7 Compelling Reasons that Make Aquaguard The Best Water Purifier

7 Compelling Reasons that Make Aquaguard The Best Water Purifier

Consuming safe and drinkable water has become an imperative need of every household nowadays. Particularly, in a country like India, people have become more conscious than ever when it comes to rendering their families with pure and fresh drinking water.

It’s been more than three decades since quite a few water purifier brands have come into operation to meet the varying needs of individuals. However, the one that has always set a benchmark in providing the finest quality water ever is Aquaguard and there is no doubt about it.

Aquaguard is the leading water purifier brand in India

Whether it’s in terms of technology, durability or look and feel, as a brand, Aquaguard has always remained at the topmost position. Today’s post will primarily focus on Aquaguard Water Purifier and why it is considered the best water purifier worth buying.

Integration of advanced technology

As a water purifier brand, Aquaguard is constantly striving to make its products more technology-driven than ever. Let’s consider its mineral guard technology. It’s a smart way to retain the essential components in water like magnesium and calcium etc.

That plays a crucial role in making our regular water nutrient-studded, therefore, enhancing its quality to a great extent. Next, comes the active Copper Zinc Booster Technology, that’s truly the icing on the cake.

With the help of this technology, the desired amount of zinc and copper ions are infused into the water, ensuring safe and clean drinking water for you all the time. Again, there is the RO+UV E-boiling technology that makes your water contaminant-free as it gets after boiling for twenty minutes at a stretch.

This provides you with water that is away from any personal care wastes, heavy metals and any other form of impurity. So, to grab a purely technology-enabled water purifier this time, opting for Aquaguard must be your choice.

Expect automatic servicing notification

It’s no wonder that Aquaguard Water Purifier is regarded as the smartest of all. A very significant reason for this is the feature of automatic servicing notification that it comes with.

The primary advantage of this attribute is that it notifies you to get your purifier serviced by visiting the Eureka Forbes Water Purifier servicing portal. There you can book a servicing request and the professionals will turn up at your home right on time.

Isn’t that easy and simple?

Attractive designs that are sure to boggle your mind

Want to install a water purifier that’s a perfect blend of utility and aesthetics? Then, look nowhere and select Aquaguard instead as your one-stop solution.

This is because aside from ensuring the perks you mentioned above, it also comes in a hell lot of designs and models in the market. The moment you will browse the internet with the option ‘’best Eureka Forbes Water Purifier designs’’, you will get lost for words.

Zero in on the options that you think are in the greatest demand right now. Subsequently, choose the one that complements the look and feel of your kitchen in the best possible way.

Ensures complete family protection

Ever since its inception, Aquaguard has proved to be the smartest water purifier brand. This is all due to the avant-garde technologies that specialists of that company would use for any of their Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers irrespective of the variant.

So, in case you have installed Aquaguard in your home, you can expect cartridges to have an electronic authentication system in them. This sort of alert system will notify you as soon as the lifespan of your current water filter has come to an end.

Subsequently, they will accept only the most genuine filters of Aquaguard in it and nothing apart from that. All in all, both your and your family’s health will be in safe hands as long as you have Aquaguard Water Purifier installed in your home.

The most trusted water purifier brand

Yes, this is yet another compelling reason, for making the Aquaguard Water Purifier the best of its kind. It embarked on its journey to provide clean and hygienic water to millions of households in 1984.

Statistics even claim that eight out of ten homes in India use Aquaguard or Aquaguard RO Water purifiers to be precise. Over 1.6 lakh medical professionals and 1.5 lakh mothers in the country trust Aquaguard as a brand without any doubt.

Besides, its patented active copper technology has also been able to ensure copper-infused water for all its users. Since copper helps boost our immune system, what can be better than consuming this component through our everyday water intake?

As a result, the taste of their water has improved a lot more than before. Each of these factors contributes to making Aquaguard the most reliable and genuine water purifier company so far.

Availability of zero-pressure pump

If you ask which feature of Aquaguard Purifier sets it apart from all the other purifiers out there, there would be only a single reply to this. Needless to say, it is the in-built zero pressure pump that a Eureka Forbes Water Purifier is integrated with.

Just the way this element can operate at zero pressure, it also ascertains suction of up to three feet for whoever uses it. This saves around 2500 bucks at the time of installation in your home.

In return, you are benefitting financially as well as aesthetically, when it comes to retaining the true beauty of your kitchen.

Purifier that suits everyone’s budget

Coming to the Aquaguard Water Purifier Price, it’s undoubtedly the most competitive and versatile in the market right now. To one’s utter amazement, the price range starts as low as 595 INR and can stoop up to a figure, as high as 28,590 INR.

Such an array of price options proves that Aquaguard has proudly found its way into every Indian’s kitchen nowadays, no matter whether the person is on a rising or descending budget.

Install Aquaguard in your home right away!

So, what are you waiting for? Install Aquaguard Water Purifier at your home right away and make the most of the benefits mentioned above. Rest assured that it’s going to be the finest investment one can ever make to provide their family with clean drinking water.