Bihar Property Registration Charges & Fees, Procedure and Benefits

Bihar Property Registration Charges & Fees, Procedure and Benefits

So far, most of the states in India have made it accessible for home or flat owners to register their property online. Now the state of Bihar is also offering this facility to land and other property owners so that they can register their immovable possessions from the comforts of their homes.

For that, buyers have to visit the to complete this entire process in a step-by-step manner. As the protocols of Bihar land records are getting more stringent with each passing day, the state’s government is putting in efforts to make the system as streamlined as possible.

Although the main task of property registration can be finished online, at some point the buyer along with two substantial witnesses and the seller have to visit the office of the sub-registrar physically.

Before that one must schedule an appointment with the officer online. Subsequently, the buyer and the seller have to appear at the sub-registrar’s office right on time along with the two witnesses they have.

While doing so, each party must carry their valid address and ID proofs as producing these credentials is mandatory there.

Bihar Property Registration Charges and Stamp Duty Fees

According to the Registration Act of 1908, property buyers in Bihar need to register the title of their lands at the sub-registrar’s office.

Apart from that there is also a set of rules and regulations imposed by the Bihar Registration Rules, 2008. The purchaser of the property has to comply with such protocols as well while completing the registration part of their land or flat.

In fact, as per the legal norms of the Bihar Property and Land Registration Act, the entire procedure of property registration must be done within the next four months from the date it commenced.

In this context, you must know that the buyer has to pay 2% of the total transaction value as the registration charges and 6% of that as the stamp duty to complete the whole process seamlessly from start to finish. Interestingly, if a woman is selling the property to a man, then the stamp duty charges will be 6.3%.

In case, the opposite happens, then the stamp duty costs would be 5.7%. Likewise, if a man sells the property to a woman, the registration charge will be 2.1 per cent. On the contrary, if a woman is selling the property to a man, then the same registration cost will be 1.9% of the comprehensive property transaction value.

Impact of Pandemic on Property Registration Charges

Most of the states have not proclaimed any reduction in their registration and stamp duty charges pertaining to property buying post the Coronavirus Pandemic. Despite getting many calls from the Union Housing Ministry and Center, the provinces have not been seen taking any initiatives to bring a curtailment in their property registration stamp duties.

Surprisingly, selected states like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka have reduced these charges to a reasonable extent. This way, they are encouraging more buyers to purchase properties from them.

However, Bihar still charges relatively higher stamp duties and registration fees and has not announced any sort of reduction in these expenses till now. 

In fact, according to the standardized norms, property registration and stamp duty fees in Bihar for a property worth Rs. 500000 can be around Rs. 100000 as registration fee and approx Rs. 300000 (@6%) as stamp duty fee.

Chapter Two of the Bihar Registration Act

As per the protocols of Chapter Two of the Bihar Registration Act, the registration of the credentials must be done via a computerised process. While doing this formality, software tools must be used that the concerned Registration Department recommends. So, now that you are aware of the basics of how a land owner registers his or her property, let’s get into its details and the pertinent steps through which the registration can be completed successfully.

Documents needed for land/property registration in Bihar

The land or property buyer must submit the following documents to ensure a hassle-free property registration process.

  1. Copy of the stamp duty payment’s challan
  2. Copies of PAN Cards of both the buyer and seller
  3. Copies of the ID proofs of both the seller and the buyer
  4. Detailed Map of the property and
  5. A copy of the Sale Agreement

After you have gathered all these documents, you need to submit them to the Registration Department Bihar. The buyer and seller alike need to do this after preparing each of the documents in the proper and expected way.

There are two ways to do that. Like, you can create them on ordinary A-4 size paper or alternatively on stamp paper, whatever is convenient to you.

However, the A-4 size sheets must be in accordance with the standards of the royal executive bond paper. That apart, preparation of all your enclosed plans and maps needs to be done on an  A-4 size bond paper itself.

MVR Evaluation in Bihar: How to do it online?

Before purchasing a plot or strip of land in Bihar, one can easily evaluate its cost by using the Minimum Value Register (MVR) tool. For that, you need to visit the Bhumijankari website first and check the MVR of your property there.

Bihar Bhumijankari Portal
VR search on Bihar Bhumijankari Portal

Follow these steps to check the MVR on the Bhumijankari portal.

