Home Theatre System Buying Guide: Model, Prices, Things to Know

Home Theatre System Buying Guide: Model, Prices, Things to Know

So, you love to binge-watch your favourite television shows, web series or sports activities for that matter together in the companion of your family. In fact, who doesn’t love to become a couch potato on the weekends, especially if it’s a Saturday? 

To be really outspoken, all of us. And getting the entire experience on a deluxe home-theatre system will take the fun and pleasure a notch higher. Now, the question arises that how to shop for a ravishing home theatre smartly and efficiently. 

Moreover, the market is already loaded with tons of variants, leaving you utterly perplexed when it comes to buying the home theatre system of your choice. So, are you also someone who wants to purchase a premium home theatre that meets your tailored needs to perfection?

If you say yes, then today’s guide is for you. As you continue reading, you will know what are the primary features of a home theatre system, what things to consider when buying a home theatre system and the leading variations trending at the moment along with their individual price options. 

What are the rudimentary features of a home theatre system?

As a matter of fact, you will find a host of audio devices that are integrated with a Home Theatre System. But primarily this gadget comprises the below-mentioned features. 

  • A sound meter (Optional yet highly recommended)
  • Wire Stripper to function as a speaker wire 
  • Speaker wire and connection cables
  • Louder speaker (the number varies according to the speaker layout)
  • Media Streamer (Optional) 
  • A disc player that can be integrated either with Blu-ray Discs or Ultra HD Discs
  • Video Projector or Television having a screen and 
  • Home Theatre Receivers alternatively called Surround Sound Receivers or AV as well

So, now that you know what are the basic components of a Home Theatre System, let’s break down each of them for you. 

Screen and Projector (optional)

It’s a great substitute for a Television. By having this, you can create a magnificent and surreal ambience resembling that of a Cinema Theatre. 


Television surely comprises the focal point of your Home Theatre System and is an enormous screen giving you the view of a typical projector as you are able to access all the trending technologies pertaining to it and make the most of them subsequently. 


In fact, many TV specialists are of the opinion that curved Televisions must be an integral part of a home theatre system that gets viewers a gratifying binge-watching experience teamed up with an amazing bird’s eye display.

That sounds interesting, right?

A/V Receiver

If your home theatre system is the torso, then the A/V (audio/video) receiver is certainly its heart. Starting from processing, and amplifying to finally transmitting the desired sound to your speaker, it does everything.

Make sure your speaker has a built-in sound system decoder that transforms all kinds of sounds into pleasing acoustic sensations. To the best of suggestions, go for a high-wattage receiver rather than a low-wattage one to ensure improved sound quality no matter whether you have set the device at medium or low volumes.

Subwoofers and Speakers 

Subwoofers are meant to create the ‘’bass effect’’ via low-frequency sound whereas, with speakers, you can produce an array of frequencies as per your choice. Meanwhile, shed light on the audio quality of your home theatre system because it plays a crucial role in getting you the desired binge-watching experience. 

Subwoofers and Speakers

To do this, make sure that you pick a speaker system that matches your unique tastes and preferences, the size of your room and your budget. All this and many more would let you relish every movie or show to the full while you have a ball of time with your near and dear ones.

Screen and Projector (optional)

This can be a great alternative if you don’t want to spend on a Television as of now. And after you integrate it, a charming atmosphere will be created within your living room or bedroom resembling that of a cinema theatre. 

Recorder and Media Player

Try and team up DVD and Blu-ray Players with appropriate Television sets. In return, you can binge-watch a series of disc-oriented and digital content whenever you feel like it. Alongside, you can also opt for smart, 3D-enabled Ultra-HD players at your convenience. These components often offer a vast array of attributes and future-compatible functions across several content variants. That sounds cool, right?

Types of Speakers

In India, speakers are available in various shapes and sizes, each of them catering to a particular home theatre system every time. So, depending on your unique needs and requirements, you can select any of the options provided below. 

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers

Speakers like these either fit onto the ceiling or wall, rewarding your living space with a minimalistic yet chic appearance and that’s for sure. 

Floor-standing speakers

Floor-standing speakers are available in a plethora of sizes and can deal with different types of frequencies effortlessly. 

Bookshelf speakers

Devised to handle high-end and mid-range frequencies, bookshelf speakers are suitable for those who are looking for a more portable and compact option. In fact, if need be, these speakers can be wall-mounted too. 

Factors to consider when buying a Home Theatre System

Certain factors are worth considering when buying a Home Theatre System in India. Kindly take a look below.


