Tips for Moving Into a Newly Constructed Home

Tips for Moving Into a Newly Constructed Home

Moving into a new house involves a lot of stress. From finding a man and van or moving service to sorting items and getting everything packed and moving can be overwhelming for most of us. It becomes even more hectic when you are moving into a newly constructed house for the first time. There are many things that you have to consider when moving into a newly constructed house. Right from getting the space cleaned up properly, to getting all the utilities and amenities fixed and installed, there are a lot of things to do before you actually move into your newly constructed house.

Aside from packing, moving and unpacking all your belongings, getting familiar with the structure and functionality of your house becomes equally important. To help you get it right, below are some easy-breezy tips and tricks. These tricks will help you while moving into your newly built house smoothly and in a worry-free manner.

Perform a thorough walkthrough

In case you find your home completely empty, it is advisable to do a complete walkthrough over there. Doing so will give you the opportunity to understand how well your valuable household belongings are going to fit inside there. So, before you finally move into your newly constructed house, make sure you take a look at the below-mentioned items without fail.

  • The size and dimension of your furnishings
  • Make sure that your lawn is in a properly usable condition
  • The house is devoid of any pests, mould and debris etc.
  • Also, ensure that you have all the maintenance manuals and warranties before you have entered your house
  • Each of the components in your newly constructed residence should be in optimal condition. This includes windows, doors, fixtures, switches and outlets etc.

Simultaneously, it’s of tantamount importance that you verify the presence of all those items that were an essential part of the buying-selling procedure (if it’s a purchase).

After you have checked on these things and ascertained that they are in a well-working condition, it’s time for you to ask your previous homeowner to get all the patch-up and repair-related work done prior to you stepping inside there.

On top of everything, see whether or not you have essential amenities like the dryer & washer, Air conditioning etc. If it’s not installed, then you may like to get these amenities sorted and installed before moving in.

Always remember, you have every right to raise your voice against any of the unjust matters that are exclusive of the sale agreement. Once everything gets prim and proper, you can move into your house and settle comfortably.

Install a security system

Feeling safe in your new home is important more than anything else.  Although, it varies from one person to another, to the minimum you can change the locks of your house. So that, the former owner of that house does not get easy access over there.

In addition, you can consider setting up a home security system, installing motion detectors, cameras, doorbells and so on. Also, you will find many high-end tools in the market these days. You can use these tools to keep an eye outside.

Subsequently, you can take an effective course of action and secure your beloved residence in the proper and expected way.

Ensure connectivity and utilities are set up well

Making sure that your utilities are set up in your home properly before you move in there is very important. After all, spending the first day in your abode in the dark is the last thing you want.

So, consider getting your gas, electricity, heating and cooling system up and proper. Getting Wi-Fi, a substantial cable connection and a telephone line should also be a part parcel of this job. And once done, you can make a move to your new home subsequently.

Go for a pre-move deep cleaning session

While moving into your new home, the trickiest task to perform is to clean it from top to bottom. However, if you have already shifted over there, but haven’t brought along anything yet, then cleaning your house when it’s totally vacant would be the best thing you can do.

Consider these pointers.

Clean the bathrooms

Perform an effective scrub-down in your bathrooms first. And then use an antibacterial spray to get rid of all the unwanted germs and viruses.

Clean the kitchen

Clean the lighting fixtures, cabinet tops, appliances, ceiling, oven tops, be it microwave or gas, sink and dishwasher thoroughly. After you are done, work on the countertops and cabinets. At last, clean the floors really well to attain a spanking-clean kitchen.

Clean the refrigerator

Use soap and warm water and clean each of the drawers and shelves of your fridge as nicely as possible. Also, clean the inside of your kitchen using white vinegar and water with a good-quality rag. However, if the stains are too stubborn to be removed, then let this solution soak inside for some time. And then perform the cleaning spree accordingly. Reinstall the shelves and drawers only after they have dried up properly. And you can repeat the same process for the freezer as well.

Clean the rest of your house

Now clean the rest of the house like the surfaces, ceiling, tops of windows and doors, switches, lights and inside of your closet etc. Use a branded vacuum cleaner to do the cleaning. It will help eliminate the hidden dust and debris from deep inside. Once done, use clean and damp rags to complete this task to perfection.

Needless to say, we all want to see a spotless house, no matter whether it’s new or old. More so, when it’s our new home. We can’t afford to leave it like that and enter a living space that is unkempt and lacks maintenance. So, even if you cannot do the aforesaid cleaning-related things by yourself, you can call professionals. And get the job done before you move into your dream home once and for all.

Interact with your neighbours

If you think you need a little break from your bout of unpacking, then consider taking a brief walkthrough all around your neighbourhood. Interact with a few people over there who you think are trustworthy and dependable enough to make you feel safe and comfortable.

Also, it’s better if you get yourself familiar with a couple of community centres, stores and points of attraction that are prominent in that locality.  Besides, you can join any of the social media forums as well to socialize with your neighbours at a more personal level.

In a word, the more you know everyone around you properly, the more stress-free and easier it will get for you to live in your new home that also with absolute peace of mind.

Change the address

Whether you do it before the moving process, after it or while the shifting spree goes on, changing your address is of the highest importance for all kinds of communication.

To do this, update your credit card billing first and then consider forwarding an official mail to your bank and to all those service providers who have your previous address till now.

Side by side, liaise with your insurance provider and bank effectively, notify your car company about your changed residence and most importantly let your family members and friends learn about the same.

After all, it’s your brand new apartment and everyone deserves to take a peek into it. Don’t they?

Get everything fixed on time

If you are buying a newly built home, then it’s a different story altogether. But, if you are buying it from someone else, chances are there that you may have to get a couple of repairs fixed before you finally make the move.

Suppose, if the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors aren’t working properly then repair them accordingly. Again, if there are faulty fixtures in and around anywhere, get them resolved as soon as possible.

Besides, changing the locks of your residence right after you settle in there must also be a part of your repair and replacement to-do list. After you are done with all this, pay attention to the exact location of your water valve, fuse box and circuit breaker etc.

Doing these things won’t take you much time and money, but the peace of mind you will get instead cannot be compared with anything else.

Additional tips worth considering

Well, moving into a newly constructed house safely and worry-free is indeed a pleasure in itself. There are a few things to consider imperatively aside from just putting the above-mentioned tricks and hacks into action.

To begin with, if you are planning to perform a Griha Pravesh Pooja at your new home, then make sure to check out the best auspicious Griha Pravesh Muhurat first.

Next, if you feel that the entire shifting process is getting a little hectic for you then take the assistance of professional movers and packers. The moving professionals would do everything on your behalf but more accurately.

Similarly, you must keep the aspect of suitability in mind when purchasing new furnishings for your home. Again, if the area you live in is prone to natural disasters like cyclones, tornados or hurricanes, then it’s better to devise a plan of action beforehand while finding a safe shelter zone in case anything goes wrong all of a sudden. Also, it would be great if you consider unpacking some of your belongings if you are planning to make another move within a short period of time.

Hope, these techniques will work wonders for you while moving into a newly constructed house. So that you live the happiest and safest life in your new residence with your friends as well as your family members.