Wall Painting: Everything You Need to Know About

Wall Painting: Everything You Need to Know About

Every one of us craves for a jaw-dropping home. What makes that place even more compelling is an appealing wall paint. So, how to select the finest wall paint for your dream home? In fact, choosing an appropriate wall paint and a complimentary finish is crucial to making any residence adequately attractive and appealing.

With so many wall paints accessible in the market, it’s easy to get confused and nervous. Besides, deciding on the most feasible wall painting cost among so many options out there is even more difficult.

Well, you need not worry at all as we have got you covered. In today’s guide, you will know what wall painting is, its encompassing features while getting familiar with the key differences between exterior and interior paintings.

Read on to learn more.

Wall Painting: An overview

As the name suggests, wall paint is a sort of color used on the walls of a home to get them an amazing finish. By means of an intricate process, the liquid changes into a thick viscous substance that is subsequently applied to the walls of any residence.

In fact, professionals use four chief ingredients in a paint. These include resin, additives, solvent and pigment. Resin as a component acts as an excellent binder and holds the pigments together. Furthermore, it ensures that the color has spread evenly all over the surface of the walls

Solvents on the other end functions as a carrier and can hold both pigments and resin together. Besides, additives will reinforce the properties of any paint to a great extent. So, as soon as they are combined with the color, it gets easy for the manufacturer to glide the paint effortlessly using a brush.

Not only that but additives also make your home free from mold and scuff with the completion of the painting spree. Coming to pigments, they give that much-needed patina and radiance to the color of the walls.

Moreover, these pigments are divided into two distinct categories including prime and extender. The former consists of colors such as white, green oxide, yellow and red. Likewise, the elements that the latter is comprised of calcium carbonate, talc, mica and barytes so on and so forth.

Interestingly, people in Spain and France first embarked on the journey of paint. It was around twenty to twenty-five thousand years ago when the first application of paint could be traced. Isn’t that amazing? 

Oftentimes, natural ingredients were used to create the paints at that time. Juices extracted from berries, earth pigments, charcoal, lard, blood and milkweed sap being the most popular of them.

Interior Paint

Needless to say, interior paint is predominantly used to paint the inside of your home. As compared to exterior paint, it’s considered a bit less durable, nevertheless it can bear things like washing and scrubbing although not incessantly.

However, it’s good to know that interior paint is neither weather or water resistant. Aside from that, it consists of the least of harmful chemicals like VOCs etc. So, using them for the interior of your house would be a great idea.

More so, it uses natural pigments for its color, so it consists of minimal to no hazardous substances. Outgassing is also itsy-bitsy when it comes to interior paint.

These are the reasons due to which the natural pigments tend to fade faster when exposed to direct sunlight. In terms of flaking and cracking, interior wall paint is also more prone to them unlike exterior paint

Exterior Paint

Exterior paint is designed solely to paint the outside of various  buildings. Its additives are effective enough to make your home weather-resistant round the year. Exterior paint has also the ability to bear harsh sunlight for years to come without cracking or fading.

In fact, it can endure sleet, snow, rain and any other form of precipitation efficiently. Plus, when the wind blows debris and twigs against your house, it is durable enough to protect your residence from any sort of flaking and chipping.

To ensure a sturdy paint for your favorite dwelling, professionals will conventionally use extra additives and resins in the proper and expected way.

So, the moment your paint dries, it will result in its outgassing. Subsequently, the off gassing will begin within the next couple of days. However, the latter will take place slowly over the course of time.

Besides, professionals also use mildecides to prevent your abode from mildew as well as mould.

Wall Painting Price and Options in India

By now, you must have got an idea that without premium wall painting, the true aesthetics of any home will fall apart. Not only that, choosing first-rate wall painting means taking the next step towards protecting your abode from harsh sunlight, dirt and dust.

In fact, painting is undoubtedly the most economical and effective option to enhance the look of your house to a great extent.

However, when it comes to opting for the finest wall painting, that too within your budget, then, getting quotes of the various wall painting companies in India is of tantamount importance. Consider this checklist as it comprises the top three wall painting brands in India along with their individual product prices.

Berger Express Painting

Depending on your individual needs and requirements (if you are going for a DIY wall painting spree), then, you will have to shell out somewhere between Rs 1100 to Rs. 2200 concerning your wall painting expenses.

Asian Paints

Asian Paints is all set and ready to satiate your varying wall painting needs as and when you require. They too offer a hell lot of products at affordable prices. So, if you are planning to choose Asian Paints, then the costs will differ between a range of Rs. 140 and Rs. 2000 based on the paints you need and quality of painting you want on your walls.


Going for Dulux Painting for the walls of your house? Then, the company brings to the table a wide range of painting products you have ever come across.

When it comes to their price options, you will get products as low as 300 INR and as high as 1K INR according to your budget and tailored needs.

Paint your walls like a pro

In case you have hired professional painters, then you need worry about the painting part at all. However, if you have decided to paint the walls all by yourself, consider executing these steps one after the other.

Ensure tidy walls

Before painting the walls of your house, you must ascertain that they are clean and tidy. Eliminate dust, dirt and grease spots if any with water. You can use a mild detergent too if need be. Subsequently, rinse the walls well using a cellulose sponge.

Tape the windows, trims and doorframes

Who wants the wall paint to spoil the doorframes, trims and windows of his or her house? So, you cannot be an exception. In that case, you can use a painter’s blue tape on these parts of your abode. To get the best results, apply the tape at least a week before and remove it instantly after that. Doing so will not let you peel off any paint along with.

Apply primer even when repainting

It is wrong to think that walls need not be primed in case of a repaint. Instead, a primer ensures a paint that provides your walls with adequate sheen and coverage,  getting it  a uniform finish down the road.

Utilize the W method

In this technique, you must color the corner of a wall first. Then, consider using a three by three foot W pattern and fill the entire wall with paint while not lifting the roller up. Likewise, continue coloring each of the walls until you are done.

Finally paint all the trims

Now, it’s time for you to eliminate the painter’s tape from each of the doors, windows and trims once you’ve finished coloring the walls. To paint these areas to perfection , it’s  better to use a two-inch sized brush and whoopee and you are ready with the most resplendent walls ever!

Clean the floor

Cleaning is an important crucial task that must be done immediately after painting the walls and ceilings. Removing the paint stains from the floor will be much easier when it’s not dry. if you leave it for the last moment, you may have difficulty removing the stains, especially for wooden floors. So cover everything well, be cautious and careful and do the cleaning afterwards.

Get started with your wall painting spree!

So, read the guide above carefully and paint the walls of your house like a specialist. To get the best quote on your wall painting cost you can use various home service platforms including Servicesutra. You can also take quotations from Berger Express Painting or Asisn Paints and then evaluate everything well and take the final call.

If you have any question, then do write in coment. If you like the post, share and help us spread the word.

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