Guide to Buying The Best Air Purifier for Your Home

Guide to Buying The Best Air Purifier for Your Home

Indoor air can be five times more polluted as compared to outdoor air since the former doesn’t get the scope to circulate properly unlike the latter. That’s why getting the best air purifier for your home has become more important than ever.

The increasing level of air pollution both indoors and outdoors has become a major concern for the entire mankind. In fact, if not taken care of on time, air contamination can affect your lungs to a great extent.

If you are looking to purchase an air purifier for your home and wondering where to start, then we have got you covered. Today in this post we are sharing everything you need to know about the air purifier, the top models available online, and factors to consider when buying an air purifier for home use.

What is an air purifier?

An air purifier is basically an electrical appliance that can refresh contaminated or polluted air, thereby eliminating the risk of any unwanted health issues in that house.

Some of the lethal consequences of not installing air purifiers in your home are:

  • Aggravated symptoms in asthma patients
  • Recurring neurological ailments and
  • Respiratory infections etc.

So, installing a good-quality air purifier in your home means getting over the fears of such life-threatening diseases once and for all.  In return, you can expect good health both for you as well as your family members.

Best air purifiers for home available online

Shopping for the home air purifier of your choice is now easy and simple as there are so many lucrative options available online. Mentioned below are only a few of them.

Carrier Air One-Room Air Purifier

Take a look at this premium home air purifier offered by Carrier. It is primarily available in the cm size aside from being white in colour. In addition, it comes with a colour indicator along with a PM 2.5 display, so doesn’t weigh more than 5200 grams.

In fact, the colour indicator feature that it has constantly exudes the quality of air within the room. Also, it comes with a 4-fan speed that lets you adjust the airflow at your convenience. Since this attribute is further integrated with a 3-stage filtration process accompanied by a carbon filter, HEPA H11 Filter and Pre-filter, investing in such a product mean purifying the indoor air of your home to perfection.

Mi Air Purifier 3

If an affordable air purifier is more your thing, then purchasing the Mi Air Purifier 3 would be the best option. A product launched by Xiaomi, it is comprised of a 360-degree intake design that has the ability to pull air in via a genuine HEPA filter simply to expel it out of the top.

Furthermore, when the air is expelled, it just doesn’t remain confined in the form of a tiny bubble, solely surrounding the air purifier. This makes it an appropriate choice for all the rooms of your house with a dimension of up to 400 square feet or maybe slightly more.

Besides, the no-noise feature of this air purifier along with a great deal of energy efficiency it displays makes it worth the investment. In fact, it is integrated with a Smart app control that would allow you to regulate the air-filtration process absolutely worry-free since it supports both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Coway White AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

So far, the Coway White AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier is considered one of the most long-lasting, affordable and well-functioning air purifiers in India, making it an ideal choice for the playrooms, living rooms and even the bedrooms of your living space.

Apart from that, it has got a wonderful ion filtration technology that helps eliminate dust, pet dander and other allergens from the house. This is one good reason why homebuyers mostly opt for this particular product.

Coming to its faceplates and filters, all of them are interchangeable, so you don’t have to face much hassle while operating an air purifier like that. More so, the vintage design that it displays enhances its overall beauty to a great extent.

Honeywell Air Touch P2 Indoor Air Purifier

Comprised of a three-stage advanced air purification system, this air purifier must definitely be on your wish list, if a high-end option is what you are looking for. In fact, this cutting-edge air purifier introduced by Honeywell has the ability to remove all kinds of contaminants from the air of your residence with 99.99% accuracy.

Since it can get you rid of pollutants like VOCs, toxic gases, formaldehyde and any other form of impurity or foul smell,  investing in this product means taking your air-filtration system a notch higher.

Also, it is integrated with a fantastic activated carbon filter and that HEPA filter aside from having a striking lifespan of 3000 hours when used by the homeowner daily for at least 8 hours.

On top of everything, the ultra-durable polycarbonate body that it boasts gets this air purifier an edge over the other variants available in the market.

Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier

Looking for a world-class air purifier for your bedroom? If yes, then grab this superb option introduced by a reputable brand like Philips. Since it is integrated with a smart Vitashield purification system, it can eliminate 99.97% of airborne contaminants as tiny as 0.003 microns, making them 800 times smaller as compared to the conventional PM 2.5.

In addition, this air purifier is comprised of AeraSense monitors and smart light control that boosts its functionality even more. Search around a bit in the market and you will generally get this product in a dimension of 24 x 35.9 x 55.8 cm.

So, if purifying the air of your bedroom in a matter of minutes is what you are up to, then purchasing the Philips High-Efficiency Air Purifier must be your choice.

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard AP 700 Air Purifier

This is yet another home air purifier offered by Eureka Forbes, an eminent brand in the market that is chic and futuristic at the same time. Get it in an eye-soothing grey colour and in a dimension of around 17.2 X 32.5 X 51 cm as you eradicate all kinds of viruses and other airborne contaminants from your residence forever via its avant-garde six-stage purification technology.

What’s more, this product is further integrated with a timer mode, child lock mode, auto mode as well as sleep mode that makes it a way smarter choice for your residential space as compared to other options.

Kent Aura Room Air Purifier

Integrated with an in-built ionizer, this home air purifier introduced by a prominent brand like KENT is worth giving a try. Conventionally, available in white colour and in a dimension of 482 X 180 X 350 m, the advanced HEPA filter feature that it displays offers a coverage area of around 290 sq. ft/27 sq. ft meters.

All this and many more allow you to ensure super-amazing air purification for your home, no matter if it’s your living room or bedroom.

Factors to consider when buying air purifiers

Before you buy the home air purifier of your choice, there are quite a few things that you need to factor in. Take a peek into these aspects.

Prioritize warranty and certifications

Make sure that the air purifier you shop for is adequately certified and comes with a great deal of warranty. Always remember the more certifications, the better it is, with BEE, SEEI, ISEER and IEA being on the top of these symbols.

So, if your air purifier is marked with such a label, then rest assured that you have invested in the most desirable product of its kind.

Ensure advanced features

The air purifier that you are buying must always be integrated with advanced features. They generally include a programmable timer, substantial Wi-Fi connection and air quality monitoring system etc. 

Apart from that, a high-end air purifier must also be comprised of attributes like auto restart, smart light control, in-built ionizer, six stages of filtration, ultra-silent sleep mode and so on.  When picking your favourite home air purifier in the market, you certainly have the liberty to select these features at your convenience.

Take energy efficiency and noise level into consideration

Buy an air purifier the noise level of which doesn’t exceed 40-50 decibels, or else the entire ambience of your house might get unreasonably clamorous even during the day. Such a product can be used comfortably at night as well.

Coming to the energy efficiency of your air purifier, always ascertain that its consumption of energy is way less than your air-conditioner or that of your computer. So, you need to make a feasible choice accordingly.

Keep an eye on the maintenance cost and cleaning necessities

If you need to replace the filters of your air purifier or clean it at a frequent pace, then chances are there that the maintenance cost pertaining to the unit may increase all of a sudden.

So, make sure that you buy a product online that is long-lasting and requires the least maintenance. Generally, a filter replacement every six months for your air purifier would be fine.

However, if the duration happens to be less than that, then it’s really a matter of concern. This means that the extent of air pollution in your area is too high. Nonetheless, it’s better to seek expert advice before purchasing your own home air purifier so that you don’t need to bear an unnecessary overhead cost for it every now and again.

Verify the CADR and ACPH ratings properly

CADR refers to clean air delivery rate whereas ACPH implies air changes per hour. Both of them are amazing determiners when it comes to measuring the filtration capacity of your air purifier.

Suppose, in the case of CADR, it can be evaluated how the product is in terms of removing three major contaminants from the air that include pollen, dust and smoke. Likewise, ACPH also allows you to assess the efficacy of your air purifier.