Home Theatres in India are available at a range of prices, most of them offering the 2.1 channel audio experience. Coming to the price options, they can be as low as 15,00 and may stoop up to an astronomical range if a more sophisticated and sleek option is what you are looking for. So, go for the one that meets your tailored needs in the best way possible. 

Ease of Installation

Ease of installation is a major prerequisite that most individuals have when buying a home theatre system. So, if you are also someone like that, then get a hold of the home-theatre-in-box model without thinking twice. This variant of home theatre renders you with all the features of a first-rate product yet comes with a cushy installation spree. Bring it to your home today. 


As already told above that Home Theatre Systems are available in various shapes, designs and sizes. So, based on your budget, the size of the room and specific needs, you can zero in on a model that you find the most compatible. 

If space is not an issue, then go for a variant having flooring speakers as accommodating them would be as simple as that. Again, if you live in a tiny and compact space, then in-ceiling or in-wall speakers would serve as an amazing alternative. 

However, if none of these options meets your specifications, then there are customized products in the market also, and you can revamp its A/V quality, frequencies and sound-rendering abilities in line with your tastes and preferences. 

The choice is yours. 


As a thumb rule, the more wattage your home theatre system has, the better the quality of sound will be. In fact, a high-power product appears louder when set at a lower range of 125 Watts for each channel. Though it sounds strange, it’s a fact. So, keep this factor in mind to enjoy immersive audio quality down the road. 

Top 10 Home Theatre Systems in India in 2023

Well, getting familiar with the rudimentary features of a Home Theatre System is not enough. You also have to be aware of the leading Home Theatre Models in India along with their individual price options in order to make an informed decision.

Below are only 10 of them. 

Zebronics Zeb-Juke BAR 9500WS PRO Dolby 5.1 Soundbar

Integrated with a 5.1 Dolby Audio System teamed up with a sturdy 150 watts subwoofer and wireless satellites, the 10. Zebronics Zeb-Juke BAR 9500WS PRO Dolby 5.1 Soundbar is truly a convenient option to consider. Aside from that, it has a dimension of 102.4 X 25.2 X 50.2 cm and feasible connectivity features such as Bluetooth, USB, Optical, Auxiliary and HDMI Arc etc. Above all, it comes with a great deal of durability and a ravishing design, getting this product an edge over the other Home Theatre Systems in the market. 

Price: Rs.15,999

Blaupunkt SBW600

The Blaupunkt SBW600 comes with a rear bass port and wireless bottom-firing subwoofer. Alongside, it is comprised of wireless tower speakers and a dimension of ‎98.3 x 30.8 x 45 cm to render users the experience of surround sound. All this and many more make it one of the most in-demand Home Theatre Systems in India at the moment. 

Price: Rs.19,990 

boAt Avante Bar Orion

If seamless sound quality is more your thing, then the boAt Avante Bar Orion will surely satisfy your desire. Apart from that, it consists of a 2.1 channel configuration along with a power consumption of 160 Watts. Likewise, the product features Bluetooth, Auxiliary Ports, USB and HDMI for ease of connectivity. Coming to its dimension, it’s not more than 8 x 90 x 9 cm

Price: Rs. 8,499

JBL Cinema SB271

Comprised of a built-in subwoofer and two separate comprehensive speakers, the JBL Cinema SB271 consumes power as low as 220 Watts. Along with that, it offers Bluetooth, HDMI ARC Port and audio Dolby Digital to get users an outstanding and undisturbed sound quality. Besides, it has a dimension of 92 x 10 x 6 cm and displays a couple of other attributes also including a high-end remote control paired up with a sturdy voice clarity mode.

Price: Rs.15,999

Sony HT-A3000 A Series

Purchase the Sony HT-A3000 A Series and expect a 3.1 channel configuration for sure. In the same way, it consists of features such as left, right and centre front speakers teamed up with a wireless subwoofer. Coming to its notable attributes, 360 spatial sound mapping, Wi-Fi Spotify Connect, and Bluetooth enabled with voice assistance are some of them. And the dimension of 37.4 x 2.5 x 5 inches that the system has makes it perfect for enormous living spaces. 

Price: Rs.83,563

Sony HT-A7000 A Series 9.1.4ch Home Theatre System

The Sony HT-A7000 A Series 9.1.4ch Home Theatre System is integrated with high-end Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI and Bluetooth and is totally a wireless home theatre variant to consider. That apart, it features a pair of Dolby Atmos Speakers, and a Built-in Dual Subwoofer teamed up with various other speakers to make you experience the finest sound quality ever.

Also, it comes with a 360 spatial mapping that takes the audio effect a notch higher, creating a surround sound-like atmosphere for whoever using it. Again, the size of the product is around 51.2 x 3.1 x 5.6 inches and you will easily get it both on the online as well as offline storefront. 

