6 Best Tips to Save Money on Home Interior Designing

Best Tips to Save Money on Home Interior Designing

Cost of home interior designing can easily run in several lakh, especially when you start your home interior design project randomly without estimating the expenses. Mostly, the homeowners browse through the internet and get inspired by specific designs. However, they fail to consider the size of their property and associated expenses to convert the design into reality. That’s where a professional interior designer can help design your space and save money on home interior designing projects.

The interior designers are professionals with years of experience in designing spaces. They know about different types of materials that may be less costly than the traditional materials we all know about. Moreover, they can design the space keeping your designing preference and budget in mind. A professional interior designer can easily cut the cost and help you save money without compromising with the quality, overall finish and look of the space.

They can create designs that’ll look aesthetically beautiful but still cost less and thus they can help save money on your home or office interior designing projects.

So how do you get started?

Well, the best way to get started is to

  • Talk to a professional interior designer near you
  • Share your ideas and vision for your space
  • Tell them the tentative budget you have in mind

Now that they know what you are looking for, your design preferences and your budget, the designer can easily help design your home or suggest design tips and ideas that may fit in your budget.

But, what if you have already started your interior designing project and you are in the middle of execution?

Well you can still save money on a home interior designing project and I’ll tell you how.

Here’s how you can save money on home interior designing

Let’s face it. Home interior designing can be expensive, especially so when you don’t have a professional interior designer by your side. The professionals can help you plan home interior design projects considering your functional requirements and overall budget. They can help design and source materials that can do the job perfectly without breaking your bank account.

If you are planning to design your home and you are looking for creative tips and ideas to save money on a home interior designing project, then I have got you covered.

We have helped hundreds of homeowners save thousands of rupees while designing their home. We can help you too.

So, you can try some of these most amazing and creative interior design ideas to reduce the cost and save money on your home interior designing project.

Cost saving tip #1: Use wallpaper instead of textured paint

Creating an accent wall is always fascinating when decorating your home or office. Usually an accent wall is created to draw attention to the wall. As it is supposed to be a highlighted area, the color and appearance of an accent wall is usually a little louder than other walls of the room.

There can be multiple ideas to create an accent wall, and applying textured paint is one of the most common ways to get an accent wall. But, you can cut the cost and save some money by using wallpaper instead of applying textured paints.

While the good quality textured paint may cost you around Rs. 80 to 95 per sq ft, application of wallpaper is going to cost way less than that i.e. Rs 40 -60 per sq ft. We have already talked about the wallpaper costs, advantages and disadvantages in the past. So, if the wall is not exposed to any kind of moisture, then wallpaper can easily be applied to create an accent wall and it will help save money on overall apartment interior designing costs.

Cost saving tip #2: Explore alternate flooring option

Elegant floors can surprisingly increase the overall look and ambience of your home or office interior. While marble looks fascinating, it costs way more than the vitrified floor tiles. If you are on a budget while designing or renovating your home, but you don’t want to compromise with the look and feel, using vitrified floor tiles can be the way to go.

Indian or Italian marbles will certainly look good, but the overall cost can easily go up and therefore you should consider visiting a store and check the prices of different flooring tiles and alternate materials before placing the order.

Similarly, if you are fascinated by that wooden flooring and want that kind of look for your home then you can well consider a laminate based flooring option instead of using the pure wooden flooring. You can get nearly the same look and still cut the cost by a good margin.

Another important thing to note while choosing the flooring material is the labour cost for application. While the application charges or the labour charges for normal vitrified tiles are less, the application cost of Italian marble flooring can be significantly higher. And it applies to wall tiles as well.

Cost saving tip #3: Opt for tray false ceiling

False ceilings have become an integral part of interior designing. Over 80% of the home owners opt for a false ceiling as it helps beat the heat, especially on top floors and also enhances the overall look and feel of the space. However, if you don’t have an open kitchen layout, then you can do without false ceiling in the kitchen, balcony and washrooms. It will help you bring the false ceiling cost down to an extent.

Interior designers can create beautiful false ceiling designs, and depending on the roof area and ceiling design, false ceiling cost can range between Rs. 90 – Rs. 125 per sq ft. Naturally, that is a lot of money and the ceiling alone can run in hundreds of thousands of rupees.

But, you can still save money on false ceilings with some creative ceiling designs. So if you are on a budget and you want to save money on a false ceiling then opt for partial ceiling instead of full ceiling.

Usually, you want lights at the side and the rest of the ceiling will remain plain, unless you want to finish it with some other decor elements like ply and laminate. So opt ceilings along the wall, instead of covering the full ceiling area and you will be able to save a lot of money on your home or office interior designing project.

Cost saving tip #4:  Use chandelier or pendant light

Lighting is an essential element of home interior design, and what can be better than using a chandelier or a pendant light to create that luxurious look and feel for your home? We often spend a lot of money on ceiling lights, and if you have a standard size living room, you may well need 12-16 6 watt lights. Then, there will be the need of strip lights to decorate the ceiling of your living room.

But, you can save on lighting expenses (e.g. cable, lights and per point wiring charges) by putting up a nice chandelier or a pendant light. Chandelier and pendant lights can seriously transform the space and when used wisely, it should cost less and thus may help save some money while designing your home. Just see to it, that you use a chandelier with multiple light options to get the glittering feel.

Cost saving tip #5:  Use smart furniture

Majority of the expenses in decorating a home or office goes towards the furniture related work e.g. modular kitchen, bed, wardrobe, TV cabinet, dining table, chair and sofa, center table, shoe rack etc. When you have an interior designer helping you design your home or office, you would want to get the most of it.

Since, all the furniture is most likely going to be custom made, you have to ensure that you are not overdoing it. Based on my experience designing homes for our clients, I can tell you that many times people end up making a lot more than they actually need.

We gently remind them that while it’s okay for us to create as much storage space as you want, it’s always better to design multipurpose furniture than creating furniture with single use. When you have smart furniture, you naturally get more storage space and can easily eliminate a lot of individual furniture work. And that will certainly help you save money and cut the cost down for your home interior designing project.

Cost saving tip #6:  Use cost-effective partition

Open floor plans are in trend these days and when you have a open floor plan, especially in India, you need some kind of partition to divide the space into different zones, especially in the living room or a suit size bedroom.

There are many options when it comes to partition and division e.g. the home owners can use glass partition, wooden partition, MDF board, Jaali, POP partition etc. Cost of creating such a partition depends on the type of material or combination of materials you use.

If you are on a budget, and want to reduce the cost of partition then you may consider using Jaali or a POP based partition as it’ll cost less and thus helps save money on home interior designing.

Over to you

Building and constructing a house of your own requires a lot of money, time and adequate planning. It takes continuous effort to save money to build a house. But, we believe that home interior designing and decorating need not be costly. And unless you choose to design your home purely based on inspiration and ideas you collect through the internet, you can actually plan and manage your home interior project even when you are on a budget.

Proper planning and budgeting can help you complete your home renovation or interior decoration project in your budget. There are many creative ways and alternative materials that cost a lot less than the traditional materials you may be aware about.

And that’s where a professional interior designer can help you. They can plan, design and execute the project considering your requirements and budget. If you are planning to design and decorate your home or office and need help with interior designing or execution, then feel free to contact us and to talk to us now.

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