  • On the Homepage of the site, click on the ‘’View MVR’’ option
  • Next, you need to select your pertinent district and encircle a local body name
  • Subsequently, the valuation of your property will get displayed on the screen

Doing so is really important prior to making the final purchase of the land or plot, whichever you are buying. This way, you will get a clear idea of how much you need to invest in your imminent property and what its actual value is.

A step-by-step process for land or property registration in Bihar

So, to register your property in Bihar effortlessly, you need to implement these steps back to back.

Step 1

Visit the state’s official portal for land and property registration (  Next, you will see a welcome page with multiple options to choose from. There, click on the option of  E-Services for Registration.

Bihar registration department
Bihar registration department, e-service for land and property registration
Step 2

The page that appears on the screen will show you several options to choose from. There, you need to click on the Land/Property Registration option to register your purchased apartment or flat duly.

Step 3

In this step, another new page will appear on the screen of the registration portal. Already existing users can easily log into their account with their mobile number/email ID, captcha verification and password. However, first-time users need to click on the ‘’New Registration’’ option to initiate the registration process from scratch.

Step 4

Now, you will have to provide all the necessary information to receive a one-time password (OTP) to your email ID or mobile instead.  Activate your new account by using this OTP.

Step 5

Next, you will have to access all your crucial property details and submit all the essential documents there. After you are done with uploading all these credentials, you need to click on the ‘’Save’’ option.

Step 6

As soon as the scanned copies of all your documents get saved, you will be led to a page that shows the ‘’ Pay Now’’ option. After clicking on it, select your desired payment mode and select the ‘’online payment’’ button.

Step 7

Once the payment is done and the transaction seems to be successful, you will be provided with the eStamp. Subsequently, an acknowledgement slip and a registration number will be generated for you. Then, a slot will also be booked for the purchaser to visit the office of the sub-registrar in person. It’s pertinent to mention here that the buyer needs to carry the two witnesses and the seller with him or her as well during their visit to the sub-registrar’s office.

Step 8

In this last step, all the parties have to visit the office of the sub-registrar along with all the imperative documents and ID and address proofs. Subsequently, the sub-registrar’s official will scrutinize all the given documents carefully. Then, he or she will gather the fingerprints, photographs and signatures of each of the two witnesses, the buyer and the seller. Once this step is done, it means the property registration procedure is over.

Return of the Registered Documents

As per the protocols of the Bihar Registration Rules, 2008, it is the duty of the sub-registrar office to return the registered documents just after the completion of the registration process.

Benefits of Online Bihar Property Registration

There are several benefits to registering your property online in Bihar. A few of these advantages have been mentioned below.

  • Ensuring security for the title deeds in case the original documents are damaged or lost.
  • Ability to detect whether the property has been previously sold or not.
  • Access to an up-to-date public record as a result of registering the property online.

Online registration of your property in Bihar gives more clarity to each of the transactions that you make during this process.

Preservation of substantial proofs and prevention of the property from the inflexion of fraudsters and effective transition of the land or plot from the seller to the buyer.

Assurance that the entire deed is bona fide

Aside from expecting these advantages, there are many other reasons why registering your property online in Bihar has become more important than ever. Like, as soon as your online registration is done, all the documents pertaining to it will get utterly impactful on your land or plot.

Features of the Bihar Land Records

The Bihar Record of Rights (ROR) comprises the most worthwhile features to have a look at. Take a peek into these attributes.

  • Details of the loan the owner has taken
  • Various aspects of paid and unpaid tax
  • Crucial information pertaining to the assortment of crops harvested in the last season of cultivation
  • Details of the impending loans to buy fertilisers, pesticides or seeds
  • The field that belongs to the chief landowner is followed by the categorization of each area that enters from the Dag Chitha
  • Essential aspects of impending litigations if any
  • Important information concerning the charges of decrees and attachments as per the revenue authorities’ or civil court’s order.
  • The portions of the earth that are apt for cultivation
  • The land’s survey number
  • The variant of soil, be it non-agricultural or agricultural
  • The nature of irrigation can either be in the form of Rainfed Nature or Irrigated Kind
  • Substantial Mutation Numbers and
  • Limits and Nature of the Owner’s Rights and Conditions

However, not everybody is eligible to grab the ROR (Land Records). To become eligible for that, the individual has to meet quite a few criteria. Like, first of all, he or she has to be the holder of the certified copy concerning the Bihar Records of Rights. But, there shouldn’t be any unwanted disputes related to the ownership and the pertinent land must not be a part of the Bihar Government or any other piece of land belonging to it.