In a word, it denotes the number of times an air purifier can recirculate the polluted air within a particular area which can be your bedroom or even your living room after cleaning the air thoroughly.

To the best of suggestions, talk to an air purifier expert once so that you make only the most informed decision in terms of getting these two aspects right. 

Select an appropriate filtration system

Needless to say, the filter of an air purifier comprises the most essential part of it. So, be very careful while purchasing an air purifier either online or offline.

Say, for example, the various HEPA filters can effectively eliminate contaminants like dust, pet dander and other allergens. In the same way, air purifiers with activated carbon filters in them are adept at removing impurities such as kitchen smoke, harmful gases and other foul smells within your residential space.

Simultaneously, smart UV lights and ionizers can kill bacteria efficiently and get you rid of unwanted dust particles. More so, if eradicating mould infestation from your house is what you want, then choose air purifiers integrated with advanced ozone generators.

However, such filtration systems should not be used before those people who are suffering from chronic lung-related ailments.

Understand your needs

Every house is different, so the needs and expectations you have with your home air purifier will also be different. Like, if you want something to eliminate the smoke from your kitchen, then the product specifications will be different or if you need an air purifier to get rid of the dust and other contaminants in your bedroom, then the requirements will vary again, and so on and so forth.

Also, factor in aspects like how frequently you can replace the filters, where you wish to install your air purifier, what features you want out of it or what kind of cleaning you are able to provide your air filter with etc.

When you ponder over these aspects, you will not only understand your unique requirements well but can also make a relevant buying decision accordingly.

Top benefits of using air purifiers

To ensure that both your kids and elderly parents enjoy fresh and pollutant-free indoor air, installing an air purifier in your home has become more important than ever. In fact, air purifiers are becoming the most essential items needed to set up an apartment in cities.

Having said that, below are some of the startling benefits of getting an air purifier for your home as well.

Dust elimination

A home air purifier has the ability to catch even the smallest of dust particles. This is because they generally remain afloat in the air and takes time to settle in the surfaces of your house. As a result, your air filter can trap and eliminate these pollutants easily, making your residence a healthier and safer place to live.

Smoke removal

The smoke that your fireplace or wood stove emanates can lead to unwanted ailments such as eye irritation and coughing etc. accompanied by a peculiar smell all around your living space. Installing an air purifier at your home means eliminating the excessive smoke effectively, thereby allowing you to enjoy these two areas in particular to the full.

No more airborne allergens

If you have pets in your house, they will invariably shed dander and fur in different parts of it. You need to know that these are potential allergens and can generally spread unhealthy conditions like sneezing, coughing and runny nose etc.

So, install a good-quality air purifier in your home as quickly as possible and get rid of those irksome pet dander once and for all, therefore making each of you less susceptible to the resultant allergens out there.

Keep foul odours at bay

If your kitchen doesn’t have a chimney, chances are there that the odours of whatever you cook will keep circulating all around until the next day morning. Getting an air purifier installed means ensuring the quick removal of such kind of stench, hence, making the surroundings way more refreshing and aromatic than before.

Air gets cleaner

Regardless of the model or variant you choose, the primary objective of an air purifier is to cleanse the contaminated or polluted air inside your house as effectively as possible. When that happens, it gets very likely that both you and your family members will breathe outright clean and healthy air from now on.

Air purification is now a cakewalk!

Finding the choicest air purifier for home is certainly not an easy task when there are already a plethora of options out there. Hopefully, the guide above will make this task absolutely effortless for you and would allow you to buy an air filter that best serves the individual purposes of your house.

Also, before making a purchase decision you must always zero in on the said factors unfailingly so that you don’t end up buying a lousy product. So, when you shop for a top-quality air purifier for your residence, quite naturally, you can expect each of the advantages mentioned at the bottom of this post.

Happy buying!

This is because indoor air can be five times more polluted as compared to outdoor air since the former doesn’t get the scope to circulate properly unlike the latter. That’s why getting the top air purifier for the home installed has become more important than ever.