Vastu Tips for Home to Bring Positivity and Happiness

Vastu Tips for Home to Bring Positivity and Happiness

All of us want to attract positivity, peace, harmony and happiness in our home. Given a chance, no one would like to live in a house that does not radiate positive vibes and energy. According to Vastu Shastra, which is an ancient Indian system of constructing homes and structures, every house or structure has its own energy type, which may be positive or negative. And people residing in the house can easily get influenced by the vibes and aura of the house either positively or negatively.

And therefore, it is important to align your home with the Vastu Shastra principles to create harmony, and attract positivity and good vibes. When you build a house based on Vastu Shastra guidelines, you will be able to attract positivity and get rid of negative energies and poor vibes.

If you are planning to construct or renovate your house, and you are looking for the best Vastu tips for home, then here’s a detailed Vastu tips and guidelines that can help you to design or align your home according to home Vastu Shastra principles.

What is Vastu Shastra for home?

Vastu Shastra is an Indian system of architecture that acts as a guideline for design, layout, measurement, space arrangement while constructing a house (and other structures) to create harmony with nature, and bring positive energy and vibes in your home.

The word Vastu Shastra is derived from the Sanskrit word Vāstu+ Śastras which means the science of dwelling. Vastu principles for constructing homes can easily guide you with the layout and space planning, design, measurement etc to create an aura of positive energy and harmony in your home.

And therefore we (especially people following Hinduism) believe it is important to consider Vastu Shastra principles while building a home or buying a ready to move flat, office or any other types of properties. When you construct a house in accordance with the Vastu principles of constructing a house, it will radiate positive energy and that is what it takes to make a house into your sweet home, where you find fine peace, harmony, positivity and happiness.

Vastu Shastra tips for home to bring good vibes in

Vastu Shastra principles can guide you to build a happy and ideal house, right from planning the layout and floor to the position of the main entrance, kitchen, bedroom, living room to position of the temple room in the house.

Whether you are constructing a house on your own plot, or you are buying a ready to move flat or an apartment in a residential complex, applying some of the important home Vastu principles and guidelines can help you make your house an ideal home with a lot of positive energy, harmony and happiness.

Vastu for the main home entrance

In Vastu Shastra, the main home entrance is believed to be very important, because it is believed that the main home entrance is not only the entry point for the owner or the landlord, but it’s also the entry point for good or bad vibes and positive or negative energies. And therefore, it is important to consider Vastu Shastra for home, when choosing the location and direction of the main home entrance.

Vastu for the main home entrance

As per Vastu Shastra, the best position for the main home entrance is believed to be: North East, East, South of South East or West of North West.

Take a look at various best positions for the main entrance of the house as per home Vastu Shastra guidelines below.

According to Vastu Shastra for home, the best direction and position for the main entrance of the house is north, east or the north east direction. 

Apart from position of the main door in the right direction and at the right corner of the plot, there are a few other things that should be considered while constructing the main house entrance, such as:

  • The main entrance of the house should be bigger in height and width than all other doors in the house.
  • The main door should open in clockwise direction, and not anti-clockwise.
  • Good quality wood with proper polishing and finish should be used for the main entry door of the house.
  • Being the main gateway to your house, it must be well decorated and look appealing to radiate positive vibes when entering the house.
  • The main entrance should not be left dark and therefore you should light the main entrance properly to attract positivity.
  • Main door can be decorated with Toran and other auspicious objects.
  • Avoid painting or polishing the main door in black or blackish dark colors.
  • Water containing decorative elements like fountain, aquarium etc should not be placed near the main house entrance.
  • Placing a dustbin or shoe cabinet near the main door is not recommended.
  • As per house entrance vastu, placement of animal figurine near the main door should be avoided.

Vastu for the living and drawing room

Living area of the house is one of the most important areas in your house where you spend a lot of time with family and friends. Secondly, whenever a guest visits your house, before anything else they are going to enter your living room. Different people coming to your house may bring different types of energies and vibes, and therefore it is important to ensure that only the positive vibes stay inside the house. As per living room Vastu, it’s important to align your living room in such a way that it creates positive vibes and harmony for everyone.

According to Vastu for the living rooms, the best position for this room is east, north or north-east corner of the house. Here’s an illustration that talks about the best position for the living room or the drawing room position in the house.

Here are a few of the best tips to consider for an ideal living and drawing room, which circulates positive vibes and energy in the living area:

  • As per living room Vastu, the best zone for living/drawing room is east, north or north east side of the house.
  • The best facing living area in a house is east, north or the north east direction.
  • As per living room Vastu guideline, you (the host) should face the North or East when welcoming guests in your living room.
  • Similarly, make seating arrangements for guests in such a way that both host and guest face each other.
  • North-west facing can also be considered for the living area
  • The best place to put in heavy furniture in the living room is the west or south west direction
  • Electrical appliances can be placed in the south-east section of the living room, which is the direction of fire (Agni Kona)
  • Avoid clutter in the living and drawing area, it invites stress and negativity.

Vastu for a calming bedroom

Bedroom is another important room of your house where you spend your personal time. After returning from work if you feel stressed and tired while hitting the bed, then it means there is some negative energy in the bedroom. But thankfully, Vastu Shastra can help and guide you to enhance the energy level of your bedroom.

You can set up your bedroom as per Vastu principles to ensure it radiates positivity, happiness and all the good energy that can boost your mood and strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Here are a few of the best Vastu tips for bedrooms that will help you to transform your bedroom to create a positive aura, and happy private space.