Importance of Bihar Land Records

Gleaning a certified copy of the Bihar Records of Rights is extremely important. The reasons behind doing so can be considered below.

The buyer needs to verify the land’s ownership as per the norms of the ROR, based on which the entire construction of the flat will be done.

Checking the property card of the seller is extremely important to ensure that the ownership of that area is valid after he or she has purchased the land in Bihar.

The Bihar Government may need proof of the land records at any time pertaining to the case of any sort of civil litigation. Producing the extract of ROR can prove to be really beneficial in this regard. 

Farmers who have already obtained the Bihar Record of Rights are a step ahead as compared to others. Such individuals are considered eligible to apply for a loan in the bank.

ROR related to land records is needed indispensably at the Registrar’s office while the sale transaction and mutation of the land are carried out.

In fact, Bihar ROR pertaining to revenue records is an essential document that provides information concerning the encompassing areas of the plots and the many agricultural attributes it has.

The ROR extract can also be utilized well to obtain details about the various activities carried out on the pertinent piece of land and its actual type.

ROR is also considered important in Bihar in the way that it helps verify the ownership of any ancestral land or any other sort of land.

Holders of the Bihar Records of Rights can easily avoid any legal issues in the future.

Again, the revenue record-related ROR allows their holders to optimize this document in their court litigations pertaining to the property or land.

Unlawful seizure of the land can also be avoided by using the certified copy of the revenue records excerpt. 

The land record-related ROR is also quite effective in detecting fake claims made on the land.

In fact, the ROR pertaining to Bihar Land Revenue Record represents the genuine owner of the plot or land

Other than offering these merits, the Bihar government also introduced a new software tool on 1st April 2021. This software system aims at speeding up the entire land registration process aside from reducing the various property-related disputes for the legions of plot owners out there. 

In particular, the software will help connect the sub-registrar offices in the state with the many circle offices. This is to ensure that the procedures of property registration and land mutation go hand in hand.

For this, the parties entangled in the transaction need to fill out the mutation forms along with their associated documents in the proper and expected way. The technology will specifically be beneficial for buyers who are purchasing the land of an owner having Jamabandi records.  

So, if you want a really fast-paced spree of mutation and registration, then use this software tool as appropriately as possible.

Bihar Land Possession Certificate: A Comprehensive Idea

Grabbing the Land Possession Certificate in Bihar is as important as doing any other thing pertaining to buying the property.

It is one such document that states the transfer of possession from the seller to the buyer. However, the document has to be verified well before signing the sale deed or title deed.

Similarly, the land possession certificate can be utilized as well for including the land or property in the revenue records so that the owner can glean a loan easily.

In fact, the possession certificate is the most crucial land or property-related document that every property owner in Bihar must hold.

Documents to Submit

To obtain a land possession certificate, there are certain documents that you need to submit. These include the following:

  1. Passport Size Photograph
  2. Copy of the Encumbrance Certificate (form no. 15)
  3. Signature and identity proofs comprising the Applicant’s Copy
  4. Copy of the Income Certificate
  5. Copy of the Ration Card
  6. A valid copy of the application form and
  7. Copy of the sale deed agreement cum the registered lease

As soon as you submit these documents, you can obtain the Land Possession Certificate (LPC) right then. However, you need not pay a single processing charge for gleaning your LPC document. All you have to do is pay a nominal service charge to the pertinent office and you are done.

Merits of Obtaining a Land Possession Certificate

You can expect quite a few benefits after obtaining the Land Possession Certificate including the ones listed below.

If due to some reasons, the property tax has not been paid, the Land Possession Certificate can be utilized effectively. After the land property owner produces it before the pertinent officer, he or she will update the land tax records for them accordingly.

The LPC can also protect the landowner from other kinds of property-related disputes.

In case of any discrepancies or forgery, the LPC acts as a shield in protecting the owner from that.

By making proper use of the Land Possession Certificate, the desired loan for the immovable or movable asset can be obtained easily.

Certain individuals have to buy and sell agricultural lands regularly or occasionally. The Land Possession Certificate makes this task much more hassle-free for people like them.

Over to you

So, this was all about property registration in Bihar and the various nuances and nitty-gritty related to it. Hope you find this guide helpful and would adhere to every of the rules and regulations given there to ensure the registration of your Bihar property goes smoothly and without any worries. 

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