Step By Step Guide To Check Land Records on MP Bhulekh

Step By Step Guide To Check Land Records on MP Bhulekh

Are you planning to purchase land in Madhya Pradesh or already own a plot of land in MP? Well, whatever is the case, you must have access to the pertinent land records to get over the various legal obstacles smoothly and steadily.

So, as a land owner some of the aspects that you need to check imperatively include position of the plot and its shape, size and nature of the land. Among all the crucial information, checking land records is highly important. 

Although you can check and verify many things physically by looking at the documents, MP land records can also be checked online.

To get a comprehensive idea about MP Land Record and how to verify land records on the official MP Bhulekh portal, we have prepared this step by step guide.

A quick introduction of MP Bhulekh

MP  Bhulekh is basically an online portal where a database of land records is stored and landowners can access them from time to time. As soon as you visit this portal, you will get information pertaining to the following aspects.

  • Ownership pattern
  • Land ownership and
  • Rights of the land along with its productive potential etc.

In fact, retrieving the correct pieces of information related to ownerships, land size and position is absolutely necessary no matter whether you are purchasing a non-agricultural or agricultural land. So, make sure that you check, cross-check and double-check these land record data so that no unwanted discrepancies or legal hassles arise later on. 

As an online portal, MP Bhulekh makes this entire process quite easy and simple. Besides, it also speeds up the buying process, leading to smooth and convenient land purchase for both the parties. In case you want to check your MP Land Records on MP Bhulekh, and wondering where to start and how to go about it, then we have got you covered.

Follow this step by step guide to check land records on MP Bhulekh portal fast easily and effortlessly.

MP Bhulekh Services

After visiting the official website of MP Bhulekh, you can get access to these land record related information and services.

  • Information pertaining to hypothecation or mortgage
  • Bail related details of the land
  • All the pending cases in the civil court pertaining to the land
  • Diversion application related to the use of land
  • Payment of the land revenue
  • Certified copy of the revenue court orders
  • Certified copy of the scanned reports obtained from the report room
  • Certified copy of land records including Bhunaksha, Khatauni and Khasra and
  • Land Records

How to check land records on MP Bhulekh?

Getting access to these details is crucial if you want to buy a plot lawfully or just for the sake of maintaining your already existing land in an effective manner. To know more about how to check land records on MP Bhulekh portal, consider following these steps one after the other.

Step One: Visit the link

The Revenue Board of Madhya Pradesh has until recently launched a Web Portal called MP Bhulekh. Their primary objective is to  maintain the records related to all kinds of land parcels within the state. The link to their official MP Bhulekh site is that you can  visit and access all your land records there subsequently.

Step Two: Go to the ”Home Page”

Once you visit the site of MP Bhulekh, you need to go to the ”Home Page” of the portal and click on the ”Search” option to proceed further.

Checking land records on MP Bhulekh Portal
MPBhulekh portal, home page

Step Three: Choose the ”Bhu Abhilekh” option

Now, select the ”Bhu Abhilekh” option from the checklist of services available over there.

Step Four: Fill out the form properly

Subsequently, you need to fill in  the blank spaces with all the crucial details including the Khasra number, name of the Tehsil, Village or district to name a few. Khasra is basically the land record number that the land revenue officials usually provide.

Step Five: Access the essential land records

So, now that you have submitted all the details, the Bhulekh of the specified region will pop up on the screen.

How to download certified land records from MP Bhulekh?

If you want, you can also download the certified copy of your Khasra from MP Bhulekh. Just put the below given procedure in place and you are done.

To begin with, visit the link of MP Khasra Service first and  sign up there in case you are a new user. Conversely, if you are already a registered user, you need to log in by using the relevant credentials.

When signing up, make sure you use your official email ID  and validate that using the OTP provided.

After you have logged in, choose your pertinent district from the list given in the dropdown menu.

There you will see another checklist of villages pertaining to that particular ‘Tehsil’ and you need to select the name of your village from there.

Subsequently, the village you’ve chosen will get highlighted in the map.

Make Payment to download the Khasra

Now, you will have to make the payment in the proper and expected way. The amount you pay will differ quite a bit depending on the number of villages you have chosen to download the Khasra.

As soon as you make the payment, get back to the Dashboard. Once you do that, the Khasra will be all set and ready for downloading. Since, these credentials will be available for two days from the date of payment, make sure you download the Khasra as fast as possible.

Aside from this, you can also retrieve the Khasra number from the MP Bhulekh Portal. Simply click on the previous/present year’s Khasra on the Home Page of the site and provide all the essential details like name of the Tehsil, Village and District along with the ULPIN and Property ID etc.

Once you do that, click on the ”Landowner” option where you need to select the name of the owner and submit that accordingly. It is only after that when you will get the Khasra number in return.

If you want, you can obtain a digitally signed copy of your Khasra from the official site  of MP Bhulekh as well. All you need to do for that is get yourself registered as a public user first. To do that, you need to provide a couple of crucial details along with some basic information. Subsequently, the digital version of the Khasra will be mailed on your official email-ID. Alternatively, it can reach your permanent residence too via postal parcel.

Final Note!

So, hopefully the post above will make accessing land records on MP Bhulekh a piece of cake for you. Should you have any doubts or queries pertaining to checking MP Land Records, you can share your question by commenting below.