Unique Griha Pravesh Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Unique Griha Pravesh Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Building your dream home is one of the greatest achievements one can ever make. It sets you on a journey full of new plans, beginnings and agendas to be completed. It may not be you but it can be anyone from your friends, family members or colleagues who has recently bought or built a brand-new home.

So, it’s your duty that you must congratulate them for attaining such a commendable goal in their life. Undoubtedly, the best way to do so is by rewarding that person with a compelling and eye-catchy Griha Pravesh gift.

However, purchasing the best gift for Griha Pravesh according to the varying tastes and preferences of the individual is not an easy task. Besides, you also have to shop for that gift item while keeping the usability and factor of budget in mind.

Best Unique Griha Pravesh Gift Ideas

With that said, here are some superb Griha Pravesh gift ideas that would let you strike the perfect balance between these two aspects. Consider these gifting idea so that you can give your buddy, brother, sister or team mate a beautiful presentation on the day of their Griha Pravesh.

1. Elegant sweet boxes

No Indian event is worth it without the inclusion of sweets. We either give sweets to celebrate an auspicious occasion or the achievement of a person who has done something special. Constructing a house or buying one is no small achievement.

So, what can be better than congratulating your near ones than gifting them with an elegant box full of delectable sweets? Just the way, this gift is extremely convenient; it’s quite affordable at the same time.

Moreover, the individual who you are giving it to would accept it gleefully as there is hardly any person who doesn’t love sweets.

Also, a lot of customized sweet packets have come up in the market nowadays. So, you can opt for any of them that you consider the most feasible as per the occasion being celebrated. In this case, Grihapravesh.

2. Embellishing dry fruit wooden compartments

Indian homes are mostly seen with age-old decorative components, comprising one of the most essential features of these dwellings.

In that case, you can gift an ornamental wooden dry fruit box to your friend or family member on the day of their Griha Pravesh. These containers are very eye-catchy and can often be kept  over the living room table for invitees.

The moment the rest of the guests see these boxes, they can’t cease appreciating them due to their immense grace and elegance.

It’s really an unconventional gift idea that will make your loved one’s day on the event of their Griha Pravesh.

3. Consider gifting an idol of Lord Ganesha

The idol of lord Ganesha is considered a sign of good luck, wealth and prosperity. The reason is according to the Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesh is regarded as the most adept remover of obstacles from any person’s life.

Lord Ganesha Idol

Since he is the lord of fresh beginnings, no other rituals or religious events can take place in India before he is worshipped. So, nothing can be better than gifting a new home owner a statue of Ganeshji at the ceremony of their Griha Pravesh.

To the best of suggestions, give a tiny gold-plated idol as it won’t require much space, so can be placed anywhere in the house.

4. Go for an aesthetically pleasing painting

Is your buddy or sibling an ardent art lover? Then, make it an excuse to gift them their favorite painting on the day of their Griha Pravesh.

As they have this deep fondness for artistic creations, they would love to decorate the walls of their new home with the painting you have gifted them.

As paintings are conventionally hung on any home for a long period of time, it’s going to be the most memorable Griha Pravesh gift.

You can purchase anything from a modern art piece to the painting of a meditating Buddha as per the likings of that person.

Such a masterpiece when kept in the hallway or dining area of the house, will create a spiritually inclined and aesthetically appealing surroundings all over there.

5. Decorative Tea Sets

The love for tea amongst Indians like us is ingrained in our genes. So, liven up the heart and soul of your dear one with the spirit of this beverage.

Decorative Tea Sets

What can be a better way to do that than gifting them a set of designer tea sets? There are many attractive tea sets available in the market. Depending on the tastes and inclinations of your family member or friend, you can purchase any of them that you consider the best.

Subsequently, gift it to them on the occasion of their Griha Pravesh and rest assured that they’ll feel immensely happy and satiated instead.

Tea sets can be kept inside a showcase for the sake of decoration or one can sip tea in them to feel utterly regal from inside.

So, this time go for a grandiose tea set when it comes to the Griha Pravesh gift-giving of your friend, accomplice or family member. It’s a guarantee that the remaining invitees would compliment such a gift item incessantly, envying you for being so tasteful.

6. Gift a plant to infuse that refreshing ambience

Plants are believed to have some wonderful effects on a home in terms of bringing along good luck, happy relations and wealth with them.

In fact, cults like Vaastu as well as Feng Shui also have the same conviction. Besides, we get oxygen from the plants that naturally make us feel refreshed, boost our immunity and most importantly reduce our stress levels.

What’s more, plants enhance our focus to a great extent too. So, why not let your special someone reap the most of these benefits?

The finest way to do that is by gifting those beautifying plants of their choice. Like, Amazon Lily, Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree, Kentia Palm and Meyer Lemon Tree are some of the feasible options that you can choose from.  

When your friend or colleague will embellish their house with plants of this sort, it will infuse a rejuvenating yet serene ambience all through their living space.

7. Gift a deluxe bedding this time

When someone shifts to a new home, it’s pretty natural that he or she would want to accentuate their bedrooms with deluxe sets of bedding linen. So, why not gift something like this to your friend, co-worker or family member on the day of their Griha Pravesh?

Buying a bedspread with glided and hand embossing patchwork would be great. A bedding product of this sort will add that oomph factor to the bedroom aside making it appear outright regal.


Choosing the best gift for friends and family can be overwhelming at times. So, this 2022 astound your loved one with a superb gift option on the event of their Griha Pravesh. Considering above Griha Pravesh gift ideas can put your gift-giving spree an edge.