Best Geysers for Home Available for Under Rs. 7000 (Buying Guide)

Best Geysers for Home Available for Under Rs. 7000 (Buying Guide)

Winter is around the corner and it’s time to buy a good-quality water heater for your household. So, are you also looking for the best geyser for your home that suits both your budget and needs? If yes, then we have got you covered. Since there are so many water heaters variants available these days, making an informed decision can be difficult at times.

Fortunately, in today’s geyser buying guide we are talking about the various types of geysers available in India, their individual prices along with the parameters you must evaluate while purchasing a geyser for your home.

So are you ready? Let’s dive in.

7 Best geysers for home available for under Rs. 7000

Choosing the best geyser for your home can be confusing at times. To make things easier we have compiled a list of geysers available in India along with prices below. Check out each of the geyser variants and buy the one that best suits your budget and water heating requirements.

Looking for a geyser that would cost you less than Rs. 20,000? If you say yes, then here are some of the finest water heaters that you can take a look at.

AO Smith SGS-GREEN-006 Vertical Water Heater

Storage capacity 6 Litre and electricity consumption 3KW

With a water storage capacity of 6 liters, this water heater is definitely worth the investment. Besides, it’s totally a corrosion-resistant product and you will generally get it at the price of Rs. 7,249.

Coming to its warranty, the inner water tank of this geyser lasts for about 7 years. While the durability of its glass-coated heating element is more than 2+2 years along with a comprehensive warranty of 2 years. Plus, the custom Anode rod that it has can operate effectively even in hard water conditions, add on to the lifespan of this water heater two times more.

Lifelong Aqua Metal Body Vertical Water Heater

Storage capacity: 10L and electricity consumption 2000W, 3 Star BEE Rating

This water heater is generally available in a radiant white color and offers an amazing storage capacity of 10 liters. Also, expect a warranty of around 5 years on the tank along with an overall warranty of 2 years on the main product.

Also, the pressure release valve, automatic thermostat, and thermal cutout that it is comprised of preventing this geyser from the brunt of overheating. So, if a rust and corrosion-resistant water heater are what you are up to, then consider adding this product to your cart.

Moreover, the feature of Glass Wool Insulation of the LLSWH10 Aqua 10L Storage Metal Body Vertical Water Heater (Geyser) ensures absolute protection against reduced energy consumption, and radiant heat loss, thereby making it more energy-efficient.

Alongside, you will find a smart water inlet diffuser inside that will decrease the mixing of cold water with hot water to the minimum so that heating gets faster and energy is saved to a reasonable extent. The price option starts at Rs. 4,699.

Bajaj New Shakti Neo Metal Body Water Heater

Storage capacity: 15L, 4 Star rated available from Rs. 5999 onwards.

Finding a long-lasting water heater that also with an appealing look is easier said than done. No worries, the Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L Metal Body 4-Star Water Heater is there to satisfy your unique needs.

Since it comes with a Swirl Flow Technology and Titanium Armor, you will find water heating the most enjoyable task so far while using this geyser. Besides, the water heater is also comprised of a sturdy copper element that ensures a much longer lifespan for all its users.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to consider the exclusive weld-free joint after you purchase the Bajaj New Shakti Neo 15L Metal Body 4 Star Water Heater and that’s for sure. Coming to the price option, you won’t have to shell out more than Rs. 5,999 to grab this particular geyser, either online or offline.

Crompton Gracee Instant Water Heater (Geyser)

Storage capacity 5-L, starting at Rs. 3900 only

If you want to buy a geyser within Rs. 4,000, then shopping for the Crompton Gracee 5-L Instant Water Heater (Geyser) must be your choice. Available in a weldless tank design and a rust-proof PP body, expect to use this water heater for a long time as you protect it from any kind of corrosion or unwanted rust.

However, the storage capacity of such a product is not more than 5 liters which interestingly allows you to heat water faster than expected. Coming to its warranty, the tank will last as long as 5 years while the lifespan of the heating element and actual water heater will not be more than 2 years. So, what are you waiting for? Shop for the said geyser offered by Crompton at a minimal cost of Rs. 3899 only.

Hindware Atlantic Xceed Electric Water Heater

Storage capacity: 15L, 5-star rated, and comes with a corrosion-resistant and highly durable glass-lined tank.

Are you on the lookout for a water heater that offers ultra-protection and safety while you are heating water? If yes, then buy the Hindware Atlantic Xceed 15L 5-Star Rated Electric Water Heater as soon as possible.

Taking its copper heating element into consideration, the user can expect an effective and long-lasting water heating procedure. Besides, there is also an i-Thermostat technology comprising this geyser that strikes a balance between the temperature needed and the temperature achieved.

Other features include an auto power cut-off attribute and a Glass Lined Tank that ensures maximum protection against corrosion and rusting aside making your water heater favorably long-lasting and energy-efficient at the same time. Rs. 5,949 is what you’ve to pay to buy this particular product.