  • The best position and direction to construct a bedroom is the south-west part of the house, because it is believed to bring health, happiness and prosperity.
  • It’s best to avoid constructing the bedroom in the north-east or south-east part of the house, because it may bring health issues, arguments and fight between couples.
  • The door of an ideal Vastu friendly bedroom should not open completely, usually 90% opening is considered to be good.
  • Best place for placing the bed in the bedroom is always the south-west zone.
  • The south-west direction is considered to be the best for the placement of wardrobes in your bedroom.
  • When sleeping in the bedroom, your head should face in the west direction, or in the south direction which is considered as the most calming and soothing direction.
  • The best colors for bedroom walls (or even bedroom wallpapers) are always the neutral or earthy shades to attract energy.
  • Allow natural light and air into the bedroom, as it boosts the positivity.
  • Avoid black and other darker shades in blackish tone for bedroom walls.
  • Avoid keeping temples in the bedroom.
  • Avoid aggressive figurines or paintings, or something depicting waterfalls etc in the bedroom.
  • Avoid hanging a mirror in front of the bed, and if you have to hand a mirror, make sure to cover it with a curtain, so that you can open it when in use.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the bed, if required put in multi layer curtains.

And while you are applying these bedroom Vastu tips, it is also important to keep the bedroom clutter free and well organized. And if you want to make it even a wonderful place, you should try spraying fragrances and use essential oils and diffuser to get rid of stress, anxiety and make it a wonderful and calming place.

Vastu for the Kitchen room

After the living room and the bedroom, the kitchen of the house is yet another important room that needs to radiate positive energy. As per Vastu for kitchen, the most favored zone to create a kitchen is the South-East, South-West or the North-West corner of the house.

Apart from the right corner, while setting up an ideal Vastu friendly kitchen, there are a few other important things to keep in mind, such as:

  • When possible, the kitchen should be constructed away from the bedroom, in the South East corner of the house.
  • The most favored place to keep the gas stove, microwave oven is the South-east direction.
  • The stove must be placed in such a way that it faces south.
  • Also the stove should not be visible from outside, which is normally the case in open kitchen concepts.
  • When cooking in the kitchen, the person cooking should face the East or North direction to bring positive energy and vibes while cooking food.
  • The best position for the faucets and water filter is the north east corner of the kitchen.
  • Avoid facing south while cooking in the kitchen, as it is believed to bring financial issues in the family.
  • When possible avoid an open kitchen, because Vastu Shastra suggests that the kitchen should not be open to the living and drawing room.

And while you follow these kitchen Vastu tips to invite good and positive energy, it is very important for you to keep the kitchen clean and tidy and well organized to get rid of any negativity and create an aura of positivity in the kitchen room.

Vastu for temple room in home

We all want to attract good fortune, health, wealth and happiness in our home. Obviously, we do all the hard work and pray to get favorable and good results for our hard work. But when you construct a temple or a Pooja room according to Vastu Shastra principles, it helps bring a lot of luck and fortune.

Here are a few of the best Vastu Shastra guidelines for temple rooms (Pooja Ghar) in the house.

  • According to Home Vastu principles, the best direction to construct a temple room is the North-East corner of the house, also known as Ishan Kona (God’s corner).
  • Second best corner for a temple in the house is the Eastern corner.
  • The temple should face towards the South-West direction, which is also known as (Yaam Disha) in Vastu.
  • The Idols and portraits of Deity should be placed in the north east direction, a few inches away from the walls of the temple.
  • Idols and portraits should face south and preferably towards the entrance or doorway to your home temple.
  • While praying in your home temple, you should face the idols.
  • The place to keep idols and portraits of deity should be above the floor level.
  • It should be constructed in such a way, that when worshiping, you should face towards the East direction.
  • Second best direction to face when praying in a home temple is towards the North.
  • Big Idols of deity should not be kept in the Home Mandir or the Pooja room.
  • If you are using a wall hanging Cabinet as your home temple, make sure there is nothing kept on the top of the cabinet (the Mandir).
  • It is good to avoid keeping temples in your bedroom, if there is no space you can use the living room or even the kitchen to make pooja ghar in your home.

Vastu tips for treasury

Needless to say that people around the world want money, and as a believer of Hinduism, we relate money to goddess Lakshmi. We work hard to ensure that we earn our living, and we also keep praying to earn more and more money. To keep the money for future use, most of the house has a treasury or a cash locker or a jewellery box.

And when you keep the treasury and cash locker according to the Vastu Shastra guidelines, it will help you attract more wealth and money will keep flowing in. Where you keep your cash, jewellery and other such valuable goods can easily affect how it prosper and grow.

The South West corner of the room is considered as “Kubera Moolai” means The Corner of Wealth, and therefore this corner is ideal for keeping cash, jewellery and other financial and wealth related documents.

Here are the complete Vastu tips and recommendations for the treasury and cash locker in the house.

  • The best place to keep the cash locker or treasury is the south-west or the southern wall of the room.
  • You can store cash, jewellery, cheque book and other financial documents in the cash box or the treasury or a safe.
  • The doors of the cash locker should open towards the north, the place of Lord Kuber, or the second best option is towards East.
  • According to Vastu, the cash locker should have only one door.


As you know, Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of constructing a house, and sometimes it may be difficult to follow each of the home Vastu principles when constructing a house. Also, if you are buying a ready to move flat in an apartment, then you may not get the opportunity to alter the main structure of the building. But you can still make the layout of the house Vastu compliance with certain remedies. And a professional Vastu consultant can help you get it right to a great extent.

I have already shared the best home Vastu Shastra tips for:

  • Main home entrance
  • Vastu for Living and drawing room
  • Bedroom Vastu Shastra tips and guidelines
  • Vastu guidelines for the kitchen room
  • Vastu tips for home temple
  • Vastu for cash box and safe in your home

Vastu Shastra may sound like an old and ancient science of home and building construction, but the Vastu Shastra principles are equally effective even today. Try some of these Home Vastu tips and let me know how it helps bring positivity, peace and happiness to your home.