The Top 10 Leading Tiles Brands and Manufacturers in India

The Top 10 Leading Tiles Brands and Manufacturers in India

Tiles are increasing in popularity with every passing day. Tiles are also extremely versatile construction materials, available in a range of shapes, sizes, textures, colours and finishes. Aside from being the primary flooring materials, tiles are being used these days in a variety of ways. Tiling has become an integral part of construction these days for it offers many benefits and cost-effective options.

Interior and exterior flooring, bathroom and kitchen walls, parking lot floors, driveways, and swimming pool are some of the areas where tiles can commonly be used.

This has made tiles a more desirable construction material over marble, primarily due to the amazing features that it displays. Adequate scratch and stain resistance, easy installation and maintenance are the most notable of them.  On top of everything, tiles do not fade out quickly even when exposed to immense cold, heat or water.

And when used in similar construction works related to flooring and wall, tiles can ensure the desired durability and firmness and there is no second thought to it.

Top leading tiles brands and manufacturers in India

As both wall and floor tiles are available in various ranges, picking tiles can often be confusing. There is so many tiles brands and tiles manufacturer out there that one can easily get overwhelmed.

But, when it comes to buying good quality tiles for floors or walls, we often remain confused that which company to trust. To make things easier, below are the top 10 tile brands in India in 2023 and you can pick the one that you consider the most reliable.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Varmore Tiles

Established by Bhavesh Varmore in 1993, Varmore Tiles is a leading tile brand in India right now. In fact, it was the fruition of their immense hard work that got this tiling company a globally acclaimed position while letting them attain their potential goals with flying colours.

Presently, Varmore Tiles has over 700 dealers and 500 retail stores, primarily due to the fact that they use advanced technologies to meet the tailored needs of their customers. In the near future, the company wants to deliver a premium product line to their customers that not only include people from India but from various other parts of the world as well.

Since there are 20 branch offices that the brand is having at the moment, you can get in touch with any of them, no matter where specifically you live in India.

Simpolo Tiles

When it comes to Simpolo Ceramics, the company embarked on its tiling journey all the way in Morbi, Gujarat in 1977. Retaining originality while blending a hint of an innovative approach to it is a mantra the brand firmly believes in.

On top of that, their zeal to stay relevant and evolve with a newer product line every time has what got Simpolo Tiles an edge over the various other tiling agencies in India. And because the company solely uses avant-garde technologies in their manufacturing techniques, it often results in the finest quality tile variants and it’s no wonder.

Also, as a leading brand in the country, they haven’t left any stone unturned to cater to the changing needs of their customers and they are still doing it today.

Visually pleasing floor tiles and decorative roofing tiles are the most sought-after items that set Simpolo apart from all the other tiling brands out there.

Nitco Limited

It’s 2023, and Nitco Limited is all set and ready to satisfy your tailored tiling needs to their best ability. Came into operation all the way in 1993, the brand has since then been producing the choicest tiling range in India that can cater to the different construction works in an effective manner.

Coming to its founder, Mr Pran Nath Talwar was the stalwart who took the initiative to bring the company to the limelight in all its glory, subsequently turning it into one of the leading tile manufacturers in India.

In total, Nitco is having 22 offices around the nation, its chief headquarters being in Mumbai. This lets the enterprise enjoy a pan-India presence, a factor that has contributed to getting Nitco over 2,5,00 direct dealers within its broad-based distribution network.

Currently, the company is producing second-to-none tiling products, thereby, meeting the custom needs of both their international as well as Indian customer base with flying colours.

Johnson Tiles

Came into operation in 1958, H&R Johnson Tiles has been delivering premium wall and floor tiles to their customers, not only in India but also in nations such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and so on.

Primarily, the company sheds light on impressive designs and first-rate quality and that’s what does full justice to the brand’s name. At present, they have over 35 branches, 10,000 sub-dealers and 1000 direct dealers, allowing customers to access a diversified network, so that gleaning their favourite tiling materials gets just a matter of minutes.

And the way H&R Jonson has enhanced their post-sales service that is solely a click away has brought a striking difference in their user experience, a perk you can expect every time you get in touch with them.


By rendering customers with a range of architectural and design solutions, the primary motive of Cera Sanitary Ware was to offer a comprehensive experience to their clientele, a tiling company that came into operation in India in 1998.

At present, the enterprise is manufacturing some of the finest products, personal care range, mirrors, kitchen sinks, wellness items, faucets and sanitaryware being the most notable of them.

Interestingly, the brand sells its spectacular tiling array in a couple of other sobriquets also including Lucido, Fiore, Eterno, Elegante, Ruvido and of Refinito. Aside from that, the brand has its chief headquarters in Ahmedabad teamed up with a massive distribution network with more than 4,000 wings all around the nation.

So, to purchase only the choicest quality bathroom or kitchen tiles for that matter, trust none other than Cera Sanitaryware in order to satisfy your custom needs.

