Tiles vs Marble vs Wooden Flooring: Which is a Better Option for You?

Tiles vs Marble vs Wooden Flooring: Which is a Better Option for You?

We often feel bewildered while choosing the flooring for our home. In fact, the flooring we choose decides how our dwelling will ultimately look like. Nowadays, there are a plethora of flooring options available in the market. Despite that, marble, tile and wooden flooring are three of the most popular flooring variants that homeowners look for. 

Interestingly, many people feel they are at their wit’s end while deciding among these flooring choices as well. It is easy to get confused as each of these floors offers certain benefits and special features to their users.

So, are you finding it hard to choose between marble, tiles and wooden tile flooring for your home?

Don’t worry, as today’s guide will clarify each of your doubts and confusions pertaining to these three flooring categories. With that said, below is a quick comparison between marble, wooden and tiling floors. After you finish reading this post, it’s a bet that you can make an informed decision concerning your favourite flooring choice. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Tiles Flooring

Tiled flooring comes in a multitude of variants in the market. However, let’s discuss the two most popular segments here, i.e., vitrified and ceramic tiles. Quartz and fireclay are predominantly used at high temperatures while making either of these tiles. 

Tiles Flooring

You will get them in rough as well as shiny textures that cater to your tailored needs as viable as possible. The prices of ceramic and vitrified tiles may differ a bit according to their individual patterns, colour options and types. 

Hey, chill! They are not expensive enough to break your bank! Instead, they are accessible at a price as low as Rs. 60 per square foot and above. 

Features of tile flooring

Consider these notable features of tile flooring.


Get tile flooring in various colours, styles and patterns in the market. Whether you want a distinct contrast or want to add that oomph factor to your abode, you are never short of choices when it comes to this flooring option. 


If you have pets at home or reside in tropical or humid regions, then tile flooring is what you should look for. 

Installation hacks

Tile floors are usually laid on the base coat using cement mortar. Subsequently, white cement fills the joints in the proper and expected way. Installation can be done using an adhesive in case you already have a cement flooring. 


Daily cleaning and dusting are enough to maintain this amazing flooring type. 


  • Easy maintenance 
  • Availability of multiple options
  • Extremely durable


  • Tile flooring can get slippery sometimes 

Marble Flooring 

Marble floorings are generally made of the classic metamorphic rock i.e., marble. Among the various lucrative choices, Composite Marble is undoubtedly the most craved for. 

Marble Flooring

Installing this variant means adding an inexplicable elegance to your living area. It is an amazing option for spaces like bedrooms and hallways, making the entire ambience there utterly luxurious and ritzy. 

Since it emanates a classic and ageless appeal, you will see marble floors installed in deluxe homes, mosques, churches, temples, hotels and even restaurants. In most cases, you will find marble floors in rectangular or square shapes with a conventional thickness of 1225mm X 3025mm. 

Also, it is good to know that marbles are porous, hence when installed in bathrooms, susceptibility to unexpected slips increases. Nonetheless, if you are up to a posh flooring type, then, marble floor is what you should look for. 

In general, Indian marble flooring would cost you around hundred INR per square foot including the polishing, material, cutting as well as the labour charges. 

However, Italian marble can be a bit expensive, and you might have to pay somewhere between Rs. 650 – Rs. 1000 per square foot or more. 


Take a peek into the notable attributes of marble flooring. 


Each facet of marble exudes sheer opulence and luxury. This is the reason why the most famous palaces in the world have this flooring variant installed. Besides, the organic and sophisticated appeal that it has enhances its beauty like anything. 

Maintenance tactics

Maintaining marble is easy. Just clean the floor with water and mild detergent and nothing more is needed. To avoid permanent marks, clean any spills on your marble floor immediately. 


Installation of marble is more laborious and time-consuming, unlike other flooring options. First, you have to order your marble tiles, then cut and grind them tailored to your needs. Even after you’ve laid your marble flooring, adequate finishing and polishing will be required furthermore. This brings an unexpected surge to the overall installation time. 


The timeless charm of marble flooring makes it a one-size-fits-all choice. Hence, it can stand out almost in any sort of home. No matter whether your interior emanates a contemporary or vintage feel, is inundated with the most luxurious elements or minimally decorated, you have a host of options to choose from. 

Pros of using marble flooring

  • Allergy-resistant 
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Long-lasting 
  • Heat-proof

Cons of marble flooring

  • Usually, its costlies than tiles 
  • Susceptible to damage, chips and cracks
  • These types of flooring may be hard to maintain.

Wooden flooring option

Wooden flooring is available in several options to be precise. Bamboo, laminate, and hardwood being the most popular of them. It reflects sheer opulence and luxury irrespective of where it has been installed.  

Wooden flooring

In India, though, laminate flooring is the most widely used variant. What is more, this flooring option is quite affordable too. Strange as it may sound, but the price options start as low as Rs 100 per square foot. 


Here are the prominent attributes of wooden tile flooring. 


Feel the warmth within your feet during extreme winters. It is a great option for households having aged members since it is adequately slip-repellent.

Maintenance tricks

Laminate flooring is prone to water damage hence, the maintenance cost can be a bit high. While cleaning, make sure that you use a wet mop. However, to avoid minor slips, consider vacuuming it as quickly as possible. Since it is susceptible to scratches, never drag any piece of furniture on it. 

Installation hacks

The laminate planks have grooves and tough joints. They are easily fixable, so ensure that you lay them on an even surface. Since wood expands a lot due to heat, it’s imperative to keep sufficient gaps between them. 

Pros of wooden flooring

  • Laminate flooring is Slip-proof
  • It exudes a great deal of warmth all around
  • Appropriate for people residing in colder regions 
  • An elegant choice to opt for 


  • Needs daily cleaning
  • It’s not moisture or waterproof
  • Susceptible to scratches

Take your pick wisely!

So, now that you know everything about marble, tile and wooden flooring, it’s time to select the most feasible option for your home. To get matchless professional assistance regarding the same, get in touch with Houseyog home experts and they’ll bring the choicest flooring experts right at your doorstep.