Marble Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

Marble Flooring: Everything You Need to Know

We all want that elegant flooring in our house. In fact, the market is filled with so many options to get you confused. Granite, marble, and ceramic tiles being the most popular of them. Although granite and ceramic floors add a great deal of grace and style to your flooring, nothing can beat marble. 

Marble has an ageless appeal and natural spark to it that makes it worth the investment. Available in some of the most inimitable vein patterns, installing marble flooring in your dwelling means, getting your interior that enviably opulent and luxurious appearance. 

You too can install your favorite marble flooring design and make your living room or bedroom strikingly different from others. Despite being in existence for so many years, marble is still considered a souvenir of wealth and graciousness. As you read today’s guide, you will know the various nitty-gritties related to this outstanding flooring option. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Marble Flooring

So, if you are new to marble flooring, you must be wondering what this flooring variant is all about. We all know that marble is a metamorphic stone. Floors that are made of these materials are generally called marble flooring. You will find a range of marble floor colors that are trending in the market at the moment. 

They typically range from black, and fresh white through to various other lighter-toned flooring options. In fact, floors having lighter shades are more popular nowadays as compared to the darker ones. 

The reason is marble has originated from limestone and whatever impurity it has contributes to its slight discoloration. This feature has made marble an extremely versatile flooring option. 

If light-colored flooring designs are your thing, then greys, dusty pinks, or whites are what you should look for. On the contrary, if you are more inclined towards darker shades, then deep green or even a hue like black can be feasible options. 

Types of Marble Flooring

You will find a marble flooring design in plenty of options in the market. As a layperson, you may not understand how they differ from each other in terms of vein patterns and grains. To make things easier, below we have listed some of the popular types of marble flooring for you. Time to take a peek. 

Rough Marble Flooring

Rough Marble Flooring

Homes that have more elderly members can consider installing rough marble flooring. This flooring option is generally meant for bathrooms as they create anti-slip surfaces there. As a result, aged individuals can keep any unwanted mishaps or accidents at bay. 

Crema Marfil

This marble variant was quarried in Spain first. Interestingly, you will find it in various color options. Light beige or yellow are two of the most popular tones in which Crema Marfil marble floor is available that also has a uniformed background. Despite that, the veining of this flooring type can be a bit sporadic and different in terms of intensity. In most cases, it is used for decoration purposes, exterior cladding, and flooring. 


This is again a marble flooring type that was extracted in Spain. Search on it online or offline and you will come across a range of tones in brown. Its intermittent veining and fine grains are what set them apart from other marble tile flooring options. In case you are residing in high-traffic areas, consider installing Emperador as it is available in a range of darker shades. 


Calacatta finds its origin in Italy. Generally, white-colored with a dark veining, getting this marble floor is a bit difficult. Also, the thick and large patterns that it has distinguishes it from the rest of the flooring variants. 


Moreover, the scarcity of Calacatta has made it the insignia of luxury and elegance for every homeowner. Oftentimes, it is installed in kitchen flooring and bathroom primarily for its porous feature. It is also for this reason why it shouldn’t be installed on kitchen countertops at all. 

However, cleaning this Italian marble floor is quite easy and simple. Mild detergent washes or just a wipe-off with a wet cloth will be more than enough. 


This marble floor was again quarried in Italy first. It consists of more striking veins with light-toned greys. Statuary also features a uniformed background and reflects adequate light as well. As a result, any area will look instantly brighter where this fabulous marble flooring tile has been installed. 

It’s perfect for places with less foot traffic typically inside the house. If you long to have a marble kitchen countertop, then Statuary is the finest option to go for. Again, this marble flooring variant requires a minimalistic cleaning. Simply use mild detergents or wipe down the surface with a wet cloth and you are done. 


Carrara also finds its genesis in Italy as it was first quarried in Carrara, a small city in the nation. It is one of the most widely used marbles for home interiors. Coming to its tones, this marble flooring choice is generally available in bluish-grey, grey, and white along with a linear veining. 

Furthermore, you will see soft feathery patterns and tiny fine lines in them that make it strikingly different from other marble flooring options. Sporadically dramatic vein patterns is yet another prominent feature of the Carrara variant. 

In most cases, sculptures and building decors are what remain inundated with this particular marble floor. 

Marble Flooring Benefits and Advantages

There are many advantages to choosing an appropriate marble flooring design for your home. Consider the most notable ones. 


Do you experience frequent infestations of bacteria and allergens on the floors of your home? Then, consider installing marble flooring as soon as possible since it prevents these awful creatures from inflicting the health of your property. 


Marble is an organic stone, so hardly its temperature changes even when exposed to high heat. In fact, you can surely install it in the area right next to your fireplace without worrying at all. The best part is the stones remain cool even during the hot summer days. 


Installing marble flooring means making a lifetime investment in your property. So, once done, you need not change it for the rest of your life. It’s just that the maintenance is a bit expensive but it will be worth your time and money, emanating that ageless style and grace for generations to come. 

Aesthetic appeal

The marble floor has an incomparable beauty to it. Just search a bit meticulously and you will find a variant that suits your tastes and preferences. Since marble flooring is available in a hell lot of vein patterns, colors and designs, you are surely going to fall for it. On top of everything, two slabs of stone with the same veining pattern is the last thing you will find. 

Marble Flooring Maintenance Tips

The porous feature of marble flooring makes it difficult to maintain. In fact, marble is way more prone to stains of fruit juices, coffee, and tea, unlike other floor tiles. However, some hacks would let you make your marble floor squeaky clean. Consider these marble flooring maintenance tips.

Polish regularly

Regular polishing adds to the natural shine of marble and reduces its absorbency at the same time. Do this thing continually to give a longer lifespan to your marble floors. 

Seal the floors

Use a floor sealant to prevent your marble tiles from stains. It creates a protective layer on the natural stone and precludes its direct exposure to hazardous solvents. Doing so will protect your marble floors from water seepage too. 

Clean daily 

Clean your marble floors regularly using a mop or soft cloth. Go for only mild cleaning agents and avoid any sort of alkaline or acid-based products at all costs as they can damage the stone like anything. 

Cost of Marble Flooring in India

Marble has always been a bit costlier as compared to other tiling variants. Nonetheless, the cost of Indian Marble Flooring is approximately Rs. 250 per square foot. This includes the polishing, cutting as well as the pertinent labor charges. Besides, the price of other options such as the Italian marble can range between Rs 650 to Rs. 1000 per square foot. 

Enthrall your guests with marble floors!

So, why waste time? Install your personalized marble floor design right away and leave your guests lost for words. To shop for quality marble tiles, visit a nearby store. If you have any other question, feel rite in comments below.