Crompton Insta Bliss Instant Water Heater

Storage capacity: 3L, electricity consumption 3KW, good for attached bathrooms

The Crompton InstaBliss 3-L Instant Water Heater (Geyser) with advanced 4-Level safety is meant for those who want to heat their water instantly. Particularly, in this fast-paced world, this water heater is worth the investment.

Just the way it has a capacity of 3 liters, it offers an energy efficiency of 3,000W. Moreover, the 4-level safeties that this geyser offers, sets it apart from the rest of the variants available in this price range.

A fusible plug, pressure release valve, automatic thermal cutout, and a steam thermostat ensure that you encounter little to no risks when heating the water up.

As far as its warranty is concerned, the tank as well as the overall product is expected to last for around 2 years, starting from the date of purchase. However, the durability of the tank can be as long as 5 years and not more than that.

Also, this geyser is totally rust-proof, enabled by a PP body and a weldless tank layout. This prevents it from unwanted corrosion, thereby increasing its lifespan even more. Prices start at Rs. 2,609.

Bajaj New Shakti Neo Metal Body Water Heater

Storage capacity 25L, 4 Star rated available at a price of Rs. 7299 onwards.

This water heater by Bajaj has got a capacity of 25 liters and can be used in bathrooms to store hot water for a long time. Besides, its swirl flow and titanium armors, make it a super-sturdy option to opt for.

While using a geyser of this sort, you will find a weld-free joint on the exterior of it and the copper element that comprises the Bajaj New Shakti Neo 25L Metal Body 4 Star Water Heater with Multiple Safety System, White, enhances its lifespan to a reasonable extent.

All the more, the feature of a Titanium glass lined enamel coated mild steel tank gets your favorite water-heating variant an edge over the other items found in the market.

Prices start at Rs. 7,299.

Common types of water heaters available in India

Primarily, there are four kinds of water heaters found in the market of India. Take a look at these variants and decide which one you will install at your home this time.

Solar Geysers

Solar geysers absorb heat from a roof-mounted solar panel, where solar energy alters to heat the water up by using an effective thermal collector. Consequently, the hot water is shifted to the water tank, letting the user consume it.

Gas Geysers

Gas geysers operate on propane gas and LPG cylinders, hence are considered suitable for commercial setups as well as households alike. So, if you install this water heater at your home, make sure that it is situated next to the gas cylinder only as the supply of gas is provided via the pipelines themselves.

Storage Geysers

Storage geysers have a built-in insulated water tank in them. In fact, these water heaters come in various capacities, starting from 6 liters and above. Generally features a reservoir of hot water that users can instantly access until the tank is full the next time.

Electric Geysers

Electric geysers can heat water in a few minutes and are designed for those who need instant water heating. They are small and compact so use less space and operate only when their smart sensor can sense the flow of water. Subsequently, the heating element gets fired and results in the production of hot water.

So, which of these water heaters did you like the most? When looking for the best geyser in India, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed due to the hell lot of features that each product offers. However, you need to contemplate your unique needs and requirements first and buy any of the water-heating systems above that match your specifications and budget perfectly.

Things to look for when buying a geyser

There are certain things that you need to factor in to purchase a geyser effectively. Consider these pointers.


Before purchasing a home appliance, including a geyser, consider taking a look at its features. So, first of all, make sure that your water heater has a thermostat in it indispensably. This component helps retain the desired temperature and prevents overheating.

Also, many geysers have heater controls in them that allow you to control their power seamlessly. On the contrary, a few water heaters also have digital meters that showcase the exact water temperature stored inside the tank.

Alongside, gas and electric geysers that feature safety valves let you control the temperature and pressure of the water. In return, the extra pressure from the tank can be easily released when it remains at a relatively higher temperature.

Most importantly, check out the elements that it is made of, its durability, and the safety attribute that your water heater comes with. These are the additional features that you need to look for when buying a geyser.

Installation spot

This is yet another factor to consider when shopping for your favorite water heater. So, fix a particular location in your house that you consider appropriate for installation. Accordingly, you can pick a geyser type that can be positioned on that spot seamlessly.

Say for example, electric and storage geysers are the finest options for households having small bathrooms. They are also very easy to install. So, you can select any of these variants and fix that in a place where there is adequate ventilation.

Energy efficiency and operation cost

Energy efficiency is one of the most crucial aspects to consider so as to save sufficient electricity in the long run. Aside from that, also verify whether your water has a Star rating or ISI mark on it or not.

This will ensure that the product you want to buy has undergone stringent safety and quality checks before being introduced to the market.

Post-installation service

No matter the brand, every geyser company must offer a post-installation service to their users. You never know when your geyser will need to be repaired or fixed in case of unwanted damage or fault.

So, make sure that your water heater service provider offers you a post-installation service imperatively and that’s for sure.

Final Words!

Buying the geyser of your choice is easier said than done. However, purchasing the best geyser in India no more remains a tricky task if you are equipped with the right information and guidance.

Consider implementing the tips and tricks mentioned above and grab a water heater online that caters to your exclusive requirements to perfection.

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