Price: Rs.2,10,980.00

JBL Cinema SB120

Looking for a smart Home Theatre System? Then, shop for the JBL Cinema SB120 to satiate your desire. Integrated with features such as a 2.1 channel Dolby Digital Soundbar, and a Bluetooth and HDMI ARC Port, this product aims at giving you extraordinary sound quality paired up with a seamless voice mode. Get it in a dimension of 92 x 10 x 6 cm as you fall for the ritzy design the JBL Cinema SB120 offers you.

Price: Rs 8,999

Sony HT-A7000 A Series 7.1.2ch Home Theatre System

Yet another sophisticated Home Theatre, the 3. Sony HT-A7000 A Series 7.1.2ch Home Theatre System is designed keeping the factor of both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Some of the prominent features of this product include Dolby Atmos Speakers, a Built-in Subwoofer, a 7.1.2-channel configuration enabled by multiple speakers and a 360 spatial sound setting. Alongside, it has a dimension of 51.2 x 3.1 x 5.6 and HD-High Resolution Sound Clarity, the latter enhancing the overall sound quality to a fairly good extent.

Price: Rs.1,24,990

Sony HT-A5000 A Series 5.1.2-Ch Home Theatre System

Offering a first-rate 5.1.2 Channel Configuration, the Sony HT-A5000 A Series 5.1.2-Ch Home Theatre System comes with a wireless subwoofer and sturdy Dolby Atmos speakers. Besides, it has a sound field optimization feature that allows the system to adapt to changing environments with ease. 

Also, its compatibility with 8K and 4K HDR or that of Sony Bravia TVs renders users with a seamless game-playing experience, adding to the demand for this home theatre variant even more. 

Other than that, it displays a dimension of 47.6 x 2.6 x 5.5 inches paired up with a high-resolution HD sound quality backed by a 360 spatial sound. So, why waiting for? Bring along the Sony HT-A5000 A Series 5.1.2-Ch Home Theatre System to your home today.

Price: Rs.1,11,563

Samsung HW-Q990B Soundbar

Seeking an immersive sound experience? If you say yes, then get a hold of the Samsung HW-Q990B Soundbar as quickly as you can. Coming to its features, the Dolby Atmos Speakers that it is segregated with allow you to hear every sound at its desired frequency while they waver above and around you. 

Aside from that, it showcases attributes such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (2.5/5GHz) Airplay 2, Spotify Connect and an HDMI  ARC Port, taking the utility of the product a notch higher. And the aspect of Sony’s Space Fit Sound evaluates the space wherein you are staying, rewarding it with the desired sound as and when needed. However, before you buy it, make sure that the Samsung HW-Q990B Soundbar is having a dimension of 2.7 x 48.5 x 5.4 inches and not less.

Price: Rs. 1,04,899

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some hand-picked FAQs pertaining to the best Home Theatre Systems in India in 2023. 

Can I connect my home theatre system to my PC or laptop?

Yes, you can easily connect your Home Theatre System to your PC or laptop by means of HDMI. To start with, you need to connect the HDMI from your PC or laptop with the HDMI input comprising the home theatre receiver. This way, you can access your home theatre system to get a seamless audio experience using the monitor of your computer. 

Which brands sell the best home theatre systems in India?

Philips, Sony and Samsung are some of the leading brands selling the finest Home Theatre Systems in India at the moment. 

What things to look for when buying a home theatre system?

Certain things are worth considering when buying a home theatre system in India. These include:
– Number of speakers
– Ease of instalment
– Accurate measurement of your room
– Installation of the correct streaming devices and 
– Installation of a Television etc.

Which speaker is the most crucial part of a Home Theatre System?

The centre channel speaker forms the most imperative part of a Home Theatre System. This is because it creates more sound aside emanating most of the dialogue from it. All in all, audio enthusiasts simply love this component. 

How much power does a Home Theatre System consume?

Ideally, a Home Theatre System should consume 125-200 Watts for each channel and not more than that. 

Will my Home Theatre System have a superior sound quality?

Buying a Home Theatre System that has a 5.1 channel configuration will reward you with premium sound quality. However, if a second-to-none binge-watching experience is what you are looking for, then a home theatre variant integrated with the 7.1 channel configuration is highly recommended.

Final Words!

Investing in a good-quality Home Theatre System can be a fab idea to enjoy watching movies or your favourite shows that too within a typical cinema-theatre-like ambience. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the guide above and shop for a compatible Home Theatre System having the audio system and sound bar of your choice as you revel in the ecstasy of a filmic Televisual feast.

Happy Buying!