Tricks and Tips to Make Your Living Room More Spacious

Tricks and Tips to Make Your Living Room More Spacious

Small rooms don’t have to be bothersome always. If organized and decorated well, even a compact room can look bigger and that’s no wonder. You simply have to put in a little effort and use your grey matter a bit meticulously.

So, whether it’s the living room wall color combination or the furnishings inside there, everything has to be arranged keeping the space factor in mind. However, putting it into action is easier said than done!

All said, here are some tips and tactics implementing which will let you make your small living rooms appear larger. 

Paint the decors and furnishings for a more cohesive look

Colors have the power to transform any space remarkably. In case, you find the hues of your furnishings a bit bland, think, rethink and consider painting them once again.

Suppose, your small living room has a fireplace in it colored in vibrant orange. Rest assured that it won’t stand out from any angle of your living space.

To make it look bright and eye-soothing, you can paint it in limewash and see how drastically the appearance of your room changes. More importantly, your living space will look way bigger than before. Ain’t that amazing?

Focus more on the ease of movement

This one trick is surely going to work to make your living room look bigger and better. Gone are those days when gigantic furniture was the trend. Now, we all reside in small and compact spaces.

So, if you feel that such stuffs are unnecessarily occupying your space, consider replacing them with smaller and more portable pieces.

Also, eliminate any other redundant elements that are making it difficult for you to walk around comfortably. Doing so will not only make your tiny room seem larger and aligned but will also enhance its aesthetic factor. 

Place a statement plant and see the magic

Implementing this pointer can be a million-dollar hack to liven your space up. We all know that plants come in various colors and shapes.

Place a statement plant and see the magic

So, when you place them inside your living room, the entire surrounding will look a lot more lively and not to mention more spacious.

Here you can consider adding a statement plant since it is more compelling than any other florae to leave your guests speechless.

Indoor plants have this peculiar charm in them due to their exceptionally tall sizes. This often compels us to look up above for seeing the trees, making our living space seem much taller than it really is. 

Make a conscious choice with flooring and wall paint

Just think for once which areas of your living room occupy the most of it. Yes, you are right, its walls and floors.

So, you need to get them proper before they make your space look unreasonably small and compact.

Well, in the case of flooring, you can always go for lighter tones, unlike the darker ones. The main reason is that, lighter hues often make a living room more spacious as compared to the more vibrant colors.

Say, for example, you’ve got dark brown flooring that you can choose to repaint with a light yellow shade. In return, you can expect your space to look way brighter and bigger for sure.

Medium-toned wooden floors are even better options for those who wish to hide the dust of their flooring to perfection. 

As far as walls are concerned, ceilings must be factored in while refinishing them. In fact, ceilings are also regarded as the fifth wall inside a room.

So, it’s feasible if the walls and ceilings of your room are of the same color.  

This is because the lighter the tone of ceilings the taller they will look than their actual size.

As a result, your living room will also look way more spacious than before. In case, you have that conventional eight feet ceiling, then this tip would be worth implementing. 

Paint everything white

White is undoubtedly the best color of all. It sort of has that nowhere appeal in it as if nothing exists.

Paint everything white

So, quite naturally, when your whole living room is painted in this hue, everything will look aligned to each other without any boundaries distinguishing them.

In fact, a white-colored room looks way more serene and airy, calmer, brighter, and lighter as compared to any other area.

Also, the moment you enter a space like that, your eyes will automatically travel up, meaning the ceiling will seem much higher than expected. 

Particularly, white is an outstanding option for individuals with exceptionally small rooms that are dreadfully cluttered too. White reduces that overstuffed feel of any space and focuses more on its aesthetics.

This is one fine reason for which most architects find white their favorite color option. You too will fall for it once you have painted every nook and cranny of your room with this amazing shade. 

Make sure the sizes of your furnishings vary from each other

Wish to make your living space brighter and bigger at the same time? Then, this trick is surely going to work for you.

Generally, a lot of people make the mistake of having either small or large furnishings. This can make even a large room appear quite stiff and compact.

So, when you look around your space, you often get this illusion as if the entire room is dull and less spacious.

To get rid of this hassle, make sure that your decor is a perfect combination of furniture having various shapes and sizes. Doing so, will not only brighten the area up but will also enhance its overall beauty like anything. 

Pay special attention to the colors of your furnishings. In case, you have a navy blue sofa or a pitch-black cupboard; consider repainting them with lighter tones.

Remove them elsewhere if possible or paste eye-soothing wall hangings on the surface to add that oomph factor to your living room. 

Get your living space more captivating!

Get your living space more captivating

With a little bit of intelligence and mindful effort, we all can devise an enviably cool yet spacious living room for us. Consider implementing the tips and hacks discussed above to make your space bigger, brighter, and smarter.