How to Select Tiles For The Living Room?

How to Select Tiles For The Living Room?

The living room is generally considered the heart of our home. In fact, we don’t consider any other part of our abode so special, be it our bathroom, basement, or kitchen. Hence, we often brainstorm many innovative ideas with our family to decorate our living room a bit unconventionally. What do we not do there? Sleeping, spending a gala time with guests and friends, reclining and reading our favorite storybooks, the list goes on. Now, the point is how to select tiles for the living room that we consider an imperative part of our house? Read on to learn more. 

Factors to consider

Selecting tiles for your living room is not easy. There are several factors worth taking into consideration before you make an informed decision. You will find plenty of tiling options in the market in terms of color, design, appearance, and durability. So, how to select tiles for the living room that cater to your unique needs? It’s that easy! With just a bit of mindfulness and conscious effort, you can certainly pick the most elegant, sleek, and stylish tiles for your living space. Having said that, here are some tips and tricks that would guide you to buy your living room tiles impeccably. 

Choose a fabulous color scheme

Considering the color of your living room tiles is of tantamount importance. In fact, it is the first thing that your friends or invitees will notice while chitchatting with you. So, it’s always better to choose brightly-colored tiles. Such tiles can be amazing mood enhancers no matter it’s the floor tiles or wall tiles. 

Choose a fabulous color scheme

On the contrary, exceptionally bright shades can be a huge turn-off that either your family members or acquaintances might dislike. The best solution, in this case, would be to opt for eye-soothing colors that often have calming effects on our minds. After all, it’s our living room where we mostly de-stress ourselves after a hectic day. 

Interestingly, gaudy colors can also make us feel disgusted and freaked out easily. What’s more, awfully vibrant hues can make you more susceptible to squint. Some of the popular color options that you can choose for your living room tiles are brown, beige, and grey. You can select any of these colors according to your exclusive tastes and preferences. 

Ambiance plays an essential role

Before shopping for your living room tiles,  ensure that the entire ambiance there exudes a home-away-from-home feel. Always remember that it is the place that’s going to get most of the foot traffic. In fact, both you and your guests will be spending the maximum time in your living room. Hence, the surrounding atmosphere must be feasible, warm, and inviting at the same time. 

Take the materials seriously into consideration

As already said, the place where people often come and go is your living room. So, while selecting the tiles for this space, you have to be a bit mindful of the materials. Make sure that they are durable and sturdy enough to give your living room tiles a long life. Vitrified and ceramic tile materials would be the best to purchase in this matter. 

Tiles made of these components generally last longer as a result of being strong and durable. Likewise, many tiles are made of porcelain, vitrified and double charge materials too. Such tiles assure an even greater lifespan and strength for their users. 

Emphasize maintenance and durability

Our living room has to bear a lot of frantic activities throughout the entire day. Whether it’s food spills staining the floors or objects falling on them, they often end up damaging the tiles. This is where choosing porcelain tiles comes into play. This tiling option is adequately stain-proof and strong, hence, last for a long period of time. 

Select a tile resembling hardwood

Do you have a penchant for hardwood floors? Then, installing it in your living room can be a great idea to implement. However, wooden flooring option is quite difficult to maintain since they tend to wear and tear easily over time. What to do now? The beauty of hardwood floors fascinates you but you don’t want to bear its hassle as well. In that case, you can go for the ceramic wood-look tile. 

These tiles only resemble hardwood but are extremely moisture and scratch repellent and durable at the same time. So, installing this tile in your living room means ensuring a flooring there that lasts for a lifetime. 

Alternatively, you can purchase ceramic that looks a lot like hardwood floors. Also, these floors are much colder and harder as compared to real wood floors. So, why waste time? Install this tiling option in your living room right away and create a jaw-dropping atmosphere all around. In fact, cleaning ceramic tiles is super-easy. However, there is a catch. As compared to other tiling variants, ceramic floors can be a bit expensive. Despite that, if you can afford them, then certainly go for it. 

Opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles go hand in hand in terms of look. However, the former is less penetrable and a bit stronger as compared to the latter. Although, slightly costlier than ceramic but buying porcelain tiles will be worth the investment. Available in a range of colors and designs, porcelain floors are perfect for homeowners having pets and children. In short, it is regarded as way more versatile, unlike the ceramic flooring options. 

Consider installing mosaic tiles

Want to ensure a great deal of artistry, texture, and color within your living space? Then, installing mosaic tiles in your living room is what you want. It works wonders when added to a small portion of your room, leaving the remaining area to look simple yet elegant. So, if you want a blast of design and color in your room, go for mosaic tiles without thinking twice. It is also a feasible option for those who want a long-lasting and easy-to-clean flooring option for their living space. 

Choose lighter-toned tiles 

Do you have a small living room that you want to make look bigger? Let light-colored tiles do the magic! In this case, consider selecting porcelain tiles with cream, white or beige color schemes to ensure a more spacious look.  

As a homeowner, you certainly want the color of your living space to be engaging and captivating enough, right? Lighter-toned tiles can make that possible for you. Before taking your pick, it would be best if you can try out some samples of various styles and colors. Finally, go for the one that best serves your needs. 

Go for tiles that compliment your daily lifestyle

Avoid getting lured by fancy tiles just out of fascination. Tiles that don’t cater to the practical requirements of your family members are of no use. So, instead, choose flooring options that compliment your daily lifestyle in the best possible way. 

What’s the point in adding slippery or glazed tiles only when it increases the chance of frequent slips and accidents for your pets and kids? Think pragmatically and zero in on the most convenient flooring choice for your living room. 

Make a discreet tiling choice!

How to Select Tiles For The Living Room? - Factors to consider

Selecting an appropriate tiling option is imperative to make your living room appear more attractive and bigger than ever! Do implement the ideas mentioned above and get the most stunning floors for the heart of your home!