How to Renovate Your Modular Kitchen and Maintain it Easily

How to Renovate Your Modular Kitchen and Maintain it Easily

Owning a modern-day modular kitchen is the wish of every person nowadays. These kitchens are extremely versatile and affordable at the same time.

Interestingly, you will get a variety of layout and storage options in the market to customize your modular kitchen in Kolkata according to your individual needs and requirements.

However, these kitchens tend to wear and tear a lot since homeowners have to use them frequently.

If you are planning to renovate your modular kitchen then we have got you covered with some easy and simple tips that’ll help you increase the lifespan of your modular kitchen without splurging money unnecessarily.

Select laminate over wood

It’s tempting to even feel that your kitchen has that discerning wooden floor with an amazing polish on it.

Unfortunately, wood can be an expensive option for which you might have to spend a few bucks extra.

Why go for wood when there is already a cheaper alternative to use? Yes, you’ve guessed it right; laminate is what you should choose over wood.

In fact, laminate comes in a hell lot of patterns and designs on the market.  You can make your own choice to give your kitchen that enviably cool look.

Besides, laminate is easy to clean and maintain, especially the glossy variants which are commonly used in modular kitchen designs these days.

Open the cabinet doors fully and gently

Oftentimes, homeowners open and close the doors of their modular kitchen in Kolkata carelessly.

Some of you even close or open them partially or bang the gateways randomly without thinking twice.

Such kind of mishandling can lead to temporary or at the worst, permanent or irreparable damage. You certainly don’t want that to happen! Do you?

So, to avoid the cost of an immediate replacement, consider opening and closing your cabinet doors fully and gently.

Look for the affordable options

If you are thinking that you cannot incorporate enough style and beauty into your modular kitchen at affordable prices, then you are wrong. There are plenty of pocket-friendly materials you will get in the market to renovate your modular kitchen as elegantly as possible. Consider these amazing alternatives over the costlier kitchen remodelling components.

  • Go for slate works as they are more budget-friendly as compared to granite or marble
  • When it comes to fittings and accessories, you can choose aluminum unlike stainless steel since the latter is more expensive
  • Again, firewood is an amazing alternative to plywood when making drawers for your kitchen

Renovating your dream kitchen doesn’t have to be astronomical when the market is already filled with so many great substitutes. You can shop for these things as and when needed to avoid spending on your kitchen renovation like hell!

Repair any peeling or cracks without any delay

No matter how classy your modular kitchen looks, its external layers and laminates will surely peel and chip over time. This normally happens due to heat resulting from daily cooking.

As a result, the wood often starts separating which further worsens the overall condition of your kitchen.

So, are you also noticing any such damages within your kitchen? If the answer is yes, then repair those portions immediately without delaying any more.

In case, the wear and tear is too intense, then the laminate might have to be replaced completely. Conversely, if the detriments are minor, then, getting them re-glued will suffice.

Time to play with your colour options

As the adage goes, ”colours like features follow the changes of the emotions” can play a major role in the case of your modular kitchen too.

So, choose a colour scheme that leaves all your guests and invitees overawed whenever they take a peek at your cookhouse. In fact, painting and brushing your modular kitchen with vibrant colours will add a great deal of style and grace to it.

Going for soothing hues like green or grey will be perfect for bigger areas. On the contrary, bold shades like blue or red are enough to turn your cabinets into the most resplendent spaces ever!

Colours are even amazing mood enhancers that allow you to showcase the finest of your gourmet skills.

Utilize cabinets to serve the desired purposes

The drawers and cabinets of your kitchen are mainly used to store kitchenware and utensils. Generally, the heavy-weight cookware is kept in the drawers at the bottom.

On the flip side, smaller and lightweight accessories are kept in the upper cabinets.

So, make sure that you store your food items carefully within these drawers or else they might become the breeding ground for mold or insects.

Needless to say, these creatures are harmful enough to damage the wood and carcass of your kitchen.

A great idea in this matter would be to separate your wet and dry foods and store them in different segments.

Go enough green with your modular kitchen

Consider recycling and reusing the redundant stuff in your kitchen to save on your renovation cost quite a bit.

If you want, you can also decorate your cookhouse with eco-friendly kitchen items to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible.

Also, colour most parts of your kitchen with green as it will exude that sustainable vibe all through your culinary space.

Avoiding filling your cabinets with too many utensils

Although unintentionally, but we tend to fill our kitchen with lots of unnecessary crockery items. Homeowners are always buying something for their kitchenette at some time or the other.

In an effort to store all these things within the limited spaces, most of us end up cluttering our modular kitchen like anything.

Since every drawer and cabinet can bear a certain amount of weight, overstuffing them too much will only do more harm to our kitchen than good.

So, read the manual of your modular kitchen in Kolkata properly or else you can take the assistance of a professional kitchen designer.

Such a person will guide you regarding how to optimize the spaces of your kitchen cabinets wisely without inundating them at all.

Remodelling your kitchen is easy and simple!

Are you all set and ready to renovate your modular kitchen?

To make that happen, all you need is intensive research on the internet and a keen eye for the affordable kitchen renovation materials available in the market.

If you are planning to renovate your modular kitchen or the entire house and looking for professional help, then we have got you covered. Houseyog offers end to end interior designing services. Feel free to call us 7596058808 and talk to an expert now.