Top Waterproofing Chemical Brands and Factors to Consider Before Choosing

Top Waterproofing Chemical Brands and Factors to Consider Before Choosing

Protecting your house from the infliction of water infiltration and humidity is very important. That’s why you must get your house (or any other building) the right kind of waterproofing treatment when building or renovating. If done correctly, waterproofing can protect your walls, floor and roof from the unwanted seepage of moisture.

Aside from that, it also safeguards your living space from the negative impact of rusting as well as structural damage that is caused due to any sort of interior fault within the building. So, make sure that you opt only for the finest waterproofing chemical such as foundational chemicals that can protect the foundation of your building from any internal damage out there.

In fact, the advanced technologies evolving with each passing day have led to the creation of some of the top-quality waterproofing chemicals to say the least. Simply apply a few coats of these waterproofing chemicals to ascertain the maximum protection for the exteriors of your house while preventing all those irksome damages and leakages effectively.

Coming to selecting the finest waterproofing chemicals, the task may seem a bit daunting for many but it doesn’t have to be. With so many brands that have come up on the market, using premium waterproofing chemicals has become easier than ever.

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Top 5 waterproofing chemical brands in India

Now that you know how to select a waterproofing chemical correctly, you must know which waterproofing brands in India are leading in the market right now. Please take a look.

Berger Waterproofing

Waterproofing chemicals offered by Berger offer a superb resistance against any kind of water ingression. Not only this, it also has an amazing breathability and ensures effective adhesion particularly for masonry walls. Besides, a couple of chemicals sold by the company that are specifically meant for leakage prevention ensure a good deal of microbial proofing as well. These chemicals often consist of adequate heat resistance ability along with an effective solar reflective index. As a result, one can expect a smooth and liquid-resistant surface for a long period of time.

Dr. Fixit Waterproofing

Known for selling affordable, non-flammable yet leakage-resistant waterproofing chemicals, Dr. Fixit waterproofing solutions is worth giving a try. The chemicals you will buy from them are durable, easy to apply and are effective enough to protect your walls from all kinds of damage or leakage. Since their products come with an amazing hardening and thickening ability, water vapor cannot seep via the walls at any cost. It also adheres to the concrete properly, hence can prevent any sort of sulphate or chloride related infestation for your residence.

Abro Waterproofing

If repairing solid structures like toilets, roofs and slopes are more your thing, then going for Abro Waterproofing would be the best idea. Since, they have effective binding properties, they can bear UV rays quite a bit no matter the type of property. Similarly, you can use their water-proofing solutions to fill cracks as well and needless to say they are extremely nature-friendly too. Coming to concrete and mortars, they act as amazing acrylic modifiers that’s indeed an added advantage. And you know the best part? The chemicals are smart enough to prevent any unwanted crack development or shrinkage within the mortar that gets Abro an edge over its competitors.

Ardex Endura Waterproofing

Just the way the waterproofing chemicals of Ardex Endura are appropriate for tiles-grouting, they are highly-water resistant too. So, one can use them both for interior as well as exterior use. Besides, they also have an outstanding binding capacity teamed up with a high elasticity and low permeability. In fact, as soon as the chemicals solidify, they turn into an outright elastic surface, adhering to the concrete walls properly without being toxic on any part of your house.

Fosroc Chemicals Waterproofing

Ensuring a high adhesive capacity for all its waterproofing chemicals, Fosroc sells some of the finest products in the market. They are super-economical and are extremely easy to use as well. Once applied, the solutions have the capacity to upgrade any possible surface reasonably. Also, repairing large cracks or mending dilapidated walls can be done by using these chemicals in the proper and expected way. Aside from that, you can use them for water-resistant plasters or that of slurries as per your convenience. Additionally, one can use these components as primers since you will get them in several volumes in the market.

Difference between Damp-Proofing and Water-Proofing

Before you go for your version of waterproofing chemical, it’s good to know the key differences between damp-proofing and that of water-proofing. Well, the main distinctions lie in terms of physical attributes.

This mainly applies from the perspective of the construction materials that are chiefly used throughout the entire waterproofing process. That apart, the application condition and its thickness may also vary a bit both in the case of waterproofing and damp-proofing respectively. Nevertheless, here is a quick look of how these two aspects vary from each other.


Damp-proofing refers to the treatment of a particular surface. In simple words, it’s just a coating that is either applied manually or sprayed on the exterior of the walls. The main objective of this treatment is to protect a residence by hindering the incoming flow of water aside from having the ability to prevent the seepage of water vapor effectively. So, if moisture related issues have really jeopardized the health of your home’s construction, then, damp-proofing is a feasible option to opt for.


Unlike damp-proofing which is just a basic treatment, waterproofing is regarded as the most effective treatment so far. It retains water within the pertinent structure in many of the forms it has such as water lying under hydrostatic pressure, water vapor and moisture from soil etc. So, if splurging money and investing adequate time is not a great deal for you, then it’s always good to go for water-proofing rather than damp-proofing.

Currently, many reputed brands are providing both these treatments to their best ability. So, to protect your walls as effectively as possible you can zero in on any of these treatments as per your convenience. The choice is yours.

Key factors to consider when choosing a waterproofing chemical

There are certain factors worth considering before you select the best waterproofing chemical for your house. Here are a few of them.

UV stability

Check the UV stability of the waterproofing solution you will be using. This is because choosing the wrong product may lead to unnecessary hardening of the surface or some of its properties may also diminish suddenly if exposed to the sun. So, choose a product that is UV-enriched and can bear sunlight quite a bit.

Hardening Time

Choose a waterproofing chemical with a faster hardening time. Where some of the items take as long as 48 hours to dry, some take only a few seconds to get the job done. So, choose wisely.

Binding capacity

Ensure that your selected product has an adequate binding capacity in case you are mixing it with another substrate.


Make sure that you opt for a waterproofing solution with a great deal of durability in it. For this, you need to ensure that the product you’ve picked offers an amazing elongation power as it expands and shrinks from time to time with the changing weather post its application. As a result, there will be the least of cracks, wear and tear on the surface of your walls.

Aside from taking these factors into consideration, you must also take a look at the testimonials of each of the brands from where you will purchase your water-proofing solution. What do their customers say about them? Do they seem utterly satisfied by using the products manufactured by those companies? If you get a big ‘YES’ for these questions, then, rest assured that you have chosen the correct waterproofing chemical provider for your home.

Last few words!

Waterproofing doesn’t have to be a hassle when you’ve already purchased the top-quality chemicals pertaining to it. Read the guide above thoroughly and understand the importance of waterproofing and damp-proofing in protecting your home from any sort of unexpected damage or leakage.

Subsequently, you can select any of the five reputed brands that come handy with today’s write-up and buy a waterproofing chemical in the smartest way possible.