Somany Ceramics

Operating in the tiling sector for around forty years, Somany Ceramics has consolidated a prominent presence in India, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Russia and Africa alike. At present, their prime manufacturing stations are in Kassar (Haryana) and Kadi (Gujarat).

So, if you are on the lookout for components such as Bath Fittings, Sanitaryware, Digital Tiles, Glazed Vitrified Floors, Polished Vitrified Tiles, Floor or Ceramic Wall Tiles for that matter, then do get in contact with Somany Group and your desire will be satiated.

Orient Bell

As the largest tile producer all over India, Orient Bell commenced a spectacular journey ever since 1977. Aside from that, Morbi (Gujarat), Hoskote (Karnataka), Dora (Gujarat) and Sikandrabad (Uttar Pradesh) are some of the notable hubs from where the company is currently operating their manufacturing activities.

More so, with a massive production capacity of around 30 million square meters, they are also trying and intensify their tiling range in order to comply with their customers’ varying needs.

Coming to the elephant in the room, Orient Bell comprises of nine thriving flagship stores at the moment, each one labelled as ‘’Orient Bell Tile Boutiques’’ as the enterprise enjoys an omnipresence in as many as 2200 locations across the country.

Kajaria Ceramics

When it comes to vitrified and ceramic tiles, needless to say, Kajaria Ceramics is the finest of all producers. Kudos to Mr Ashok Kajaria who showed a great deal of spunk and enthusiasm, subsequently establishing Kajaria Ceramic in the year 1988.

And, as far as their manufacturing activities are concerned, they are predominantly based on avant-garde automation teamed up with robotic automobile applications. Hence, unwanted human errors are the last thing that would get seen in their product assortment.

At present, the company is selling around 2,800 tiling variants to their customers, the most notable of them being designer tiles, vitrified tiles and floor tiles etc. And you know the best part? Kajaria Group has already attained a globally acclaimed position, expanding its operations to as many as 35 countries across the world.

Asian Granito India Ltd. (AGL)

A recent gamer in the tiling sector, Asian Granito India Ltd didn’t kickstart their journey until 2000. As years passed, the company kept on intensifying its global presence, subsequently dispersing its business operations in as many as 58 countries, so is considered one of the most rapidly growing ceramic companies in India.

And the way they have brought a surge to their production capacity by forty times ever since their inception has what let AGL remain at the top position, that too amongst 50 leading ceramic tile agencies across the country.

Aside from that, the enterprise has a massive dealer and distribution network, with over 6000+ dealers, 240+ exclusive dealers and sub-dealers also. As a result, they have been able to render their phenomenal product line to tens and thousands of customers so far and it’s no wonder.


If there is one bath fittings brand in India that has proven to be a leading tiles producer, it would definitely be HSIL Hindware. Came into being in 1960, HSIL stands for Hindware Homes Limited primarily known for delivering exclusive and top-quality bath fittings and tiles.

Ever since its inception, the company has been innovating unconventional styles and designs in their eclectic product range. Needless to say for the fact that each of their manufacturing processes includes avant-garde technologies and techniques in them, no matter if it’s for the bathroom or kitchen tiles. Even the raw materials that are used in producing their tiles are of exceptional quality. So, you can easily trust them if ordering a top-notch tiling assortment is what you are up to.


As easy as it may seem, buying tiles smartly and efficiently is no joke. Hope, the write-up above will aid you narrow down your choices when it comes to selecting the best tiling company in India. Also, consider aspects such as your tailored budget, needs and construction requirements, subsequently going for an enterprise that proves to be the most felicitous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers in India generally get a lot of doubts and queries when looking for their favourite tiling range. In this context, below are a couple of frequently asked questions that you will certainly find helpful.

Which is the leading Business Cluster of Ceramics in India?

Though considered the second largest cluster of ceramics in India, Morbi, Gujarat does hold a striking presence in the Ceramic industry, accounting for as much as 90% of the total ceramic production in the country.

What are the key driving factors for the Ceramic Tiles Industry?

Below are the key driving forces when it comes to the Ceramic Tiles Industry.
– Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
– Development of around 100 tier-I cities
A surge in the per capita disposable income in India aside from attaining prospective demographics in the total population of the nation.

Which tile company in India is the best?

Presently, Kajaria, Hindware, AGL, Simpolo, Somany etc are the best leading tiles brands and manufacturers in India.

Where to buy the best tiles in India?

Morbi, Gujarat is a major hub in India where you can shop for the finest tiles of their kind.

How prospective is the Ceramic Sector in India?

In 2017, the ceramic industry in India, an offshoot of the ceramic tiles industry grew by a whopping €4.9 billion, equal to Rs. 39, 698 crores in total. By 2023, the sector is expected to thrive even more, that too at a steady pace of 9% CAGR, subsequently attaining a massive market size of Rs.60,789 crores.