’ll share the final budget, specification and updates from the site in south Kolkata.

We’ll be sharing further updates on this home renovation and interior design project from Kolkata.

In the meantime, I am living with you with these work in progress pictures from this site.

Over to you

Home renovation projects are not easy to handle. No matter how you plan, budget and execute the project, you will have to make adjustments to your plan and strategies during the execution. From that point of view, this home renovation project in Kolkata is no different. However, we love transforming spaces and therefore we are equally excited to share everything that goes behind the scene.

Stay tuned and keep checking this space.

If you have any questions, feel free to share by commenting below.

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