A step-by-step guide to verifying land records on Bihar Bhumi

A step-by-step guide to verifying land records on Bihar Bhumi

Also known as Bihar Bhumi, Bhulekh Bihar is basically an online database system for viewing, managing and preserving all the potential land records in Bihar. So, before visiting the official site of BIHAR LAND RECORD (Bihar Bhumi), one must know what are the steps to be followed consecutively to check your land records on the portal smoothly and effortlessly.

In fact, it was the Bihar Government that decided to put this plan into action due to the initiative taken by the National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP) of the central government. So, to check your land records on a digital platform like, you simply need to put in the party name or the serial number pertaining to the essential documents.

In case, you are utterly confused about how to check your Bihar land records somewhere like Bihar Bhumi or Bihar Bhulekh, then today’s post is for you.  Continue reading as you will get familiar with a step-by-step procedure on how to verify land records on this portal systematically and without facing any unwanted hassle.

About Bihar Bhumi or Bihar Bhulekh platform

Before you make the most of Bihar Bhumi or Bihar Bhulekh, you must know how the entire platform works. Having said that, below are some of the salient functions of the Bihar Bhumi portal.

  • Management and control of organic resources
  • Doing the demarcation of lands
  • Conduction of survey for all kinds of lands and properties
  • Leasing and conserving the various governmental lands
  • Acquisition of land to accomplish the imperative public projects
  • Maintenance and updating of Bihar Land Records and
  • Collection of Land Revenue from all the land and property owners in Bihar

Aside from these things, you can also get services like the transition of government lands to the many departments of the Bihar Government including its individual segments as well. This proves how close-knitted this particular department is and the way it interacts with the general public.

So, make sure that you visit your Revenue officials from time to time and also make an effort to contact the Directorate of land records and Surveys to get your land records proper.

In particular, the latter is a major department of the state government and is comprised of 534 block-level land reforms offices as well as 38 sub-district and district offices all across Bihar. Since, the primary motive of this sector is to develop land records for the province, updating and correcting your land records from there won’t be a hassle for you at all.

A step-by-step guide to verifying land records on Bihar Bhumi

An individual can verify his or her Bihar Bhulekh or Land Record directly on the official site of Bihar Bhumi comprising the government of Bihar.  To complete this task smoothly and efficiently, all you have to do is implement the steps given below one after the other.

Step One: Log into the Bihar Bhumi portal

So, first of all, you need to visit the official site of Bihar Bhulekh or Bihar Bhumi.

Bihar Bhumi portal

Step Two: Click on the option ‘‘Searching by Serial Number”

Now that you’ve visited the official site of Bihar Bhumi or Bihar Bhulekh, you need to click on the ”Searching by Serial Number” option.

Step 3: Choose the category of your choice

Next, you will have to select the correct category that is in tandem with what you are looking for. It can be in the form of any of those:

  • Pre-Computerization (1996 to 2006) or
  • Post-Computerization (2006 till now)

Depending on the kinds of land records you want to verify, you can select any of these categories accordingly.

Subsequently, select your ”Registration Office” and ‘‘From and To Year” no matter whether you’ve opted for the Pre or Post Computerization Process. Once you are done with this part, you will successfully be led to all the land records that you were searching for.

How to check land records on Bihar Bhumi by party name

If you want, you can also verify your land records on Bihar Bhumi by the party’s name. Make sure you follow these steps while doing that.

Step One: Log into Bihar Bhumi

So, to get started, just log into the Bihar Bhulekh website first

Step Two: Click on the ”Searching by Party Name” option

Now, you need to click on the option ”Search by Party Name” on the right-hand corner of the screen.

Step Three: Select the right category

Subsequently, you will be redirected to any of the pages popping up on the screen. You will see either of the options displayed on the monitor.

  • Pre-Computerization (1996 to 2006)
  • Post-Computerization (2006 to the present date)

Select any of them as per your requirements and proceed further with your ”land records verification by Party Name” spree.

Step Four: Provide the much-needed information

Finally, fill out the blank spaces with all the required information including:

  • Type of the Party (Claimant or Executant or both)
  • To  Year
  • From Year and
  • Name of the Party

After you are done with this part, click on the ”View” option and expect to see the much-needed information right on the screen.

Benefits of using the Bihar Bhumi or Bihar Bhulekh platform

There are many advantages to using an online portal like Bihar Bhulekh or Bihar Bhumi. Consider the following checklist.

  • Accessing Bihar Bhumi lets you fetch all your land records digitally, hence, saving a lot of your time 
  • You can check your land records from the comfort of your home by using the Bihar Bhulekh portal.
  • You can save your pertinent land records in the format of an image and access them as and when needed.
  • Verify the Khatauni or Khasra Number in an easy and simple way.
  • Expect to get all kinds of bank loans easily if you have substantial land records handy with you.
  • You will get a comprehensive range of land-related details on Bihar Bhulekh 

So, that was all about Bihar Bhulekh and the steps you must adhere to for checking your land records like a piece of cake. For any further queries, you can always visit the official site of Bihar Bhumi or Bihar Bhulekh given below.

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