Wallpaper Price in India – Wallpaper Buying Tips and Guide

Wallpaper Price in India - Wallpaper Buying Tips and Guide

Usage of Wallpaper in decorating the interior walls of a house or office is not new. It’s been around since hundreds of years. And over the years, the wallpapers have become one of the most favored decorating materials for interior designers and homeowners. Wallpapers are available in a number of shades, designs and materials in India.  Wallpaper offers huge scope of application in creating highlights and accent walls to decorate your rooms and spaces.

By using wallpaper or wall covering papers, you can quickly transform the looks of an interior wall in your bedroom, living room, study, home office, temple or any other space in your home or office.

You can find a variety of wallpaper patterns and designs that can be used to enhance and transform the overall look of a particular interior wall of your home, office or any other premises like shops, boutique and restaurants.

If you are decorating home or designing your office and you are wondering about wallpaper price in India, and looking for buying tips or guides on applying wallpapers to decorate specific interior walls in your house, then I have got you covered.

Today in this post about wallpaper price in India, I am sharing everything worth knowing about wallpapers and wall covers, including the cost of wallpapers in India, buying tips and how and where it can be applied to create amazing highlights and accent walls at your home or office. I will also compare wall tiles, wall paints and wallpapers so that you can figure out what is best for your home.

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What is wallpaper or wall covering paper?

Wallpaper is basically a printed paper that can be used for decorating interior walls of your home, office, boutique or any other residential or commercial space. 

Wallpaper comes in different materials like vinyl wallpaper, embossed wallpaper, textile based wallpaper and many other variants. It also comes in many patterns, designs, and colors. And therefore, it gives a lot of scope to explore as far as designs, patterns, colors, finish and materials are concerned.

When it comes to the application of wallpaper, even if the name suggests wallpaper, it can be used on any plain surface like a brick wall, or a TV unit which is primarily made of plywood.

Wallpapers are commonly used to create an accent wall or to highlight a particular wall or decorative element in a room e.g. bedroom, living room, temple, study, work desk etc.

Wallpapers are usually available in a roll, which again may vary in size and dimension. Standard American wallpaper roll size is usually 57 square feet and the European wallpaper roll size is 70 sq ft. 

Wallpaper price in India primarily depend on the roll size, material and of course the brand.

So, when buying wallpapers, you have to order an entire roll, and you can’t ask for a specific size like 5 square feet or so as per your needs and requirements. You have to buy a role in most cases, irrespective of the actual size of the wall.

Wallpaper price in India

As I said, wallpapers are available in standard roll size, but it can’t be purchased in pieces like the way you buy wall tiles from leading tiles brands. As wallpaper comes in many varieties and materials, you are most likely to get it in your budget. 

Ideally, when you want to buy wallpaper, it’s recommended to visit a store, take a look at the catalogue and maybe check the application, touch and feel the quality and then place an order for the wallpaper that you liked. But, if you want to get the idea of wallpaper price in India, then here’s a quick price list of most commonly used and available wallpapers in India with tentative per roll price.

Type of wallpaperPer Sq. Ft. RatePrice of Standard Roll
Vinyl wallpaperRs. 35 to Rs. 65Rs. 1955 to Rs. 3705
Solid vinyl wallpaperRs. 55 to Rs. 85Rs. 3135 to Rs. 4845
Paper backed vinylRs 80 to Rs 105Rs. 4560 to Rs. 5985
Glass cloth or fabricRs. 125 to 160Rs. 7125 to Rs. 9120
Wallpaper price list

That’s the basic price range of different varieties and types of wallpapers that are available in India. The prices mentioned here are for the roll, and it does not include the cost of application. 

Usually the shop from where you buy the wallpaper can send a technician with appropriate adhesive to apply it quickly. It does not cost much and varies from Rs. 450 to Rs. 550 per roll as labor charges for application.

Wallpapers buying and application tips

As you already know that the wallpapers come in rolls, and based on the design and patter, there will be some wastage at the time of application. And therefore, you should be very careful and know the dimension of the walls as well as the usable dimension of the wallpaper.

Here are some pro tips on buying and applying wallpaper rolls.

  • Take exact measurement of the wall surface area where you intend to apply the wallpaper.
  • If the wall has moisture exposure then always go for vinyl wallpaper with water resistant features.
  • Know about the wastage when ordering, because 100% usability may not be possible for all wallpaper patterns and designs.
  • Choose a design and pattern (horizontal or vertical) that will go well with your wall.
  • When possible, visit a store and show the photograph of the wall so that they can recommend the best matching pattern and styles.
  • Nearly 53-55 square feet of wall paper can be used from the roll in case the wallpaper has simple design and pattern.
  • In case of complicated patterns, there will be extra wastage of wallpaper from the roll due to trimming and matching the pattern at the time of application, so be sure of how many rolls to buy.

Wallpapers as the name suggest are commonly used for walls, but there is a lot more scope as far as the application is concerned. It can be applied on plain walls, imperfect walls, TV units, cupboard and every other surface that you can think of.

Wallpaper vs Wall tiles vs Wall paints

Now that we know that wallpaper is primarily used for decorating interior walls, I am sure you are wondering if you should use wallpapers or decorative wall tiles. Both wallpapers are wall decorating tiles and wall paints are used in modern homes for interior decorating and to create nice and soothing designs.

One of the best advantages of using wallpaper over wall tiles or wall paints is that wallpapers are available in a number of styles and that offers a lot of creative scope in interior decorating. In fact, some of the wallpapers can be even painted, so you get both the texture and paints as per your liking.

But, wallpapers, wall tiles and wall paints have their own advantage and disadvantage as listed hereunder:

  • Wallpapers are much cheaper than wall tiles, and it’s easy to apply.
  • As the wallpapers are cheaper and easier to apply, one can change wallpapers after 4-5 years and replace it with new patterns and designs.
  • Wall tiles are comparatively costlier than the wallpapers, so it lasts longer than the wallpaper.
  • Replacing wall tiles requires a lot of effort and involves costs as well.
  • Wall tiles are recommended for walls that have exposure to running water like washroom, kitchen etc.
  • Even wallpapers (vinyl wallpapers) with canvas have water resistant features, but still wall tiles are better than wallpapers, especially for walls that have exposure to moisture.
  • Decorative wall tiles are easy to clean, it lasts longer, produces ambience and premium feel.
  • Wallpapers are equally good, they are available in a number of designs and colors and easy to maintain, but not like wall tiles.
  • For wall paints, there are a number of shades, but has limited pattern and design possibility, and can’t be really used for flexibility like wall tiles.

Honestly speaking as an interior design and decorating service professional, I prefer wallpaper for cost-sensitive projects and wall tiles for projects that strive to get an even classier look, and when budget is not an issue.

For wall paints, it’s always an option, but it has its own limitations as far as design, finish and patterns are concerned.


Wallpaper is an amazing wall decorating material which is commonly used on interior walls at home, office, café or any premises for that matter. As the name suggests, wallpaper is a printed paper which is available in different types of designs and patterns printed on it. Wallpapers have been used in interior decorating since ages, but it has evolved over the ages, and today wallpapers have gone popular around the world.

It’s comparatively less expensive than tiles and easy to apply, and offers plenty of scope as far as the decorating a wall is concerned. It’s much more superior in style and appearance in comparison to wall paints. And good quality wallpaper when applied correctly, can last for years, and that’s why it’s used heavily in home decorating these days.

Have you tried using wallpapers to create a highlight or accent wall in your home? Feel free to share your experience of using wallpapers for home decorating by commenting below.