Easy and Small Budget Kitchen Renovation Tips and Hacks

Easy and Small Budget Kitchen Renovation Tips and Hacks

Kitchen is the pivotal spot in any home where a lot of imperative tasks are done other than just cooking and heating the leftovers every day.

Sometimes, your kids find it comfy to do their homework here. Other times, chit-chatting with friends or family members or indulging in an impromptu break baking are many such activities that take place in your cookhouse.

So, we can say that over time the kitchen has become a multipurpose area, increasing its demand to remain aesthetically appealing and functional at the same time.

In fact, it’s the sole reason for which renovating your kitchen has become more important than ever. However, when it comes to kitchen renovation cost in India, it can be quite expensive, ranging between Rupees seventy thousand to Rupees one lakh or even more as per the kitchen size and your specific needs.

Best DIY Kitchen Renovation Tips and Hacks

Many homeowners want to avoid shelling out such astronomical amounts since they apprehend it may exceed their budget.

If that sounds like you, then today’s guide familiarizes you with some easy-breezy kitchen remodeling hacks.

As you implement each of these ideas back-to-back, you can get your dream kitchen an enviably cool look as if it has been revamped by professional kitchen renovators. Let’s  dive in!

Ensure adequate lighting

Sufficient lights comprise an essential part of any room, be it your living room or kitchen. However, proper lighting doesn’t always imply the number of sources from where you are gleaning it or the brightness of your tube lights or bulbs.

On the contrary, it has a lot to do with enhancing the conventional flush mount within your space. This will get your guest a notion that adequate light is there when you actually haven’t worked that hard to do that.

Aside from that, there are many lighting options that you can go for. Articulating sconce, in-cabinet lighting, pendant and under-cabinet lights are some of the feasible  kitchen-lighting choices available in the market.

Get your shelving chic

It’s not imperative for you to be a kitchen renovation guru so as to remain well-informed about the trending kitchen shelves. Needless to say, open kitchen shelves are what is in the greatest  demand at the moment amongst the various homeowners out there.

You may think that incorporating these kitchen shelves will cost you an arm and a leg which is not the case. Conversely, they are available at competitive prices and are quite easy to install as well.

More importantly, once installed, it will give your kitchen a ritzy appearance aside enhancing its storage capacity.

Opt for a unique backsplash

A lot of individuals have this misconception that the backsplash of their kitchen has to be set invariably in stone. On the flip side, a hell lot of stick-tile and peel decals have come up in the market.

So, you can alter your backsplash as and when needed and of course in line with your kitchen renovation needs. Right from a fancy mosaic variant, lustrous marble to that of the conventional subway tile, there is a choice for every kitchen owner to be precise.

To the best of suggestions, go online and research a bit. You will surely find a backsplash that meets your tailored demands in the best possible way.

Hang a custom-made pegboard

If you are a gastronomic enthusiast, then your kitchen must be your most favorite area. You love trying out an array of recipes all through the week and that’s what de-stresses you the most.

So, the times when you are so into cooking, it’s not always possible to sift through the drawers  to get your favorite ladle or frying pan. To make things easier, you want your utensils right before your eyes.

In that case, it would be best if you can hang a pegboard from your wall. Doing so is not only a pragmatic idea but it will get your kitchen a look and feel as if  it is owned by a professional chef.

Depending on your varying needs and requirements, you can opt for metal or MDF pegboards, plastic or wooden peg boards as you feel like it.

Retain the existing design

Do you consider the existing design  of your kitchen quite appealing and useful? Then, deciding not to alter it can be a superb idea to remodel your kitchen within the means of your budget.

In that case, don’t remove the sink and stove from where they are. Also, keep the plumbing and gas lines of your kitchen intact, or else your kitchen renovation cost and time-frame may max out unreasonably.

If possible, avoid altering or revamping the positions of your electrical appliances as it will save you even more.

Alter your kitchen knobs

If you are running out of ideas on how to give your kitchen an unconventional look, then consider replacing the knobs of your kitchen cabinets as soon as possible. Particularly, kitchen renovation aficionados would find this thing really interesting.

Even a moderately renovated kitchen would look stunning when you change the knobs of its cabinets as per your needs. Always remember that a bit of permutation and combination with any space can do wonders for that.

Hence, when you replace the knobs in your kitchen with the much snazzier options in the market, the transformation that you can expect there will simply be out of this world.

Replace your kitchen cabinets too

Are you remodeling your kitchen from scratch? Then, chances are there that you never got the scope to intervene in your elders’ decisions to replace your kitchen cabinets.

However, time passes and now that you have become an adult, why not take charge of it? Replacing all your cabinet doors with the trendier variants available in the market can be a great idea in this matter.

Besides, installing them is also super-easy, so it won’t be a hassle for you at all. In return, the entire appearance of your kitchen will change drastically. Just look for your favorite range and you will surely get one online.

It’s kitchen renovation time!

Now that you are familiar with the expected ways to remodel your kitchen, put them into action consecutively and make it the most stupendous space ever! Contact a reputable company like Houseyog to get further professional assistance in this regard.